February 2, 2011

Some general remarks about spirit world on earth

My little piece of land...Image by mtchm via Flickr

There is a spiritual world connected to everything on earth. When you look at a physical stone, then that stone does also exist in the spiritual world, as a spiritual stone. As long as the physical stone does exist, it also exists in the spiritual world.

When there is a house in the physical world, then that house also exists in the spiritual world. All plants, all animals, all living beings, all people in the physical world do also exist in the spiritual world.

The way of appearance of something in the spiritual world can be rather different from that same thing in the physical world. Let me give an example of two stones. Two stones might have the same appearance in the physical world, but in spirit world, the one stone is gray and dark and practically invisible, while the other stone is brightly yellow-colored and gives off a far-reaching light. The difference in appearance of the spiritual stones is a result of different histories of the stones. The stones might have come from the same rock and might have been in the water of the same river for the same time period, but the dark stone could have been in the possession of a person with a dark and ugly spirit, while the other stone was filled with good energy by a spiritually elevated person.

When we look at the spiritual bodies of people, they have very different appearances. Let us look at a well-developed young child. The child was educated in a good way and only received pure and good love. The child was also conceived in a deed of elevating love centered on a good purpose. This child does have a good and beautifully looking spirit body. The spirit body is strong and healthy and has no deformations. But another child, which has a comparable good physical health and appearance, was conceived with impure love and was educated by self-centered and materialistic parents. The spirit body of the second child could look dark and ugly and the shapes of the spirit body are deformed.

Let us look at a piece of physical land. Depending on many factors, the spiritual land that exists on this physical land might look completely different. The spiritual land in one country looks very different from the spiritual land in another country. When you pass a border between two countries, there is an immediate change of spirit connected to the physical fields. The change in spirit is a result of the different histories connected to the two different nations. Each nation did have its own history of culture, religion, politics, war, etc. These differences in character between two countries are visible in the spiritual world that is connected to the physical regions.

Once we are in a country, on a specific piece of land, that land has its own typical spiritual atmosphere connected to it. Again, this is dependent on the physical and spiritual history of that particular piece of land. First of all, a piece of land on a mountain has a different spirit than a piece of land situated in a valley. When trees are standing on the land, that fact determines something about the spiritual atmosphere of the land. One tree is not another. Each kind of tree brings its own spiritual atmosphere around it. The motivation with which a tree is planted will be spiritually visible in the tree for the rest of the tree’s life. If a tree is used or misused for certain purposes, this does affect the spiritual atmosphere around the tree. For example, a tree could have been used to hang someone. That spirit of death will be forever connected to the tree and it would not be wise to use the timber of that tree for building your house. Another tree could have been used as a place for prayer and meditation. The tree has taken in the spiritual elements spread by those who were meditating there and in spirit world the tree also becomes a place for spirits to receive deeper insights.

The spiritual atmosphere on a piece of land is very much affected by what people have desired, thought, felt and done while they were staying on that land. Each person who comes on a piece of physical land will influence the spiritual atmosphere on that land and will leave behind something good or bad. People with beautiful thoughts leave good traces on a piece of land, but people with ugly, negative or jealous thoughts leave bad traces. People with a crazy mind bring confusion and craziness into the spiritual atmosphere. Other people who are sensitive for it might again be influenced by those waves of confusion.

All spiritual entities influence the physical world and all physical beings and things influence the spiritual world. Some things in the physical world do hardly have spiritual energy in them, and such things can almost not be seen or felt in the spiritual world. But other physical things might have a strong spiritual presence. I already gave the example of two different stones.

In spirit world, on a piece of land, one could for example observe a road which is not visible in the physical world. Other roads in spirit world are connected to roads in the physical world. Usually, when there is a road or a path in the physical world, it means that there also is some kind of road in spirit world. But there also are roads in the spiritual world which cannot directly be seen in the physical world. Sometimes, such a road in spirit world is still a remains of a road which once existed in the physical world. But sometimes such a road was only established in the spiritual world, for example by angels long ago. When there is a road in spirit world, it means that spiritual beings can go over that road and there is a spiritual connection between all places through which the road goes. If the spiritual road goes from one house to another, it means that spirits can easily go from that one physical house into the other physical house. Physical people living in these houses might not be aware of this but they will be influenced by the same spirits.

