February 25, 2011

How does the spirit world look like?

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Dante and Beatrice gaze upon the highest Heaven, The Empyrean

Note that this article was written in 1999 and is about the spiritual world of that time. Since then many changes have taken place in the spirit world.

Practically each religion tells you about how life after death will be. Many of these reports or views are very different and yet, most of them will be true more or less.

An essential characteristic of spirit world is that it is mostly made by angels and man and that to a large degree it is made in the way that man believes that it is made. When people in a certain religion believe in something like purgatory or Valhalla or Heaven or Paradise then such realms are actually created by them in some way or another.

Many religious adherents however believe that only their view on spirit world is right. For instance, Christians believe that they go to their heaven and that Muslims will probably go to the Christian hell. But the truth is that Christians likely go to one of the realms in that Christians believe and that Muslims go to one of the realms in that Muslims believe.

Yet at the same time, most religions have a very limited and often even false view on how spirit world looks like. Most religions know little or nothing about how spirit world actually works. They usually speak of heaven and hell and something in-between. But there are many, many more possibilities in spirit world, also for adherents of one particular religion.

Usually heaven is seen as the place where the founder of the religion is living. For Christians it were heaven when they met Jesus in spirit world. In reality, many of such Christians were sometimes allowed to attend a meeting in which Jesus gave a speech. For the rest of the time these spirits were somewhere stuck with people living on earth, because they had a restoration course to go with their descendants.

Roman Catholic believers think that sinners temporarily go to purgatory in spirit world, to suffer for their sins. Also this view is based on reality. A problem is that spirits may have to be in purgatories for thousands of years before there is chance for them to come out.

Spirits will be stuck to certain places in spirit world as a result of the life that he or she lived. Purgatory therefore must not be seen as one particular place in spirit world, but each person comes in his or her own purgatory. The same is true for realms of heaven or hell. There is not one particular heaven or one particular hell, but there are as many heavens and hells as there are groups of people.

Each person determines his or her own spiritual situation. This is true in life on earth and it is true in life after death. Yet besides that, there are realms in spirit world made by angels, or by certain central figures of religions, and also by many kinds of evil central figures.

I give you some examples of situations in spirit world. These examples are given without names but are descriptions of what really was built in spirit world. The examples are from historical situations in spirit world and do not necessarily still exist today.

A priest who had some thousand followers while he lived on earth built an altar in spirit world. This altar looked like the one that the priest had built on earth. The priest lived in a tribe and when people of that tribe died, the spirits were received by those who had passed away earlier. Those spirits were led to the priest and the altar and were told that they had come to heaven. In that way the priest built his tribe in spirit world. That tribe always worked to control the situation of the tribe on earth. The members of the tribe on earth could not escape the spiritual power of the priest and his followers in spirit world. If a tribe member on earth tried to change the traditions as installed by the priests, the spirits would chastise and punish him or her.

Such kind of situation existed or exists for thousands of tribes all around the earth.

A political and ideological leader built a school for spirits. Spirits were brought to that school to be trained there. Then the trained spirits could become teachers themselves and they again trained many new spirits. The trained spirits were sent to people on earth to give many revelations based on the teaching of the leader. People on earth were also inspired to write books and to buy books with this ideology.

Much of communism was spread all around the earth in this way. Such a school existed until worldwide communism broke down.

One more example. A evil angel built a throne for himself and made other angels and spirits to work for him. The evil angel controlled the ones under him by installing fear in them. The spirits were punished if they did not obey the leader. There was an extensive system of spiritual cells and doors. No one could come to the leader who had not passed many doors and cells that were guarded by servants of the leader. People in the physical world were controlled in the same way. They were put in spiritual prisons and if they tried to do something that the leader didn’t like those people on earth were severely punished. There also was built a system of repression on earth. A leader was chosen who was a real and evil dictator over his people.

Countless of similar examples could be given because spirit world has more diversity than the earth. For nations it is is true that connected to foundations on earth there always were spiritual organizations that controlled what was visible on earth.

When there is an organization on earth, there also is some corresponding and often controlling organization in spirit world. When there is a family on earth, there is a typical family-spiritual situation.

God intended spirit world to be one united Kingdom of Heaven but man made of spirit world a place totally split into millions of bigger and smaller units that each have the character of a restricted space or cell.

Important to understand is that spirit world was originally inhabited by angels only. Angels had the first birthright in spirit world. Man who entered spirit world was dependent from angels. Everything that was built in spirit world was more or less initiated or controlled by angels.

Angels had made all roads in spirit world. Angels taught man how to live in spirit world. Angels had made themselves to the masters of spirit world.

But the angels were not united. There were black evil angels, and occult gray angels, and white angels who still sometimes prayed to God. Yet also the black angels and the gray angels and the white angels were not united among themselves. There have been countless divisions among the angels of all these groups. Many of them tried and actually managed to put themselves as a leading angel in some culture. Sometimes such an angel became known as a certain so-called god in that culture. Such a pagan god could really have been a black angel who kept power for thousands of years.

The situation for white angels was not very different. Also white angels built all kind of religions or cults centered upon themselves. In the religions that were inspired by God, white angels still played a role to lead and guide individuals. Human founders of those religions could not always escape the dominion of angels over them.

What is important for your life of faith to find out about spirit world for yourself? What kind of experiences should you make in relation to spirit world?

1. Become aware of your individual spiritual situation. That means, you should know by what kind of spirits you are influenced.

2. Have some understanding of the spiritual situation of the places where you live and work.

3. Get some experiences with the cosmic spiritual situation as God has begun to build an entirely new spirit world.

EXERCISE In order to become aware of the spirits influencing you directly you need to pray much. Make yourself aware of feelings and thoughts coming to you from spirit world. Learn to distinguish feelings of spirits from feelings of yourself. If you find out that a spirit has bad influence on you then try to get rid of that spirit. Don’t honor things in the physical world that are connected to that spirit. Keep your body and clothing clean and pure. Don’t do evil things because that attracts evil spirits.

You must do the same for spirits that connect to your house and your working environment. Many evil spirits can less easily come in a place that is clean and orderly. Make your environment into a heavenly one and you will attract spirits of higher levels.

To find out about what God is doing in spirit world now, pray to God and ask God to give you experiences with it. There is no other way to find out about this. Build up your faith by going your individual course under God.

Nothing in spiritual life should be disconnected from God. Only by living a life truly centered on God you can elevate your spirit.

July 1999

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