April 2, 2010

The Four-Position Foundation - for children (video)

The Four-Position Foundation - for children from John Eagles on Vimeo.

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All that exists was made by God and is connected to God. God works through the unity between one of God's creations and another one in order to make something new. For example, through a father and a mother a new child is created. God, father, mother and child form four positions who ideally are united in God.

This video is to explain this principle for children.

March 30, 2010

What to do when our faith is failing...

Let's analyze the mechanism of failing faith so we can learn to restore it. There are principles for how to build up faith. There also can be discovered why personal faith in God goes down. When we lose divine inspiration we need to take some steps backwards and consider and contemplate.

Faith is built up by making a Foundation of Faith. This sounds like a kind of technical concept, to some even at the edge of meaningless, but there is much depth in it.

All foundations in the living cosmos grow through stages and the Foundation of Faith is no difference. When we build up a Foundation of Faith it can only be done by growing through the regular stages of growth, in this case related to our faith in God and God's love. By doing the right things over time, we can be certain that our faith will grow and that our inspiration for a good life will deepen and expand.

Faith grows over time. That is what is being said through the addition of the word 'foundation.' We build foundation upon foundation, we construct our building of faith upon the foundations laid earlier in our lives and also upon the foundations made by historical and current central figures for God.

To expand our own foundation of faith, always 'I' am the central figure of it. It is me who has to build my foundation of faith. I do this by obeying the will of God, over a certain time period. What we have done in obedience to God's will must be connected to God, must be offered to God, and always this offering incorporates a certain number that had to be fulfilled.

From this we can conclude that when our faith diminishes, when our inspiration to do God's will drops low, when we lost hope for a good future, it is because something in building our foundation of faith went wrong.

The fall of man came about because of attacks from the spiritual world, by evil angels. It is the work of evil angels, also working through people on earth and in spirit world, to destroy our faith. How are they doing this?

Many meaningful things could be said about this issue when it is approached from different viewpoints. Here i want to focus on two main methods that evil angels use to attempt to destroy our faith.

The first main method is that they try to make us unaware of the reality of God and the spiritual dimension of life. When this happens, we tend to become very physical and external. Evil angels who managed to get close to us and to control our lives from spirit world have methods to close our spiritual senses. Once our spiritual senses got closed we become more and more unaware of our eternal existence, of our future of happiness in the spiritual world and of God's ideal for us how to make the foundations of a life of eternal joy living in love with our family, ancestors and descendants.

In our lives of faith we must make a victory over such attacks by keeping to what we know is God's will for our lives and missions. This sometimes can be a great struggle, but it is a fight that absolutely must be won.

The second main method is that evil angels and spirits work to give us a false ideal. In many of such cases, people don't lose their spiritual abilities but they are dominated or controlled by the lies of those evil angels and spirits.

False spiritual ideals roughly can be categorized in three kinds. The first are the false ideals of those who know that they are evil and they also like it to be evil. This kind of thing can be found in for example churches that were set up by Satan and who openly profess the ideal of satanism.

The second type of false ideal is that of many esoteric or occult groups. Sometimes they speak about God but in a deceiving way. People who join such esoteric groups usually can receive training and go through stages in which they climb up in a hierarchy at the top of which some very powerful angels or spirits are ruling.

The third type of false ideal comes from the work of evil angels who invaded good religions. In spirit world evil angels set up teams to steal truth that was revealed by God and by good spirit world to central figures on earth. After this truth was stolen, the teams of angels work to slightly change the content of this truth. They bring in misleading ideas and the whole of it may appear as truth, but it is not anymore. They then work to bring such deviated truth to people on earth who are part of religious groups.

In case that someone lost his or her good faith in God and is not inspired anymore, it can help to check oneself if one has not fallen victim to one of the above ugly schemes.

The solution for it only lies in going back to God in deep and sincere prayer and to discover what went wrong. After realizing this we can change our lives and come back in the stream of original growth and of building up a new Foundation of Faith.

Photo art by John Eagles

March 27, 2010

A migration from Asia to America before recorded history (video)

HTML clipboardThe story of a man who lived maybe 9,000 years ago and who moved with his tribe from Asia to America. He also told about their origin near the Black Sea and that some related tribes migrated to Japan and Korea.

March 25, 2010

The story of Adam and Eve - for children (video)

A happy story about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and about how and why God created them. All the drawings in this video were made by children.

The story of Adam and Eve - for children from John Eagles on Vimeo.

March 23, 2010

Our spiritual senses - All of them (video)

Description and some explanation of the seven spiritual senses

Our spiritual senses - All of them from John Eagles on Vimeo.

