September 11, 2007

The original gem

In the core of our heart is a precious gem

The promise of a new Jerusalem

From the origin is the heartfelt bond

Between God and man, strong as a diamond

A web was woven of ignorance and deceit

Around the core to make us forfeit

What is most central and dear

And gives us vision crystal-clear


Original knowledge and wisdom were obscured

By the woven web of blindness perjured

The diamond rooted deep in our core

Is the engine of healing evermore

Brings unity of body and mind

And greatest joy of every kind

When we lost access to the center of the self

We fail to fulfill the sacred number twelve


Two major illnesses of the heart can occur

The first is what makes the essential blur

God in the self cannot be found

And true existence finds no ground

The second is when a false seed was planted

A pearl that shines but is not warranted

You adore a god who is not divine

Carries a god's name but is just one in line

of those who commit fraud upon fraud

and who are all tolling to harvest laud


The first illness is called materialism

The oldest and most confusing mesmerism

The world of spirit is in matter concealed

Until from greed and covetousness one is healed

The second disease opens the world of spirit

But even when you make visit after visit

You only get more tightly entangled

In the web of idols which holds you strangled


Take the path that leads you behind

The web of reflections of many a kind

The road that leads you back to the gem

Of the original heavenly stem


August 31, 2007

The prankster who is playing poker... - poem

The spirit must be brought under control
By uniting the self from pole to pole
When life is made into an act
Or reality is made too abstract
The inner self splits into sections
And affections turn into rejections
The start of this illness lies in denial
Of what is true or what you must dial
The mind will split itself in layers
Hypocrisy takes over all your prayers

In the extreme your life becomes artificial
The content of expressions merely labial
You play that you
are you are you
But who are you?
What is true?

Over time a crack appears in your mind
You become a person of more than one kind
You cannot anymore uphold the appearance
Society does not give you clearance
You did become the joker
The prankster who is playing poker
Gambling with the cards in your hand
You lose control over where you will land

The creepy spirits can now take possession
For them each day is a new session
Of abusing you in your schizophrenia
Or scaring you in nightly insomnia
The best actors still manage to play
People around them think they are so gay
In reality their heart became a cellar dark
On their forehead engraved the beast's mark

When you wish to enter the spirits' dimension
You have to make victory over each kind of tension
That could be found deep in your mind
And that has taken your life in bind


August 26, 2007

Sacred geometry, music and original energy

WMAP fluctuations of the cosmic microwave back...Image via Wikipedia

Fluctuations of the cosmic microwave background radiation

The process in which the cosmos was made can be seen as a transition of energy into space, mass and time. Scientists don't know the origin of this original energy. Religious people understand this original energy to come from the Creator.

Original energy transformed into space, mass and time, but not just in a random way. The world we know is very orderly. Laws and principles are found which explain how the universe works.

A part of the energy of the Big Bang can still be detected in the cosmos. This portion of energy has not been transformed into things. We can hear this Big-Bang energy as sound, low-frequency sound waves which are called cosmic background radiation.

Energy comes to us in many ways. One form of energy is sound, electromagnetic sound waves. Sound in the form of music does something to us. We are influenced by the harmonies of music. Music obeys to orderly principles. Pythagoras was the first who described these laws of sounds. When you make a string to vibrate and it has half the length of another similar string, you hear a sound which is exactly one octave higher than that of the other string. When the lengths of the two strings relate as 2:3, the difference in pitch is a quint or a fifth. When the relation is 3:4, the difference between the two tones is a fourth.

These relations were already known to builders in Egypt in much earlier time. To determine a 90 degrees angle, they set out a triangle with sides relating to each other as 3:4:5. The two sides with lengths of 3 and 4 formed a right angle between them. To check the exact relations, the Egyptians used bronze strings with lengths relating as 3:4:5. The difference in pitch between the sides relating as 3:4 sounded as a fourth, the difference between the strings relating as 4:5 as a third.

We see here the resemblance between harmony in music as brought about by certain exact relations between frequencies of sounds and harmony in space as caused by similar relations in space.

