March 21, 2011

The correct order needed for the Foundation of Faith

The fall meant that the universal order as created by God was turned upside down. Lucifer the angel, who should have been object to Adam the child of God, became subject to Adam.

Always fall means that the original subject-object order is turned upside down, and restoration of faith means that the original subject-object order is restored.

Peace under God is good. Peace is good as long as there are maintained the original positions of subject and object. But if peace means that Adam is obedient to an angel, and that Adam does not revolt against the angel, then that peace is evil peace.

Harmony is good when God’s side is subject. But when you in heavenly position are accepting to be object to someone who takes a worldly position, then that harmony will lead to trouble.

Fall always means that the position of original object dominates the position of original subject. Faith always means that the position of original subject can maintain or regain the dominating position in relation to the original object.


Let us try to understand what this means for an individual who is going the way of religion to restore his or her faith. An original person has a heart, mind and body relating to creation. The heart of the person relates to God.

If the mind dominates the heart, then fall takes place.

An example of this could be when someone wants to give a speech to pass on God’s principles. If you teach God’s Word from a heart united with God, then it is good to teach God’s Word. But if you teach God’s Word with your mind while your heart is not with God, then your teaching promotes fall.

Your heart is created to be subject to your mind. Any activities of your mind that are not under control of your heart centered on God, are evil. All activities of your mind under the control of your heart centered on God are good.

If you speak to other people, for example by giving a speech explaining God’s Word, and your heart is not with God, then your speaking can only be to take people away from God.

Only when your own heart is united in love with God you can speak words of truth in which God’s love is actually conveyed.

What does this mean in the life of practice for a teacher?

A teacher of God’s Word should never speak to people if he or she did not make an acceptable Foundation of Faith. Each person has to daily bring offerings to God. If you brought a good offering to God today, then on that foundation you can speak God’s Word in a truthful manner. But if you failed to bring a good offering to God today, then you should not speak to so-called pass on God’s Word to people. Because if you did not make an acceptable offering to God, then you were egoistic. Your heart is not with God, but with yourself. And then it is impossible for you to give a speech in which you pass on God’s love.

In God’s world, everything has to be whole and completed. Words should not be spoken if they are not coming from a loving heart. Actions should not be done if they don’t come from a truthful mind.


Suppose that you want to do a task as given to you by a central figure under God. This task has to be done with your body. If your body is operating under a truthful mind, then the actions of your body will be acceptable to God. But if your body is operating under a mind that has feelings against God, then your offerings are not acceptable.

Cain brought an offering to God that he had prepared with his body. But God could not accept Cain’s offering, because Cain’s mind was not truthful and Cain’s heart was not desiring to give to God. Cain had feelings against God, even though Cain had prepared an offering.

If Cain had really only wanted to please God with his offering, then Cain would not have gotten angry when his offering could not be accepted. If Cain really had loved God, Cain would just have thought that he still wanted to give something to God, and he would have figured out how to change his offering in such a way that it would please God. But when God did not like Cain’s offering, Cain’s concerns were not for God, but they were against his brother Abel. Cain was just wanting to get blessings by making offerings to God, and when Cain thought that Abel would get the blessings that Cain wanted for himself, then Cain got jealous and angry at Abel and he murdered Abel.


What is important in religious life is that we accept the positions as God created them. God made love to be higher than intellect and emotions. Good love should reign our thoughts and feelings. If your thoughts are so-called good and original and principled, but your heart is not united in real love with God, then your thoughts will not be acceptable to God.

In practical daily religious life, this means that we should always keep the good order as installed by God. We should only act from good thoughts and feelings, and we should think and feel only out of love for God.

How can we assure ourselves that we are acting from the right order?

It is possible to check ourselves by demanding that we make a Foundation of Faith before we make a Foundation of Substance. Or: bring an acceptable offering to God before you speak and act. In any situation of life, our relation to God has to be in order.

The standard that is demanded for us is really very high. If you have a good relation to God today, then based on that you could do all kind of things. That is the same as saying: before you can make a good Foundation of Substance you have to make a Foundation of Faith.

If your relation to God is not in order, you cannot really act in any good way. You cannot make offerings, you cannot speak God’s Word, you cannot go out to prepare financial offerings to God.

Before you can make a Foundation of Substance, you have to make a Foundation of Faith. That means that you have to make your relation to God in order first.

If your relation to God broke down, then what you have to do?

You cannot make offerings to God as long as your relation to God is not in order.


There is one fundamental rule for life under God: You cannot deal with God as long as you are having love for and connections to evil. Before you can make a Foundation to receive the Messiah, you must have made a Foundation of Substance. Before you can make a Foundation of Substance, you must have made a Foundation of Faith. Before you can make a Foundation of Faith, you must separate yourself from evil.

