February 9, 2011

How the memory works

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This is a revelation given by an angel. The ideas reported here are entirely those of the angel. JE

What exactly is memory? Today people have computers. Computers are nothing else than physical machines made capable to perform processes that exist in creation since oldest times. Computers are not all all new. What is new is that people have learned to apply a few computing principles expressed in physical mechanisms.

From the comparison with computers, something can be understood about the working of memory for all spiritual beings. One essential fact is that each memory is an impression stored somewhere else. There are several mediums for storing memories. Some of these mediums have a more temporary nature, other mediums have a nature to store memories for longer time. Furthermore, we should make a difference between storage in a physical medium and storage in a spiritual medium.

When you want to remember something, you must obey a few laws. First of all, you must make a storage. If you don't pay attention to something, then nothing gets stored, or it only gets stored in a superficial and unconscious way and it gets rather useless for later use. The process of storing a memory is one of concentration. The more concentration you give to the process of storing a memory, the better it gets stored.

When a memory is stored, it can be stored on different places. It can be stored in your mind, it can also be stored in your brain, and it can be stored in your body. Where it is stored depends on the process of storing it. If you only store a memory intellectually, it makes much less impression than when you also store it emotionally. Emotional memories get stored more in the body itself, while intellectual memories get stored more in the brain. Here i speak about the level of physical existence only.

A third important question is in what form a memory is stored. You can store a memory in a logical form or in an illogical form. Logically stored memories are more of an intellectual nature. Making order means two things. First it means that the memory is stored on more levels. When you only store facts that have no connection to reason, then these memories are only stored on a 'facts' level. When there is logic, you can also retrace these memories from another level, that of the storage of reason. The second point is that logically stored memories have gotten a connection to other memories already stored. It is like you have an orderly room where you can find back everything. There is a relation between the things that are stored, and therefore you can find back each of these things. When there is disorder, there is no relation between one thing and another thing.

Memories work on different levels of existence. There could be very abstract reasoning, and there are very common daily-life experiences. You remember only what is stored well, and you can only store something well if it is done in the right way and with the necessary energy to make a real impression in the medium.

Many people have trained their memory to keep silly facts. They, for example, connect certain nonsense words to for them meaningful images. Images are easy to store and easy to retrieve. All the memories that mainly work on a sensory level are easy to store and easy to recapture. These memories are stored in a more primitive way. Very much of this is stored in the medium of the body itself. Not much brain activity is needed. Such memories make up a living being. Also animals have such memories. These memories are needed so that animals can function. Animals must remember events from their own past life to be able to successfully cope with the present.

When you learn to keep such kind of memories in an artificial (meaningless) way, it is very harmful for your good development. People should learn to memorize on higher levels, levels of higher spiritual and religious principles.

You cannot store something on one level, in one medium, and simultaneously do this well in another medium. When you are focused on memorizing nonsense, then that's where your energy goes. Then it could not go to another level of existence.

You can only store in a medium of that you are conscious. If you have a consciously working intellect, you can store on this level, very much in your brain. When your life is more emotional, you store and remember emotionally. Only when you live a conscious spiritual life, you can store memories in your spiritual being. People who lived a materialistic life do almost not take any memories with them when they die and go to spirit world.

Sept 23, 2004

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