The text of the video:

Our existence is one of living in two worlds at the same time. These are the spiritual world and the physical world.
These two worlds relate to one another as yang and yin, internal and external, subject and object.
Our physical self lives in the physical world.
Our spiritual self lives in the spiritual world.
As long as our physical body is alive, our spirit dwells in the physical body.
When our body dies, our spirit enters the spiritual world.
The spirit world is the world of our eternal growth and existence.
For a correct understanding of how the senses work, we must know that our self is:
Heart - Mind - Body.
Our heart is directly connected to God.
Our body lives in the world of Creation.
Both the spirit self and the physical self consist of:
Heart - Mind - Body.
As there are physical senses, so there are spiritual senses. Everyone knows the five main senses:
Seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and touching.
These five senses exist as physical senses and as spiritual senses.
The physical senses are in the physical body and sense the physical world.
The spiritual senses are in the spirit body and sense the spiritual world.
Not only the body, but also the mind has a sense. It is called: Awareness.
Awareness is the sense to feel the plans, thoughts and feelings of others.
We are body, mind and heart and the sense of the heart is called: Intuition.
Intuition makes us conscious of love (or hatred) that other living beings express.
The seven senses we found are: Intuition, Awareness, Seeing, Hearing, Tasting, Smelling and Touching.
With our physical senses we can only sense the physical world.
We need our spiritual senses for having spiritual experiences.
With our spiritual eyes we can see angels and spirits and phenomena in the spiritual world.
With our spiritual ears we can hear it when spirits talk to us.
When we pay attention to it, we can taste it when food has nourishing spiritual content.
When we are on a spiritually good place we can smell pleasant spiritual fragrances.
When someone touches you with love rather than in a neutral way, you can feel the difference.
Spiritual awareness is to be conscious of the spiritual environment and of your own spiritual condition.
Awareness is the sense of the mind and it is with our mind that we most of all can affect the spiritual world.
Intuition is the sense of the heart and originally it is directly connected to God.
Intuition is the most important of all spiritual senses because it guides us to do what is right.
If we want to open our spiritual senses in a good way, the best is to be centered on God's will.
This is how our senses develop through natural growth.

March 21, 2010

Video: Starlight

Introduction to the world of stars through music and images. I took NASA photos of the cosmos as starting point. The images give an impression of how stars and galaxies produce the energies for our existence.

February 13, 2010

The meaning of a temple from the spiritual viewpoint

Each religion has always built temples. We can understand temples on different levels, for example as centers of religious worship, as places of offering, as a representation in symbol or image of microcosm man or of the macrocosm, and as a foundation in the spiritual world. Here i shall focus on the meaning of a temple from the spiritual viewpoint.

Suppose that you are a traveler through the spiritual world and you approach the temple of a religion on earth. The temple in spirit world is the spiritual counterpart of a physical building and site. Everything in the temple built on earth has a significance in the spiritual world.

Normally, in the spiritual world, there will be several fences with gates that you have to pass. For a well-functioning temple, these gates are guarded by angels and sometimes by human spirits. You cannot just enter the inner quarters of such a temple in the spiritual world. You will be checked at these gates and important are the offerings you carry with you.

At each level of the temple, from outer to inner, more cleansing is needed of yourself and what you carry. Suppose that you brought with you an object that belongs to an other religion, something that is considered unsacred by the angels controlling this particular temple, then your entrance will be refused.

The meaning of each temple is based on what is contained in the most inner or most holy part of the temple. Here is visible what is the center of worship. Sometimes this is a person, a saint, a founder of the religion, sometimes these are the holy books of the religion, sometimes these are objects of creation such as rocks or golden objects or flowers or fruits, and often it will be a combination of these.

In each temple there are different rooms, always organized from outer to inner or from inner to outer. There usually is a kind of front court. The meaning of this from a spiritual viewpoint is that here the visitor must put off what is unsacred. It is a place of cleansing before entering the deeper parts of the temple. In the physical world, such a space could be where you put off your shoes, where you wash your hands and face, where you leave behind the things of the world and where you maybe put on sacred clothing that you need to wear to enter the real temple.

The next level would be a place where offerings are brought, burnt offerings such as candles and the burning of incense to cleanse the atmosphere. Sometimes in the physical world in some temples of the past, animals were ritually killed here and the blood needs to run symbolizing the purification of the offering. This next level could also be a place of meeting, a place of worship, a place of offering things of creation (money for example). In spirit world, this level of the temple is that which is permitted for entrance for common believers in the faith, after they have gone through a cleansing in the hall or front court of the temple.