The catchword for Foundation to receive the Messiah is: LOVE FOR YOUR NEIGHBOR

The catchword for Foundation of Substance is: PRACTICE OF TRUTH

The catchword for Foundation of Faith is: OFFERING TO GOD.

The catchword for separation from evil is: SEPARATION FROM EVIL.

Religious life is the life in which you each day practice the following four demands:





When you do really practice to live your life in this way, then you will surely grow. But if you try to offer to God without having separated from evil, you will be in trouble. If you try to practice the truth without having made your relation to God in order, you will be in trouble. If you try to love your neighbor without having practiced the truth, you will be in trouble.

God’s world is a world of exact order.

April 15, 2001

March 16, 2011

Reading books and spiritual life

The spiritual marketplaceImage by EyalNow via Flickr

Sometimes people ask me which books to read or not to read for good spiritual development.

This question is very difficult to answer. I have always kept some principles for myself, but will first give a comparison that has helped me.

We can compare spiritual food with physical food. In the physical world our body needs love and light and warmth and water and substantial food. We also breathe in air. Our body also needs enough rest in sleep and relaxation.

In the spiritual realm we also need love and we need the light of inspiration which we can receive through meditation and prayer. We need the spiritual warmth of a loving and caring environment. There also is advantage of living in a pure spiritual atmosphere, which could be compared with air. Food and water in a spiritual sense can be compared to reading and hearing truth.

The physical body should not just consume. It also has to act and do exercises or workouts. The same is true for our spiritual life. We cannot just read books and meditate or pray because in a spiritual sense we would become very weak or even fat and unhealthy. In a spiritual sense we must give out to others and fulfill the mission we received.

We cannot just always give out in spiritual life. Just like it is true for the physical life, the spirit can only build up its muscles in times of rest.

For the physical body it is true that we need different food in different stages of life. Food that is good for adults could be detrimental or even deathly for small children. When we eat the wrong kind of food we could get ill and eventually die from it.

Very much the same is true for spiritual food contained in books or expressed through spoken word or in films.

Unlike it was for our ancestors, we have easy access to practically all that once has been written. There is a certain danger here lurking around the corner. Even if the content of a text is entirely trustworthy, it could still give us a spiritual food indigestion because we are not ready to understand it.

Still much more danger is in words in which truth and untruth have been mixed. This is like when we eat processed food to which all kind of harmful ingredients have been added. In the beginning you don’t notice how this affects the body, but eating such food for many years gradually can weaken the body and make it ill.

Some books are written with the purpose to make you believe lies. They are almost always wrapped as an attractive package.

How to deal with this in such a way that your spiritual life will prosper and not suffer? I don’t think it is possible to give strict rules for this. It is very personal and of course also always an individual decision.

When you read something you might try to pay attention to how this affects your thoughts, feelings and life. When you feel getting inspired and moved to give out love, chances are that what you read is good for you. If however you feel getting darker, depressed and negative and more doubts come in you, you may decide that these books are not a good choice for you at this stage of your life.

Some people need to read books that spread lies, not to digest those lies but to expose them. This is only advisable when you have advanced far enough to really distinguish between true and untrue. There is a danger of getting too much involved with this. Then your outlook on life might be to always criticize what is not good while you yourself don’t prosper as you don’t receive enough good spiritual food.

Enjoy your carefully selected and prepared meal of good spiritual food!

March 1, 2008

March 15, 2011

Right after an experience with God

There is a danger lurking for each of us who want to come closer to the Creator. This hazard does not wait for us in our struggles of initial deepening our relationship with God, it arises right after we made a breakthrough.

Originally we each are creations or children of God. Normally the relationship between each of us and the Creator is very close. It is a love relationship. But the world as a whole is not very close to the Creator. There is much misery and pain and egoism and misuse of power. All this does not come from God.

Also in ourselves there are barriers that prevent us from deeply feeling God all the time. In order to overcome these barriers we do all kind of things. We pray, meditate, do cleansing ceremonies, go in therapy, study religious texts and so forth and so forth.

The barriers are not only in the physical world around us and in our selves, they also are kept up in the spiritual world. In fact, here lie the main causes of why man got separated from God.

I have seen this happening to many people who made much effort to deepen their relationship to God. They struggled for long with themselves and finally reached a most welcomed and inspired result. And soon after that they fell in deep darkness once again. Some people realize the darkness, others get sidetracked there and believe they still have this relationship to God while in fact it is more in their imagination than real.