Starting with the creation its energy was transformed into things. We can receive something of this original energy when we listen to harmonious music. We also can receive something of this original energy when we enter spaces, buildings, which were designed according to natural harmonic principles.

Compare this to the process of a sender of radio waves. These radio waves have certain frequencies. For a listener to receive the energies that originally were sent out, a transmitter is needed which picks up exactly the right radio waves. We receive the energies in the original form when we make use of a transmitter which is configured in such a way that it picks up the energies from the source and passes them on to us.

Music instruments have a similar function as such radio transmitters. Also buildings which were designed according to certain laws and principles have the ability to bring to us original energies which exist in the cosmos. When we see or enter such a building, we feel special. We can feel the energy in such a building or on such a place. The energies which we feel are not so much created by the building, but they are being transmitted by the building from another source and brought to us in the position of the receiving ones.

Geometry literally means measuring the earth. Sacred geometry is the discipline that tries to understand the principles to design in such a way that buildings and layouts of temple complexes, towns and cities bring sacred energies to us. The sacred energies which are generated have their origin in something else, something that has been there since the beginning of time.

To bring beauty and sanctity into our lives, we need to understand and practice the laws of harmony in every field of life. Everything we do and everything we make can contribute to this. The original energies of the Creator will be given to us, if we learn to practice the laws of harmony in all fields of life.

August 22, 2007

My baby sleep softly

My baby sleep softly
Let your dreams be lofty
Live peacefully in your croft
May your heading be aloft
You do not know of outside
I still protect you in your hide
Your heart is now still whole
A unity from pole to pole
You do not yet know
What is outside your window
You now still believe
That no one makes you grieve
You are giving all the time
And only make me smile
Will your heart be full enough
To embrace those who are tough
I wished i could protect your life
Against all hate and ugly strife
But you have to grow up
And drink your destined cup
I will remember you how you are new
A smile a taste of freshly touching dew


August 21, 2007

Spiritual reality and dreams - poem

In our dreams
We dream of streams
Of happiness and joy
In our imagination
We enforce annihilation
On all that does annoy

The butterfly comes out from its cocoon
Her world becomes a heaven soon
The dance of life around some flowers
Gives each of us majestic powers

We let the waves take far our thought
Sometimes forget what should be or ought
We confuse some dreams with vision
And try to send the unwished into oblivion
With our hopes high in the cloud
Confess of desires overloud

Dreaming, dreaming
How to transform it into beaming
Of sunlight held in flowers
Given to us for joy in all hours

Dreaming, dreaming
When your mood goes low
Just let your mind flow
Until it reaches the horizon
And realizes what to abandon


August 19, 2007

There is no end to growth - poem

There is no end to growth
In responsibility and freedom both
Heaven is made by creative minds
And they can be of many kinds
But not the creativity that kills
Or that brings us many ills

I have looked in the other dimensions
Where people built the nicest mansions
They were not the houses of power
Or where people worked to build a high tower
They were not the houses of the faiths
Of religions that built one-way straits
They were not the buildings of hierarchs
Of secret societies and patriarchs
Heaven is found in simple cottages
Of harmony and love between all ages
Where we find creativity of the simple kind
That leaves all ugly striving behind

To develop and grow is to become independent
In thought and heart and being diligent
There is no easy way to go this road
You cannot take a scheduled boat
You have to set your goal and become an outsider
As you move on and the horizon becomes wider
The world is full with illusions
As people engage in many fake fusions
In such unions they get excited
But forget those who are extradited

The worst of all is to get stalled
In a heaven that is walled
That is no heaven but a prison
Of our mind sucked with poison
Heaven does not have the limitation
Of being forced into adaptation
Further leads the path, it goes on
Far beyond the scare of Armageddon