The most inner level of the temple is only accessible to ordained priests. Also in the spiritual world, this place is restricted to some selected angels or humans spirits who must perform priest-like functions. The angels usually have tasks of protection of this sphere.

Most external principles for temples of worship under good spirits are similar to those temples built by evil angels. There exist temples for worship of evil. In the center of such a temple in spirit world, fallen angels and fallen priests are serving.

The most inner level of God's Temple is where God's Spirit dwells. God's Spirit can come here when all the conditions for the temple are kept well, meaning that only believers and objects are allowed in the temple who and which are purified and sanctified.

The building of a central temple in a religion is first of all a spiritual accomplishment and it has tremendous importance. It needs a foundation of believers. In God's world, that foundation is called 'The Foundation to Receive the Messiah.' A temple for God is a place of power for God, a place from where God's ideal can be expanded. It cannot be built without an adequate foundation and once established, must be protected. As it is the center of the religion, if it would get invaded by evil in spirit world, it would not last in the physical world. An example for this is the temple of the Israelites that still existed in the time of Jesus, but that got destroyed about 40 years after Jesus' crucifixion.

Model of Second Temple made by Michael Osnis from Kedumim -From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Model_of_Second_Temple_made_by_Michael_Osnis_from_Kedumim_1.jpg

February 6, 2010

Some details about the relationship between the spirit self and the physical self

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The Divine Principle explains that there exists a relationship between the spirit self and the physical self. Both the spirit self and the physical self have a mind and a body, the mind being internal to the body in an external position. The spirit self has a spirit mind and a spirit body and the physical self has a physical mind and a physical body.

Certain elements pass from the spirit self to the physical self and vice versa. The elements of the spirit self that nourish the physical self are called life elements, the elements of the physical self that go to the spirit self are called vitality elements.

What are these life elements and vitality elements and how do they enter and influence the spirit self and the physical self? Life elements and vitality elements can be understood as specific energies. The connection between the spiritual reality and the physical reality is through energy. There are specific energies that influence our existence on its different levels.

To understand better how the spirit self and physical self can influence each other we must introduce the concept of chakras. Chakras are energy constructions that make our minds and bodies function on the level of energy. For example, in the body is a blood circulation system and a nerve system. In addition to that and other systems of the body, there is an energy system of chakras and energy channels.

Chakras have several functions. They are motors for energy, they are gates for energy, and they are reservoirs for energy. Each trait that a person has is stored in the form of energies in the chakras in combination with the energy channels.

Chakras are not only part of the spirit body. Also the physical body has chakras, the same as the spirit body. When, for example, a spirit makes use of the body of another person in the physical world, the chakras of that spirit merge to a certain degree with the chakras of the body of the physical person. Also memories of the spirit can enter the body of that physical person. This is a process that works better depending on several factors. For example, some people have bodies of which the chakras don't work very well. In that case it is very difficult for a spirit to make use of such a body. Also when the body of a physical person is better equipped, it still takes time and effort for a spirit to enter a body and bring in all his or her energies and memories.

In a normal situation there is a constant exchange of energies between the spirit self and the physical self. Depending on what the person desires, thinks, feels, plans and acts, the elements that are being exchanged are of a higher or a lower value. For example, if a person lives a life more centered on physical values, the physical mind and body attract energies of a lower vibration and these energies can clog the connection between the spirit self and the physical self.

If a person lives a life centered on God, he or she will attract good energies. These energies will be stored both in the physical self and the spiritual self. This is how a person can nourish the spirit with good vitality elements and feed the physical self with good life elements. The process of exchanging on the life- and vitality elements is a continuous one.

In a normal situation, the person's good spiritual self is guided by God's love and truth and other good energies existing in the spiritual world. For example, good angels can inspire people or we can be feel good when we come in a good spiritual atmosphere. When the spirit self controls the physical self in such a way that the person lives in accordance with these good inspirations from God, the physical self is inspired with good life elements, the physical self will blossom because it is being fed with love and truth in the form of life elements that the spirit self gives to the physical self.

All these elements, all these energies are primarily exchanged in the chakras, but also in other parts of the body because there exist many chakras in different parts of the body. For example, there also are chakras in the hands and the feet.

Because everything was created from God's love and energy, God's love and energy should play the dominant role in all these processes. Because of the fall, also false love and harmful energies have come into the spirit self and the physical self of most people. Another problem resulting from the fall is when people forgot about their spiritual existence. In that case the lack of awareness of the spiritual self causes that the spiritual self is not fed anymore with vitality elements from the body and also not anymore with God's life elements of love and truth.