November 25, 2009

Spiritual awareness and our relationship to the Earth

All that exists is connected through invisible threads. The connections are maintained through love. All creations make part of this. All of creation can be seen as the body of God and so all people, all living beings and also the stars and the planets and the moons are part of God's body of love.

When a soldier engaged in war and rampage tramples a bed of beautiful flowers, he does not only destroy the beauty of these flowers, but he also causes pain in the heart of the person who cultivated them and he causes pain in the heart of God who is the origin of the love that brought forth such beauty.

The earth is the organism largest and closest to us. Many people see the earth as a dead thing, but how could the earth be dead knowing that the earth produces the mountains and the seas, the trees and the flowers and all the beauty of life that lives on and in its surface.

What is the relationship between Heaven and Earth? Heaven means the world of spirit, the world of God in spirit and the world of angels and of our ancestors. Heaven also is the place of our eternal home. Earth is the environment where we grow up. Since oldest times cultures have known the principle that we must keep to friends Heaven and Earth. We are situated between Heaven and Earth and to live a good life we need to maintain a good relationship to either one of these.

Making out our physical environment, the Earth nourishes us and gives life to our physical bodies. No day passes by without us being in total dependency of the Earth and all it gives us. But the Earth also is our main spiritual environment. Our ancestors who are with us in the spiritual world live on the spiritual Earth.

When we maltreat the physical Earth, it cannot but respond to the inflictions brought upon it. When we deplete the soil of the Earth of its fertility, one day the Earth will refuse to give us bread. We are connected with the Earth through invisible connections of love as the Earth and all other creations of God are one body. If one of the organs of the body are ill, the entire body suffers. We cannot speak about love for fellow man if we cannot love the Earth and all living creatures and things on it.

This is not only an external or a physical concept. This idea has deep spiritual meaning. When we mistreat the Earth, it cannot but be in pain because its harmony and beauty are being destroyed. It may sound strange to some to speak about the pain of the Earth, but why would it be abnormal to speak of pain in what makes out part of God's body? It is God who suffers when our Earth is mistreated because God made the Earth for all of us to have good life. Without a healthy and prospering earth there cannot be good life for all people. Because we are children of God, God suffers when God's love as expressed through the Earth is not well understood.

Because the Earth also is our main spiritual habitat, we cannot have a good life in the afterlife when we made a bad relationship to the Earth. When love is missing for the Earth, love is missing for all people who are dependent on the Earth. When love is missing, also true spiritual life will fail.

This is why in our lives of faith we should not be out for power in the world of man, but we should learn to cultivate the Earth well. A profession such as that of farmer can become a deeply religious and spiritual experience. This is when the farmer learns how to relate well to the Earth, if he replenishes the fertility of the Earth, if he comes to understand about how everything is interconnected, if he discovers about the energetic qualities of the Earth and its rivers and mountains, the air and the birds. If however the goal of a person is to acquire power and wealth, whatever his intended religious goals may be, he will fail in the end because he separates himself from the love and beauty and spirituality that God has created in our home that we call Earth.

November 13, 2009

What to do when there comes disunity in a heavenly organization?

There are individuals who have gotten central responsibilities in order to make this a better world. These individuals are the center of faith of families and tribes or organizations with a similar responsibility. Because these central individuals, families and tribes are taking responsibility to solve large and historical problems, they get to deal with evils that have been stored in the spiritual world.

How does it work? Angels and human spirits who made mistakes and who instigated evil in the past have gotten control over societies on earth to a certain degree. God picks and raises central figures of faith whose task it is to start a better world. In order to do this externally, in the visible physical world, they must first fight and win a personal battle against such evil spirits.

On the basis of having won such battles, God can give them the Word. Such people get inspirations and guidance on the foundation of having won the spiritual fight. From that moment on these people can pass on what they learned to others around them. At that moment, there is not only a central individual but also a central family of faith and there may come into being a central tribe, organization or nation.