August 18, 2007

Self-control beyond limits

The puppet holds a key in his hand

The dummy feels a master on his land

That land stretches only as far as a table

Where the fool thinks he is so able

An artist holds the marionette on strings

For the doll it feels like having wings

The artist thinks he is in paradise

Applause makes feel him just so nice

But one day when he utters his real opinion

Censors of press and state peel him like an onion

A war goes on without his consent

The artist's view seems worth less than a cent

The leader assumes he is in power

Hey look at me! I control every hour

of the lives of you my subjects

My slaves and zombies, i am the architect

of your lives and the army i send

And you have to give me all your consent

The leader throws us around like a sod

But when he speaks his one foot does so odd

Scratches his heel and he just doesn't know

That he is merely a figure in his own peepshow

Even the most powerful man

Is just a cookie packed in a can

By wings above us who kept us from removal

And did never ask us for approval

The wings use the space of the unknown

And consider our world to be their own

You may adore one as your god

Ruling over you with an iron rod

But also the angels have their master

In those who travel still much faster

They are galaxies far away

You cannot breathe air where they stay

We only see as far as we look

The life we know is only a book in a book

in a book in a book

How far and deep do you dare to look?

Each time in life when we cross a border

We find ourselves in confusion and disorder

It takes strong courage to learn to behave

In worlds far outside our homely cave

It is in the realm of heavenly spirit

Where we keep up with Holy Spur and Whit

That we learn what we really are

And begin to live our real calendar

August 7, 2007

Gates to the world of spirit - poem

Some call it the path of the shaman
What is the road for every woman or man
We all have the spiritual sense
A spiritual life and eternal license
The spiritual realm opens as one of confusion
Of deceit and dreams and illusion
The delusions are the veil
The curtains on the stage of the wheel
The play that leads to insight deep and divine
And that keeps our reality in line

To enter the world of reality
There is a path to go of vitality
A path that demands your entire strength
And faith and endurance on length
The gates to insight are called initiation
Taking place in a gift of ordination
At each threshold the price to be paid
Could be death but don't be afraid
Death only comes when you are without desire
And faith and love for the highest attire

The task to accomplish is to discern
Truth from lies and deceit from concern
When you are missing deepest intention
You will get stuck in the deception
When you desire fame on the globe
You can expect probe after probe
You will attract to yourself what you wish
Some secret desires are just devilish
But you may fail to realize it until
You are asked to pay the bill
At the gate that leads to eternity
And where you join your final fraternity
Of people created by God
Who are protected by the iron rod
Of the truth which opened on the path
On which you overcame the tester's wrath


July 10, 2007

Energy in music

Ice CrystalsImage by LexnGer via Flickr

Music can have a powerful effect on us. Many experiments show that music affects our state of consciousness in beneficial or adverse ways. Music also has effect on the growth of plants and the energy patterns in water. Watch the following video to see water crystals energized by music.

Music in this video: Mozart "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" - Beethoven "Symphany No. 9" -Dvorak "From the New World"

Music goes directly from heart to heart. When music is performed, a transfer takes place of energies that were put in by the composer and the performers to the listeners. These energies can be of different kinds. They can be energies of love, or sometimes hatred, that affect us on a heart level. They can also be energies on the level of the mind, inspiring us to get certain thoughts and feelings. A lot of music has a direct effect on the body, inciting us to dance or move. Some music has a strong healing effect.

Here i would like to write some words on the process of energy transfer through music. How does it work? For example, when you want to make music that has a healing effect, how could it be done?

The first that is necessary is to know a source of good energy and to have access to this source. This source of good energy can be in yourself or it can be outside of you, for example somewhere in nature. The energy that you connect to can have many different qualities. For example, you could connect to energy of the sun, or energy in parts of the cosmos, or energy in an ocean, energy in a tree, energy from the earth. The sources of good energy are sheer endless.

The second thing necessary is the medium through which you will pass on that good energy. The medium in this case is music. There is the composer of the music, the performer of the music and there are the music instruments. The main method to make the medium work in an excellent way is that all which is medium is centered both on the source of good energy and on the objects of your love, the people for whom the music is played and composed. The composer, thinking of the people for whom he or she makes the music, brings good energy into the composition. This is very much an intuitive and direct process. It works when the composer is very concentrated on both the energy source and the future or present audience. Often it helps to compose the music for just one particular person. Love flows more easily when you know to whom to give it. The process is the same for the performers of the music. Though some of the energies have been sealed into the music by the composer, the performers need to unite with the original intentions of the composer and need to revive the original energies to work as a channel for these energies to reach the audience.