How and why does such a thing happen?

I believe that it mainly has to do with a misunderstanding of God’s love. When you try to come more in God’s love and you believe God’s love is mainly for you to feel good and elevated, then you certainly will be trapped several times.

God’s love as I understand and feel it is not only for us to enjoy it and indulge in it. God’s love is for me, it is for you, and it is for everyone. This means that from the moment that we feel more deeply God’s love, a new task is waiting, the task to spread on this love to others. This task can only be accomplished by keeping our own inner relationship to the Creator. The love we pass on is not our own, it is given to us by God and only when we give it out in real life, this love becomes part of us.

I have seen people who once had a deep experience with God and after this they set out for their life’s journey and mission and never even really attempted to go back to their initial deep connection with God. They fill out the details of their mission themselves and believe that the task once given to them can be fulfilled in such a way. Some of such people are well-known worldwide public figures.

Other people who are more sincere lose the light they found as they failed to act from it. They enjoyed the love and light they felt but did not right away begin to pass it on to others.

To gain a deep feeling of connection to God is something very precious. It is also something that is much resented by those forces of darkness that try to keep the world under their control. When light shines somewhere in the darkness, it is seen immediately by such spiritual dark forces and they go to it and try to extinguish it, as this light hurts their eyes. This means that when we make a breakthrough in our relationship to God we must expect life to get harder after that, not easier. It is the beginning of a lifelong new and difficult responsibility. Such a life is profoundly rewarding, but it will never be easy.

March 20, 2008

March 10, 2011

Diving deeper into the self

Cosmos bipinnatusImage via Wikipedia

The way to our deepest self is the same as the way to God. We cannot describe the Creator by giving names. When we say ‘the Creator’ we refer to a function of God. When we call God ‘The Great Spirit’ we speak about the invisible aspect of God which reveals through spirit.

When you give a name to someone or something, it means you can somewhere locate that person or thing and then say, this is this person or thing. With God this is impossible. God is always bigger than what we can comprehend and to give God a name is to make God small. It means to put ourselves above God as if God would be a theological concept that we studied.

There is no other way than to find God deep in ourselves. Here we cannot discover the ‘entire God,’ because all we can do is to meet God, and meeting doesn’t yet mean to fully comprehend.

When we search God deep inside of us, we must penetrate deeply, all the way to where we have put off our clothing, our habits, our studied knowledge. On the way to the Creator in ourselves, we also must pass by and overcome the energies of self-centeredness. Self-centeredness means that we make ourselves to the center. But we are not the center of the cosmos. God is the center of the cosmos and I understand God to be the always-giving one and giving to all and everything. We can also be like that, at least for certain moments. We need to give up all attachments, because each attachment also causes a restriction in our giving. We need to give up all desires that are centered on the self.

When someone prays to God for blessings, this can hardly be called unselfish. When we pray to God like that we cannot meet the real God. The real God will not make you the center of the cosmos when you have ego-centered desires. The cosmos would soon crumble.

Still we can be the center of the cosmos in a certain way. When we meet God we can receive from God the love to be unselfish and in that unity with God we unite with the center of the cosmos. This is not to be the center in the sense of being able to create or control like God, it is a unity in love. Being in that state of love, we can feel God in us and we can feel ourselves to be in the centre of the cosmos, not centred on the ego, but centred on the Creator and on loving all that is.

We cannot be unselfish unless we find God. Love that is not self-centred has a source. That source is God. When you try to be giving but you are disconnected from the Source, your giving will have a double layer. On the surface this may look like giving, but deeper under the surface you find again ego-centeredness.

Words are just words and are limited. The truth is in the spirit behind the words.

Love to you my friends.

February 12, 2008

March 9, 2011

Testing the spirits

Adam and Eve fell because they did not know how to judge an angel who deceived them. Since that time the spirit world has become a veiled place for almost everyone. Even for those with their spiritual senses more open, temporarily or always, the spirit world is a mysterious and hidden reality.

When spirits contact us, be they angels, ancestors or any other spirit, we want to be sure that we can trust them. It is for that reason that we may have to test the spirits. But there is a shadow side to this too. For example, imagine that you are in spirit world and you wish to visit your beloved grandchild, and that beloved grandchild is not open to you but suspicious and fearing that you may be a fraud. What feelings would you get?

Just like it is a good tradition to approach physical people in trust and good faith, we need to maintain this attitude towards our friends in the spirit world. But we should also not be stupid! Many people have been deceived by spirit world because they were too gullible and eager to hear something they like from the other world.