There also do exist constructions or creations in spirit world that were made with the purpose to gain influence over spirit world and then, of course, also over the physical world. Usually such constructions in spirit world are connected to physical objects. For example, a spirit wants to have control over situations on earth. The spirit influences someone on earth, a person who is largely under the control of that spirit. The spirit moves the person on earth to build an altar. Even though the person on earth might not be so much aware of the spirit, the altar is built with materials chosen by the spirit. Also the form of the altar is controlled by the spirit. For the spirit, this is his or her altar. The spirit influences the person on earth to make offerings on the altar. The person on earth offers prayers and also physical objects on the altar. The energy of the offerings is used by the spirit to influence all kind of situations on earth and in spirit world. All people in the house and also many visitors come under the influence of the spirit. On earth is standing an altar. But the spirit has used the energy coming to him or her through the altar to make a spiritual throne for him- or herself. The altar does exist both in spirit world and on earth, but the throne only exists in spirit world. It is just a spiritual construction which enhances the esteem of the spirit who sits on that throne. Using the throne as object to enlarge his or her authority, the spirit could gather a circle of other spirits as his or her disciples. These disciples receive tasks to influence life in spirit world and in the physical world, in and around the house where the altar was made.

This is an example of how something was made in spirit world, a throne, which does not exist in the physical world. The throne, however, is connected to the physical altar, which functions as a channel for energy from which the spiritual throne is built. Constructions such as that throne can be made by spirits who during their life on earth acquired some experience in dealing with spiritual matters.

Let me now try to explain something about lamps and lights. When a lamp is made and installed, it is done with a certain motivation. For example, a lamp is put in a room for the purpose of study by a person who wants to use his studies to gain external power in the world. The light of the lamp gives energy in the form of light that helps the man to reach his purpose. From the moment that the lamp is used for that purpose, the lamp will send out a spiritual light which reflects the motivation of the person who installed the lamp. In spirit world, spirits with enough experience can immediately see the evil motivation of the man in the light of the lamp. That lamp will beam out that ugly, power-seeking light for the rest of its existence.

We could say that lamps are initiated at the moment that they are put in use. To put a light in use is a meaningful affair that should be done with awareness of the purpose for the lamp and with purity of heart. A lamp can of course later be used for another purpose. Then the lamp is re-initiated, but the first initiation cannot be entirely taken away again. Therefore, a lamp once used to give light for an evil purpose can never be used again for good purposes. It doesn’t make much difference if you put new light bulbs in the lamp.

Whoever wants to build up something with influence in the world, will have to obey certain rules for the making and use of things. When people only see the physical aspect of things, they are mostly unaware of this. Take, for example, a chair. Though there might be many of the same chairs produced in the same factory, after some time no chair will be the same anymore spiritually. One chair could be used in a restaurant. Whoever comes into the restaurant and pays the bill can sit on that chair. This is one of the rules connected to the chair. You can sit on that chair under the condition that you pay for your food, that you behave yourself in a decent manner in the restaurant and that you are clothed in a certain style fitting to that restaurant. For example, the chair cannot be used by someone in bathing suit. It also cannot be used by someone who speaks much too loud. The chair, after having been in use for some time, will spiritually reflect those rules and will also show spiritual elements of all people who once used the chair.

But another chair from that same factory is used by a professor who sits on it whenever he studies. None of his children or friends are allowed to sit on the chair. Bit by bit, the chair gets the spiritual elements from that professor. And because the professor is only using the chair when he is concentrated in study, the chair will get that same spirit of concentration and give off energy that helps the professor to be concentrated whenever he sits on that chair. The professor has spiritually conditioned the chair to become his study chair and that is very well visible in spirit world.

June 13, 2000

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