The third element to be aware of is the listener, the object of the musician's love. When you make music, you don't make it just for yourself. You want to offer your music to other people. When music is composed, the identity of the listener is frequently known by the composer. When music is performed, the listeners are immediate objects to the love and energy that is given in or transferred through the music. It is here, in the actual musical performance, that the magic of music erupts in all its beauty and splendor.

Love and energy only flow when there are three elements present: the source of love and energy, a channel (composer and performers, the music itself and the music instruments) that function as medium, and the objects or the people to whom the music and the love and energy in it are given.

Listing these three elements may sound quite self-evident, but it is the degree that this is understood and mastered by composers and performers that music can be elevated from just a common daily experience to an event of mystical and truly beneficial proportions. When this process is understood, either intuitively or intellectually, there can come into existence a flow of good energies, emotions and joy of which the composer/performer experiences to be a part rather than a controller.

July 9, 2007

The goodness of a soul divine

Now it is true that all mistakes we make in life have a purpose and we can learn from them... But it is also true that certain mistakes made by people have caused very much suffering to others.

Now it is true that when suffering comes upon us, there is a deeper reason for it hidden in the karma that we carry... But it is also true that we have free choice and we can choose to make life better for the present and the future.

Now it is true that after you made a mistake, you must take time to learn from it for the future... But it is also true that you can prevent to make certain mistakes. It is better to think twice before doing something than to just do what we feel impelled to do at the moment.

In the life of each person there come these moments that we have vision and faith and hope. That image of hope can easily disappear again in the shadows and distractions of daily life. But we can also take that image of hope as a a beacon that was given to us as a guide and a promise. That beacon of hope is far ahead of us. It may sometimes seem impossible to reach it, but we have gotten the gift of faith for a better future.

Then there is the road to go towards that beacon. While we are on the road, we may often not see the beacon anymore. We feel to sail blindly into a future of which we have a recollection of an image, but not much more than that. What is going to lead us on the way to find that beacon and then to realize our vision?

We each have our own path to go. The course toward the beacon of hope can be in a straighter line, shorter but often more difficult. The way to reach the beacon may also become one with many detours and will almost certainly be much less rewarding.

How to shorten our way into a better spiritual future? The vision given to us is like a promise, a hand reaching out to us. By reaching our hand out toward that promise, we shorten the way. Reaching out our own hand implies that we also must give a promise, a pledge to ourselves first of all, that we are going to take that road and fulfill whatever is necessary to advance on it.

Two promises meet one another. First there is the promise of the Creator for a life of harmony and happiness, a promise that each of us will get at one point in our lives. The other promise must come from ourselves. It is the pledge and determination to do what is necessary to reach our highest goal in life.


June 24, 2007

Rain drops in the water

Rain drops in the water
Water is held by earth
Fire of the sun transforms
Fluids into air

Rain drops in the water
Where life began long ago
Creations of the highest
Origin of what we are

Rain drops in the water
It is love that makes rain fall
Purifies what got stained
The love in the rain

Rain drops in the water
From clouds filled with ether
With our heads in the rain
Our minds become clean

Rain drops in the water
A simple process of creation
Love, ether and air
And fire, water and earth

Rain drops in the water
One single drop of rain
Teaches us the story
Of beginning, growth and flow

Rain drops in the water
Tears of grief or joy
Transform the universe
Cycles that we are part of

Rain drops in the water
Dirt sinks to below
A process of separation
Fumes rise up to heaven

Rain drops in the water
Vapor attached to clouds
Drops attached to water
Water attached to specks

Rain drops in the water
In the revolutions of life
Bindings do not hold
As all is transmuted

Rain drops in the water
It is the progression itself
Creation of love and life
That makes the rain fall in the water

Click the video to listen to the music. Sorry for the black screen, it's only meant for the audio. The music for the song is heard twice with an interlude in-between.


May 21, 2007

Original religion and organized religion

The world is full with organized religions. What is their value? To measure their merit, we need to have an idea of what religion originally should be. Then we can compare organized religion with original religion.