Now, on a family, tribal or national level, the same order applies. That family, tribe, organization or nation must win a spiritual battle on the family, tribal, organizational or national level. Each time that this battle is won at a certain level, new truth will emerge which then must be expressed into the good societies that are being built.

What does it mean when a Cain-Abel problem emerges in such a family, tribe, organization or nation? It simply means that the first stage of spiritual battle has not or not yet been won by that heavenly group. There has been invasion of evil spirits to a certain degree and these spirits have inspired some people with words that aren't true, with feelings that aren't right, and to actions that better aren't performed.

When such a Cain-Abel problem emerges, it isn't always so that the one side is right and the other side is wrong. It could be so, but it can also be that both sides are under influence from evil spirits, to differing degrees and possibly also from different groups as they have formed in the spiritual world. The dividing line between Cain and Abel is not always that between evil and good spirits. In many cases, evil invaded both groups, but in different ways.

Whenever such divisions occur inside heavenly families, tribes, organizations or nations, one thing is clear, and that is that there wasn't made a decisive victory over the evil spiritual world. There may or may not still be central individuals unaffected by that evil and who can still stand in the central heavenly position. Yet, their task will become increasingly difficult as the ones following in their footsteps are not united with them centered on God. This is not a good expansion of the heavenly center, but it is problematic and the problems need to be solved.

It doesn't really matter how great those heavenly figures are in the center. The problems in their connected families and groups, when they occur, still must be solved. Jacob became Israel and as such became the central figure of faith for a tribe and nation that was to be established under God. But Jacob and his descendants had to deal with the historical problems as these had been stored in the spiritual world. The tribe and nation of Israel were attacked by such evil spirits and they had to overcome the difficulties.

What can those people do who are not in the most central positions when problems of disunity occur in the center of their group? Of course, the most obvious is to pray, but more can be done. The evil from spirit world always tries to invade using the outer shells to penetrate into the inner shells. When the central family of such a group is affected in a negative way, it therefore automatically means that the problems are not only in the center but more pervasively in the people that form these outer shells.

It is therefore possible for all people in such a group and organization to engage in deep self-reflection and prayer and to discover what has gone wrong in or around them. In that way, causes of the evil invasion can be found and overcome and the attacks on the center will become less severe and less difficult to handle by those who are in the center.


November 7, 2009

Three Stages of Spiritual Abilities

As we grow in learning to have good dominion over the spiritual world, we go through three stages. These stages are not exactly the same as the stages of growth to individual maturity in God's love. They specifically refer to spiritual abilities, which we need to develop in some kind of way, but which by themselves are not a guarantee to be on the good side.

There are parallel paths to go for each of us for different facets of our development. For example, if we want to write truth, we go through stages of growth in our command over language, but not all those who write great literature are on God's side and not all those who advanced in growth under God have great language skills.

I am regularly writing about the dangers that can come to us when we explore the spiritual world and are learning to deal with it. Having said this, here are three stages of development of spiritual development. This also reads as a scanty listing of what is possible for us in terms of spiritual experiences. The overview is not complete and I also do not assume that each person will go through exactly these stages. There are individual differences. Some people develop specialist spiritual abilities to a high degree while others may learn to master all of these traits together.

In the stage of awakening of spiritual abilities, the first stage of growth in this field, we begin to develop a better intuition for the meaning of what takes place in the world around. That intuition is our guiding rod and will remain so for however far we advance. This intuition should be connected to God, it should be original and can then safeguard us against many dangers. In this stage people begin to dream dreams with meaningful content. People sometimes are conscious of being inspired by good spirit world and these inspirations enhance their creativity. People develop a beginning awareness of the existence of spirit world and will sometimes see, hear, smell or feel spirits. What also often develops in this stage is to have premonitions of future events and sensitivity to what other people feel and think. A good example is that people think of a person and then the telephone rings and this person is on the line.

