February 27, 2011

World of harmony

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All of us people of the world have lost the balance and harmony between different elements of our lives. In my life i have made it a goal to try to discover how to live in an original, that is harmonious way.

Some examples are needed to make clear what i mean. When people produce goods in a minimum of time and the manufacturers have no feeling anymore for what they make, then such products can be sold cheap but the whole process is not one of harmony between different aspects of life. There is little or no love in the things that are made. The products therefore don’t have much original value and can hardly contribute to a meaningful life.

Some people in this world get very rich. Many others are dying from hunger each day. How can rich people be happy with their money, knowing about the unequal distribution of food and property all over the world? God created all people together as one large family under God. How can some people think to become happy if other people are suffering? It doesn’t help if such rich people are spending much money for charities. That may temporarily ease their conscience, but it doesn't help to find a real solution.

Some people have much power, while others have nothing to say. Those with much power often do not excel in wisdom and love. There is a imbalance of power in the world. There is imbalance everywhere, in every aspect of life.

Farmers drive over their land with huge machines. In countries like America, farmers cannot anymore make ends meet if they have fewer than 250 acres of land. Those 250 acres are usually not at all taken well care of. Many farmers are daily destroying the nature from which they also want to get profit. Those farmers who can still financially make it must work many boring hours each day, driving in big machines over their land without having much relation to the world of nature around them.

It is my conviction that all problems of human society can only be solved if we are able to find out how to live in good harmony. First of all, we must learn to live in harmony with God Who created us. We also must learn to live in good harmony with the world of creation, the animals, the plants and the earth. We also must learn to live in good harmony with the world of angels and with our many ancestors who are living in spirit world. We have to learn to live in good harmony with the members of our own family, and we must learn to have good relations to all people whom we meet. We must learn to understand that the value of physical things is very much determined by the good love that was put into those things.


Sometimes people ask me why i spend so much time with working on the land, growing vegetables, milking the goats, etc. In financial terms this hardly brings good profit.

Let me try to give you an example from my own recent life to explain you what i mean. I have been cultivating land my whole life. Usually i worked in smaller gardens. Since some years i have been growing crops on almost 15 acres of land. Ask yourself some simple questions.

If a farmer wants to make enough money for his living, how little time can he spend for really taking care of his land? How quick should his machines do the work for him? How much love could a farmer put into a field of many acres of grain? How much good energy? If the farmer did not put enough love and energy into a field of cabbage, is he not failing in relation to the people who eat his food? Is the farmer not harming his customers by selling products with residues of herbicides and sinning toward his own descendants if he destroys the land by putting poison into it?

There are so many questions to be answered and i feel that my own life is just one big experiment, but an experiment as serious as life and death, to find out how to do it right.

Can we be happy if we are not growing our own food for our own children? Would you allow your children to grow up in the love of anything less than your own good parental love? Our food that we have grown ourselves is full with good love and good energy. Our children develop from this. It is and should be a big question to all parents how they can give enough good love and good energy to their own children. Growing your own food is just one terrific way of investing your own parental love in your own children.

In my experimenting with all this and trying to find a better way, i have put away the bigger machines and began using smaller ones. Sometimes i also put away the smaller machines to employ hand tools to cultivate the land. And often i am inclined to take a smaller hand tool instead of a bigger one. All this comes from my desire to put as much as possible good love and energy into the work that i am doing. When i race over the land with a big tractor, it is rather difficult to put my mind on bringing good love and energy into the earth. I am not saying that it is impossible, but it is much more difficult. I like it very much to have my hands move through the soil. It is the best and most direct way to put love and energy into the soil. But i think it is not wrong to use machines as well. It is a matter of what the earth needs.

If money dictates that you use big machines, then that surely cannot be right. Money means creation. In our world, does money still really have any meaningful relation to the original world of creation made by God? I believe that there is not much relation left.

In the original world, God created love. Out of God’s love, there came energy in a certain form. There came about certain creations made by God. Beautiful creations, full with God’s love and full of life. Even the so-called dead creation, stones and sand and water, were all filled with God’s love and God’s life. A stone or a piece of land or a certain plant derived its value from the love and energy that God had put into it. There was no contradiction, no discrepancy between God’s love and efforts and the singular creation.

But how is it in today’s world? Worldly money has little anymore to do with love put into it. Things of creation get less and less value. And if we are living surrounded by such things, by a world void of love and life, then we can only feel that our life has no meaning anymore.


In these days i have been working to make a connection between the energy of our house and of wild nature to the gardens. God’s love and energy that is present in nature, and that is flowing from our own house into the land, must come into the plants. Instead of destroying God’s love and energy in nature, we are trying to make it flow and thrive.

We are experiencing many smaller and bigger miracles. Some days ago, God sent big lightning over our land. Three times massive lightning exploded above us and loads of cleansing energy were put into our land. Our beds in the greenhouse were shaking for several minutes while God cleansed the land from the bad energies of past mistreatment. That is how it felt to me.

When i plant a tree or a seed, i put it in a flow of already existing energy. It is necessary to know and feel where those energy channels are running in the earth. And it is necessary to consciously connect the tree or the seed with that flow of energy. Otherwise it doesn’t work. You have to make a conscious action if you want such things to work. One cannot just plant trees or sow seeds. Each plant and seed must be put into the soil with awareness. Then there are made new creations, new creations of seeds and plants but actually love and energy growing in our beautiful earth.

There are so many great things to discover in God’s world. A few days ago i had the inspiration to make an extract of the leaves of three different plants, plants that grow in my garden, nothing so special i thought. I took three drops from this extract and a shock went through my body. For several hours, my ability to see the auras of energy radiated by all beings and things was enhanced extremely. Without making any effort i could see the auras of each plant and each person.

We are not at all finished in finding out how God wants our world to be. It may be that not even God knows exactly how the ideal world will be. There is such a great world lying ahead of us. If only we can have faith in God. If only we can give up that foolish greed for money, for sex and for power.

May 5, 2001

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  1. amazing, very deep content... I really would like do farming like you with such strong spiritual awareness.