January 13, 2002

Energies for fighting

When we look at light, then this light comes to us from somewhere. Light beams do have a certain direction. They are pushing in a certain direction. The light photons, that bring the light, are pulsing. Light is energy and energy has a pulsing nature. Because the pulsing energy travels through space, the pulsing light photons make waves.

Imagine that you move a stick up and down. The movement is linear as long as you are standing on one place. But if you begin to walk, continuing to move the stick up and down, then the stick makes the form of waves through the air.

Earthquakes do have two kind of waves. There is the kind of waves called Push- and Pull waves or P-waves. This is a pulsing that happens in the direction that an earthquake sends its waves to over and through the surface of the earth. It is a longitudinal force. Compare this with the force that your hand exercises on sand when you move your hand straight through the sand.

But suppose you are not moving your hand through the sand, but over a vibrating string. There will still be the push- and pull force, but also a shaking force from the vibrating string, on each place where it passes through. These shaking waves are called S-waves and also earthquakes send out such waves.

From these examples we can understand more about how spiritual energies are working. The laws for energy are always the same, regardless whether we speak about spiritual or physical energy.

Imagine energy that transplants through water. When the wind brings energy into the water and makes waves, this can be of such a kind that we like it when the waves are gentle and rock our boat just a little bit. But when the waves get higher and higher because there is a storm and more energy was put into the water, then we don’t like it anymore.

The sunlight gives us a pleasant warmth, most of the time. But sometimes the sunlight gets too much and our skin gets burned from the ultraviolet light that has a shorter wavelength and a higher frequency of pulsing than the infrared warmth beams of light.

When the water waves are rocking your boat gently, then you like it, but when the waves get too strong, then your boat could get destroyed.

In the same way, people can send to us waves of love that we like. But other people are sending destructive waves of hatred. Such waves of hatred do have a wavelength and frequency that doesn’t fit to our own being. Like ultraviolet light can make you sick, and radioactive radiation that has a still shorter wavelength could kill you, so people can send energy waves to you to make you sick or to kill you.

When two waves are added to each other, they can either support each other and make one stronger wave, or they can work against each other. Soldiers are not supposed to march on a bridge, because it might be that the soldiers’ walking brings forth waves that support each other and that fit into the natural vibrating of the bridge, and then so much energy could come into the bridge that it collapses.

This introduction was to make you aware of how spiritual energies can work against you and also how you can work with spiritual energy yourself.

Usually, when you speak, your voice has little effect. When i give you this guidance, i am speaking strongly and i put energy into you with my voice. You feel the influence of this energy that is not only in the content of the words but i also send it consciously to you.

Some people have learned to send energy with their voice. Without most people noticing it, the voice of such people influences them. Some people put an energy in their voice that is hypnotizing. Regardless what is the content of the words they speak, they give you the feeling that you should look up to them, or that what they say is extremely meaningful.

The voice can also be used in martial arts to frighten an opponent. Predatory animals like tigers and lions use their voice in such a way. Martial artists often shout when they kick or punch. The sound can have a laming effect on the opponent. There are people who know this skill so well that most opponents are lamed on the spot or they sink through their legs.

Sometimes you meet a person who is frustrated and full of grudges. Other people send out strong feelings of self-pity. If you are not aware of such energies, you might come under their influence and their hatred or self-pity enters you and separates you from God.

The creation of energy, time and space

In the beginning there was God. There were no creations outside of God. There was only God and God’s desire for creating. There were no things, no space. There was not even time.

Then God made His first creation. This creation did not yet have form because there was not yet time and space. That first creation was from God, with God and in God, and therefore it could not yet be understood as something distinguished from God.

God created His second creation. Like the first creation, it was just energy. The second creation did not have form. To distinguish the second creation from the first creation, it was necessary that those two creations would move away from each other. When two things stick together always, they cannot be understood as two separate creations. Only when two things move independently from each other, there can be spoken of two different things.

The two energies moved away from each other. Each of the energies moves with the speed of energy. That is the speed of light.

It doesn’t matter what speed the energies have in relation to each other because there is not yet existing space as standard from which speed is measured. Energy moves with the speed of energy away from other creations of energy that also move with the speed of energy. The moving of energy creates time. From the moving of energy, there comes time. Because space does not yet exist, we cannot yet speak or think about speeds in relation to each other. The first creation of energy moves away with the speed of energy or light from the second creation of energy that also moves with the speed of light.

Each of the energies pulses. Pulsing or vibrating is the nature of energy. When energy pulses, it is making space. Because the pulsing goes in the directions of the three-dimensions, there is created the three-dimensional space by the pulsing energies. Because energies necessarily have to move away from each other, in order that they do exist at all, time was created. Each three-dimensionally pulsing energy creates the three dimensions of space, in order to be able to exist in space.

All things exist and time and space. The space of the cosmos necessarily is getting wider all the time. Things cannot move quicker than with the speed of energy or light because then time is changed or better said time would be annihilated.

Energy was then created by God to pulse in different media. The most original energy is directly in God. From this original energy, everything in the cosmos was created.

God also created energy of love. This energy pulses in the medium called love. This energy of God comes to us as love.

God created mind energy. This is the energy that makes our mind working. It is energy of thinking, feeling and planning.

God created energy of air. This energy is using air as medium. Energy transplants through air.

God created energy of fire. Fire or heat is a medium for energy.

God created energy of water. Water is a medium for energy.

Finally, God created energy of earth. Earth is a medium for energy of a typical kind.

Our bodies were created from these 7 basal energies and in our bodies there are 7 chakras through that these seven energies can flow.