In the second stage of spiritual development, people begin to receive revelations from spirit world. Sometimes this takes the form of automatic writing in which a spirit controls the content of what is written.These kinds of revelations can be given in different fields of life, such as religion, art. music or any creative undertaking. People can now develop the ability to consciously converse with spirits and some people learn to be a medium for spirits to a degree that their bodies or voices are used to express information from spirit world. Some people in this stage begin to have occasional visons and the number of meaningful dreams increases. As people develop conscious relations with spirits, there also is an enhanced danger to be fooled by angels. One has to make a victory over these angels and distinguish right from wrong in order to enter the third stage successfully. Some people enter the third stage of spiritual development in a false way, by cooperating with evil spirits.

In a third stage of development, people develop advanced intuition. They will propably have foresight and foreknowledge of more events. Some people in this stage learn to have spiritual communication with other physical people living on earth. This kind of communication can take the form of a conversation that is entirely spiritual but the physical people do not meet. See this as a kind of spiritual telephone communication. In this stage one can develop advanced meaningful dreams and visions and the own creativity becomes gradually more and more immersed with revelations received from spirit world. It is also possible for some people that their spirit leaves their physical body and enters the spiritual world and after this returns to the body.

The third stage of spiritual development is near-endless in its possiblities for further growth. Some people and also angels have abilities of which existence most people have no idea.

Note that the path of spiritual development doesn't automatically mean that people develop several other abilities, such as spiritual healing or the command over seeing energies of chakras and the ability to use spiritual energies in other ways. All this needs additional training based on having inherited more or less talent for this.

Please be again aware that being spiritually developed in the above ways does not automatically mean that this is done under God's dominion. Some people develop spiritual abilities because they are helped to do so by evil angels. There is therefore great danger in seeking spiritual development as a goal in itself. Spiritual abilities should always only serve God and be offered to God.


November 5, 2009

Before you believe that every angel is good...

Before you believe that every angel is good, consider that there are angels of darkness posing as angels of light and they may have applied one of the following tricks...

One of the schemes used by them is equivalent to a king secretly sending out a troop of crooks to kidnap a nice lady. When the lady is brought to a prison, the king comes to that prison and liberates the lady and wins her heart. Sometimes dark angels may put spiritual prison situations upon you only to later appear as your liberators.

What about this one? Give revelations about upcoming disasters and that few people are going to be saved. At the same time make sure that the predictions come true. Cause those disasters and tempt a few people on earth to believe in a secret and sacred way that is given to them. Cause other groups of people to become evil so the disasters brought upon mankind seem justified, and tempt the elect to believe they are better than the people who don't know about spirituality. Because the prophecies turn out to be true by the own making of these angels, the elect really believe that they are the saved and chosen ones and will accept their angel-heroes without questioning.

Here is another often used temptation. Make a central figure of faith believe that he is very great. Make him also believe that for some reason or another,he made you discover the truth about God's love and about how terrible it is to be evil and that you determined to repent and to stop being evil. Make this central figure believe that he is the only one capable of helping you. In that way he will accept you to come closer to him and you can invade his relatives and followers and make a lot of trouble.

Another often applied trick by evil angels is the following. Organize the spiritual world to give help in all possible ways to a certain person on earth. Make money and power come to him. Give visions and revelations to people that this person is the most special one and make him believe that all the blessings bestowed upon him are the work of God. Chances are that he never finds out that these blessings did not come from God, that the people sent to him are good-willing but misled at the same time. Once he accepts the blessings as if coming from God, he will see your efforts as being initiated by God. Even if this person on earth has much faith in God, he may lose it as he more and more trusts the angels who played this trick on him.

You want to hear another one? Cause an illness in the body of someone loved by a central person whom you wish to get under you. Let this be succeeded by a miraculous recovery and give revelations and visions to people on earth that this recovery came because of the outstanding faith of the central person. In this way, people on earth will gain faith that this group of angels is working for God and so these angels can dominate.

We need to be sharp in our relationship to spirit world and above all, we need to pray and ask God about each phenomenon taking place. Never assume that the most obvious is automatically true. Not all angels are evil and not all spiritual phenomena are meant to deceive, but in order to distinguish, we need a deep relationship to God and we need to grow in experience on our path of faith.