February 6, 2010

Some details about the relationship between the spirit self and the physical self

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The Divine Principle explains that there exists a relationship between the spirit self and the physical self. Both the spirit self and the physical self have a mind and a body, the mind being internal to the body in an external position. The spirit self has a spirit mind and a spirit body and the physical self has a physical mind and a physical body.

Certain elements pass from the spirit self to the physical self and vice versa. The elements of the spirit self that nourish the physical self are called life elements, the elements of the physical self that go to the spirit self are called vitality elements.

What are these life elements and vitality elements and how do they enter and influence the spirit self and the physical self? Life elements and vitality elements can be understood as specific energies. The connection between the spiritual reality and the physical reality is through energy. There are specific energies that influence our existence on its different levels.

To understand better how the spirit self and physical self can influence each other we must introduce the concept of chakras. Chakras are energy constructions that make our minds and bodies function on the level of energy. For example, in the body is a blood circulation system and a nerve system. In addition to that and other systems of the body, there is an energy system of chakras and energy channels.

Chakras have several functions. They are motors for energy, they are gates for energy, and they are reservoirs for energy. Each trait that a person has is stored in the form of energies in the chakras in combination with the energy channels.

Chakras are not only part of the spirit body. Also the physical body has chakras, the same as the spirit body. When, for example, a spirit makes use of the body of another person in the physical world, the chakras of that spirit merge to a certain degree with the chakras of the body of the physical person. Also memories of the spirit can enter the body of that physical person. This is a process that works better depending on several factors. For example, some people have bodies of which the chakras don't work very well. In that case it is very difficult for a spirit to make use of such a body. Also when the body of a physical person is better equipped, it still takes time and effort for a spirit to enter a body and bring in all his or her energies and memories.

In a normal situation there is a constant exchange of energies between the spirit self and the physical self. Depending on what the person desires, thinks, feels, plans and acts, the elements that are being exchanged are of a higher or a lower value. For example, if a person lives a life more centered on physical values, the physical mind and body attract energies of a lower vibration and these energies can clog the connection between the spirit self and the physical self.

If a person lives a life centered on God, he or she will attract good energies. These energies will be stored both in the physical self and the spiritual self. This is how a person can nourish the spirit with good vitality elements and feed the physical self with good life elements. The process of exchanging on the life- and vitality elements is a continuous one.

In a normal situation, the person's good spiritual self is guided by God's love and truth and other good energies existing in the spiritual world. For example, good angels can inspire people or we can be feel good when we come in a good spiritual atmosphere. When the spirit self controls the physical self in such a way that the person lives in accordance with these good inspirations from God, the physical self is inspired with good life elements, the physical self will blossom because it is being fed with love and truth in the form of life elements that the spirit self gives to the physical self.

All these elements, all these energies are primarily exchanged in the chakras, but also in other parts of the body because there exist many chakras in different parts of the body. For example, there also are chakras in the hands and the feet.

Because everything was created from God's love and energy, God's love and energy should play the dominant role in all these processes. Because of the fall, also false love and harmful energies have come into the spirit self and the physical self of most people. Another problem resulting from the fall is when people forgot about their spiritual existence. In that case the lack of awareness of the spiritual self causes that the spiritual self is not fed anymore with vitality elements from the body and also not anymore with God's life elements of love and truth.


  1. Hey, that's an interesting take on the relationship of dual characteristics in the light of ancient Hindu teaching about chakras. Still unclear to me how do you look at the reincarnation (since DP explains it differently).

    I am really fascinated with putting together a multidimensional puzzle of human reality and existence. Our body in particular is such a sophisticated piece of creation.

  2. I have indeed not directly touched the topic of reincarnation in this blog. But indirectly, from understanding how spirits can connect to or descend in a body, it becomes clear that reincarnation in some form is possible.

    Another term used for this is 'returning resurrection,' meaning that a person who had not fulfilled his mission during life on earth must return to earth to cooperate with a person who was born later with the same mission.

    There are degrees of how much spirits cooperate with people on earth. Returning resurrection can be understood as one form of reincarnation, but i am sure there are other forms as well.

    When a man and a woman conceive a new child, this is both a physical and spiritual process of creation. This means that not only a new body is conceived but also a new spirit. When this is understood in most simple terms, it would exclude the possibility of reincarnation, because reincarnation would imply that not a new spirit is conceived but only a new body and that the spirit of an older being reincarnates in that body.

    But there are many other possibilities here. For example, a person can be conceived when the parents are unaware of themselves as spiritual beings. The spirit of such a new child could be weak and needs help from a more developed spirit, who can either do this externally by helping from spirit world or also descend in the body in varying degrees.

    PS - I've also read some articles of your interesting blog, John.