To me, religion is about an individual finding back his or her origins, becoming who you really are and developing all your potentials to the highest degree. Who can tell me about this, who can teach me what religion is? When i go around in the world and ask this question to representatives from different religions, i get several answers and maybe even some of these answers will come close to the essence.

But i am i and in myself i can feel who i am and i can feel my relation to the Creator. It is my desire to find highest unity with God and it is my belief that through this i will also become who i really am.

Religion is about yourself in relation to God, first of all. The desire to unite with God and finding your own highest value is something that i find in myself and other people find it in themselves. For this i don't need any established religion to tell me how to think. My desire for God is my deepest desire and i won't let anyone intrude on this. It is also me who has to judge what comes from the world outside. I myself have to decide if something is true or untrue. If i let others decide about that it would only mean that i will lose myself and make my deepest being dependent on the views of others.

I am i and you are you. We are both people and in myself i can feel what it means to be a human being. The deepest meaning of this is to be a creation of God, carved in the image of God. I can feel to be a child of God and in my heart i feel that this is my highest value. In that awareness i realize that other people are like that and that their highest value also is to be children of God. It means that all people are originally divine beings, though many people don't live in such a sacred way.

Original religion means to find back your true value, as a child of God or an object of God. Love has a source. The source of love is the Creator. When i am connected to the source of love, love flows into me and i can build up good relations to other people.

You or i can sense in ourselves what original religion means. In first instance nobody else has something to do with this. It is first of all an individual thing, between God and you or between God and me. When you desire for unity with God and i do the same, the miracle happens that we can unite with one another in the love of God. The love of God can then express through you to me and through me to you.

Original religion begins in each individual and it is expanded through natural relations between people who also practice original religion.

Original religion dates from before religions were organized. When organized religion is understood in the deepest sense, then it too has began as original religion. When organized religions focus on anything else first than the individual relation of each person with God, then these religions tend to deviate from the origin. In such organized religions, people are expected to adapt to certain rites and traditions and to accept certain hierarchies. This does not necessarily mean that you as individual cannot have your own relation anymore to the origin, but in practice it is often like that. Then such a religion expects us to accept hierarchies of people and sometimes of angels, and the relation to such people and angels comes before our individual relation with God.

When organized religion begins to function like that, it actually opposes original religion. Instead of leading us toward God, it leads us astray.

Original religion became a necessity when people did not primarily live from their relation to God but let other beings determine their ways. Often organized religions do the same. They expect you to obey people and human rules instead of wanting you to live from your individual relation with God.

People did not fall away from God as individuals. People fell away from God when they were influenced by other people and spiritual beings. This is why original religion cannot be practiced just as an individual effort, even though the central figure of the original religion is you. Religion means to restore the relations to God and to people around you. The smallest unit in which all relations are present is the home. This is why original religion is called Home Religion (basically, this is Home Church). When you as individual want to restore your relation to God, you must also restore your relation to those around you. The best training place for this is the home. The home is where we can practice to express God's love and where we can learn to keep God's love flowing through us. Original religion remains first of all an individual endeavor, but you cannot practice love by separating yourself from all other people and living as a hermit.

May 14, 2007

Protection by three archangels

Imagine yourself as a point in space with around you a sphere of energy. We are all related to people around us and as a spiritual being we are also related to other spiritual beings. Angels were the most important spiritual beings before man existed. The energy sphere around you in the spiritual existence is influenced by the energy spheres of other beings to whom we relate.

There was a time that angels existed but man not yet. The first man or woman who lived had an energy sphere around him and this energy sphere was first of all influenced by the angels who were connected to the first man or woman. The first angels who had this task were leading angels or archangels, therefore we shall call them archangels.

How many archangels are needed to protect the energy sphere around an individual person? Imagine yourself again as a point in space and the archangel as an other point in space. The protection coming from this one archangel is in the direction of the line that can be drawn between the two points, the point in space that you are and the point in space that the archangel is.

