February 23, 2011

Meetings of minds

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Floral auras

We can take different views on the mind. The materialist notion is that what takes place in the mind is caused by chemical and electrical reactions in the brain. The word ‘mind’ is then just an abstraction, not something that really exists as you cannot see the mind or dissect it or take it out from a person.

This viewpoint, which usually is taken by materialistically thinking scientists, explains what I would call the hardware of the mind, the mind being the software. It is like you try to understand a computer by looking at its hardware but you have no idea of the software running on it.

Another, also scientific view, is that taken in psychology. Now the mind is more accepted as a reality, but still it is a concept that only explains something hidden in a black box. For psychologists it is in principle possible that one day someone invents a better concept than the mind and this will explain more eloquently the functions of the mind.

I want to elaborate here a on a third approach, that which is based on energy and energy fields. This third set of ideas does by no means deny the validity of the first two viewpoints, it adds another way of understanding.

The mind can then be seen as a construction of energies inside a person. The mind energies are stored in chakras and are connected to one another through energy channels. Just like energy in the physical world also does, the energies of the mind beam out fields of energy. The fields of energy radiated out from the mind of a person can be seen by some as the aura of a person.

Let’s take this third viewpoint of the mind to understand more about how the minds of people could influence each other. When we speak with another person, when we read a book, or even when we only think of another person, there is an exchange of mind energies. More and other energies than those of the mind could be interchanged but here I want to speak about the mind.

Imagine energies in channels and fields to flow like water. When two water flows meet, they will mingle. Suppose one water flow is colored red and the other blue. There are several possibilities of how the waters merge. One possibility is that one flow is extremely strong and washes away all the water in the other flow. At the end all water in both water streams will be colored red or blue. Another possibility is that they mix entirely and at the end they both will be colored purple. Still another outcome could be that they don’t mix well and the result is that the colors red and blue can be seen distinctly in both waters.

I imagine the minds of people to behave like this when two people speak to each other or relate in another way.

Sometimes we think that we have a clear set of ideas but after speaking to a person, our ideas may have changed and sometimes we don’t even notice it.

How does love relate to this?

I imagine love to work like doors in the energy channels of the mind. When we love someone we open those doors. When there is no love the doors stay closed. When there is hatred, also a form of love but distorted, also the doors open widely. Once the doors are opened, a process similar as described for the converging red and blue water streams occurs.

Love does not only work as doors, it also is a propelling force behind the energies of the mind. When you have much love for someone, you desire to share more of your thoughts and feelings with that person.

February 25, 2008

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