August 26, 2007

Sacred geometry, music and original energy

WMAP fluctuations of the cosmic microwave back...Image via Wikipedia

Fluctuations of the cosmic microwave background radiation

The process in which the cosmos was made can be seen as a transition of energy into space, mass and time. Scientists don't know the origin of this original energy. Religious people understand this original energy to come from the Creator.

Original energy transformed into space, mass and time, but not just in a random way. The world we know is very orderly. Laws and principles are found which explain how the universe works.

A part of the energy of the Big Bang can still be detected in the cosmos. This portion of energy has not been transformed into things. We can hear this Big-Bang energy as sound, low-frequency sound waves which are called cosmic background radiation.

Energy comes to us in many ways. One form of energy is sound, electromagnetic sound waves. Sound in the form of music does something to us. We are influenced by the harmonies of music. Music obeys to orderly principles. Pythagoras was the first who described these laws of sounds. When you make a string to vibrate and it has half the length of another similar string, you hear a sound which is exactly one octave higher than that of the other string. When the lengths of the two strings relate as 2:3, the difference in pitch is a quint or a fifth. When the relation is 3:4, the difference between the two tones is a fourth.

These relations were already known to builders in Egypt in much earlier time. To determine a 90 degrees angle, they set out a triangle with sides relating to each other as 3:4:5. The two sides with lengths of 3 and 4 formed a right angle between them. To check the exact relations, the Egyptians used bronze strings with lengths relating as 3:4:5. The difference in pitch between the sides relating as 3:4 sounded as a fourth, the difference between the strings relating as 4:5 as a third.

We see here the resemblance between harmony in music as brought about by certain exact relations between frequencies of sounds and harmony in space as caused by similar relations in space.

Starting with the creation its energy was transformed into things. We can receive something of this original energy when we listen to harmonious music. We also can receive something of this original energy when we enter spaces, buildings, which were designed according to natural harmonic principles.

Compare this to the process of a sender of radio waves. These radio waves have certain frequencies. For a listener to receive the energies that originally were sent out, a transmitter is needed which picks up exactly the right radio waves. We receive the energies in the original form when we make use of a transmitter which is configured in such a way that it picks up the energies from the source and passes them on to us.

Music instruments have a similar function as such radio transmitters. Also buildings which were designed according to certain laws and principles have the ability to bring to us original energies which exist in the cosmos. When we see or enter such a building, we feel special. We can feel the energy in such a building or on such a place. The energies which we feel are not so much created by the building, but they are being transmitted by the building from another source and brought to us in the position of the receiving ones.

Geometry literally means measuring the earth. Sacred geometry is the discipline that tries to understand the principles to design in such a way that buildings and layouts of temple complexes, towns and cities bring sacred energies to us. The sacred energies which are generated have their origin in something else, something that has been there since the beginning of time.

To bring beauty and sanctity into our lives, we need to understand and practice the laws of harmony in every field of life. Everything we do and everything we make can contribute to this. The original energies of the Creator will be given to us, if we learn to practice the laws of harmony in all fields of life.

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