When a person has two archangels protecting, there are three points and they form a plane. Only when three archangels protect a person, there is created a three-dimensional sphere of protection around the person. The energy spheres around you are influenced by the energy spheres of the three archangels. When they are united with you, your energy sphere will be untouched by possible harmful influences.

When the protection of man by angels had always been good, then nothing bad would ever have entered into human life. We can conclude that the protection of man by archangels is not ideal and this protection must be restored.

Human beings have been influenced by angels who went against God. When you want to go a course in life to restore an ideal situation, one of the most important things is that you restore the protection of three archangels around you. Because people have inherited the nature of archangels who failed, we have to restore the protection of three archangels around us. This we can do by serving and loving and teaching three people.

These three people do also each need again the protection of three archangels, or three people supporting the mission of the central person. When you are the first person trying to restore your position as man, you must acquire the protection of three people around you. These people will take a similar position to you as archangels did in the spiritual world. To secure the protection of your energy sphere, your first three archangels do also need their protection of 3 x 3 archangels. Together with your first three archangels, this amounts to 12 archangels.

This is the reason why people with a central mission always attempted to get 12 loyal disciples, or archangels.

In Home Church we try to restore ourselves as original people and the most essential task to be accomplished is to secure the protection of your energy field by making friends to three people in archangel position to you. In a further stage, you must expand to having 12 friends in the position of archangel.

All people have an energy sphere around them and always this energy sphere is influenced in either positive or negative ways by three people who stand closest to you. In Home Church we try to make ourselves aware of who these three first archangels are and we make effort to establish a good relation to these three people by serving them, loving them and teaching them.

January 27, 2007

The younger inspires and the elder protects

A new child is born in a house and something really wonderful happens. A natural miracle of love and harmony occurs that teaches us a principle that we so often tend to forget. A child is born and everyone is inspired. Elder brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, grandparents and friends, they all want one thing: to be inspired by the newborn.

Not one single person seems to notice very much of the wrinkles in the skin of the baby. Everyone sees beauty in the newborn child and everyone comes to offer their gifts of protection and love.

Not so long ago and still in many societies around the world, the birth of the child was or is a family affair. In the modern world, the ceremony around the beginning of new life is usually one in that the state has made a large claim. The child that begins the course of life is first touched by hands of strangers, or should i call them specialists. They assure that life is kept and controlled and they and other representatives of the government will continue to do so to guard the child's health and education.

The younger child inspires and the elder parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends protect.

A principle of life has made itself visible in this extreme situation of the entirely unprotected and very youngest who for the first time meets the elders. That principle is that the younger inspires and that the elder protects.

Imagine that this principle would be kept for all our families, groups and even the whole world. The younger doesn't necessarily always mean the younger in age. It can also mean the younger in heart, the one whose heart is open for new insights and revelations. The elder means the stronger, the one with foundation, maybe with money, with experience and knowledge.

We all are sometimes the younger and sometimes the elder. Very often the future of a whole tribe of nation depends on how the younger and the elder get along. In a royal family two princes are born. The elder is strong and the younger has deeper thoughts and desire. When the elder and the younger prince get along well, the good future of their nation is guaranteed. But how often do they get in war and when they fight each other, their nation splits and falls in pieces.

We find back this theme of the struggle between the elder and the younger in myths and sages around the world. At a certain period in my life i watched many Bollywood movies. I was amazed that in the majority of these Indian films an elder and a younger brother struggled to harmonize. Usually their mother played a major role to unify them while often a beautiful young woman had to make her choice to give her love to one of the two brothers.

When the elder can let him or her be inspired by the younger and the younger can be grateful for the protection of the elder, how many problems would be solved in our world. This relation of elder-younger is a real test case and field of experimentation for love to win over envy, for harmony to win over war.

The Judeo-Christian tradition lets human history begin with the struggle between Cain and Abel. Cain and Abel, the elder and younger brother, could not unite. Cain killed Abel and the human history of war and division had begun. The theme comes back between Ishmael and Isaac, Esau and Jacob, Saul and David ... The examples are endless and always the outcome of such a relation between the younger and the elder determines the future of a family, tribe or nation or even the entire world.