I think that a main principle for all our relations, spiritual or physical, is that we firstly should be able to trust ourselves. If a person is all the time desiring to become rich by winning the jackpot, he or she may easily be fooled with temptations of money. We need to be confident of our own good motivation and of our own good relation to God.

Even then, it is sometimes difficult to discern between good and evil spirits. Lucifer is also known as the angel of light and he or any evil spirit can appear to us as lightworkers. They could even heal us from diseases, may make us wealthy and influential, as long as they see benefit from it.

The spirit world influences the physical world. Confused spirits bring confusion. Hateful spirits make people around to hate us. Spirits who tend to blame others bring strife and conflict. Whenever troubles afflict us we do good to check if everything is alright with the spirits that are attending us.

Good spirits bring truth to us, but deceiving angels and spirits may also give us information that is new and sometimes amazing. We can feel deep emotions when we come closer to God, but certain angels who are not under God can also give us strong emotions to make us believe in them as agents of goodness.

Can we guarantee to be protected against evil spirits by making difficult conditions, such as cold showers, working hard, making many bows, even offering long prayers? All these conditions can help but they are no guarantee. Don't we also know of evil dictators who sleep little and work hard and invest everything to 'serve' their followers? Motivation, intention cannot be easily deducted from such external acts.

Can we test the spirits by asking them information that only they should have access to, like personal information? This kind of test can be helpful but again, it is not a guarantee for reliability. Sometimes i get information from a spirit who gives me a complex code, for example a url of a website to direct me to information that i need. That tells me only one thing, that this spirit knows the web address of that particular website. It tells me that there is a real entity in the spirit world who knows things, but it doesn't tell me yet who that spirit is. Even in the case of personal information, such information could have been stolen through spying in the spirit world. Some angels know even how to read the minds of other spirits.

Testing the spirits is no easy task. Although we can get many clues from testing spirits, the ultimate standard has to be in yourself, in your own good relation to God, in your own conviction that you want to go the right way. That won't provide you with easy answers concerning the reliability of spirits, but it guarantees that you want to know what is true and what is good. It brings you to checking again and again, praying again and again to know whether you are going the right road and whether you can accept help from certain beings in the spirit world.

March 7, 2011

Death and the shroud

When you are born, to you is given your first clothing. Clothing always means that what you wear to perform certain functions or tasks. People with special positions in society do also wear special clothing. Sometimes you wear working clothing and sometimes clothing for going out.

When Jesus was born, there was no clothing prepared for him. This shows that there was nothing prepared for his mission on earth. Only some towels were put over him. The same happened with his birth into spirit world. After his crucifixion, Jesus was wrapped in towels. Jesus had not completed his mission on earth. Therefore, in spirit world he got the same mission that he had left uncompleted on earth.

But Christians made betrayal with the meaning of Jesus’ death. They made it look as if it had been the highest fulfillment. Also with the clothing that Jesus wore when he died was made betrayal. For long time, the shroud of Turin that shows an image of the face of a person who was said to be Jesus, was told to be the shroud of Jesus. Not long ago the cloth was investigated and modern time-measuring methods proved that the shroud is not even 1000 years old and therefore is a fraud.


Many people are afraid for death because they don’t know what spirit world really means. The normal way of looking is that one dies and disappears or that a new life in spirit world begins. But even this latter way of looking is not entirely correct. We do not really begin a new life in spirit world because we are now already living in spirit world.

Often the spirit body is depicted as next to the physical body, in the following way:

But this way of depicting it is not so right. This way of showing is more like one sees when a person is dying but the spirit has not left the body yet. In such moments the spirit body of the person hangs above the physical body and is only connected to it through the life cord.

A more correct picture of the spirit body connected to the physical body shows the next figure:

The black inner form is the physical body. The red outer form is the spirit body, that shines out (yellow stripes). The spirit body is not in the physical body but is actually larger than the physical body and, for a healthy person, is dominating the physical body.

Both the spirit and the physic of a person are expressions of energy, like are all elements of creation.

How should we see the function of the body in relation to everything outside of us and in relation to the deeper part of ourselves?

Energy comes to us from outside. There comes energy in spiritual form, there comes energy in physical form. Our body acts like an organism full with senses equipped to receive impressions from this energy.

Compare it to a radio. A radio receives energy in the form of radio waves. There is equipment in the radio that enables it to receive such radio waves. There are all kind of other waves floating around in the air, but the radio can only receive those waves for which it was made fit. The radio also has equipment that transforms those radio waves into audible sound.

Like a radio transmitter our body has senses that pick up energies in all kind of forms. The physical body has senses that pick up physical energies, the spirit body has senses that pick up spiritual energies. Those energies are in all kind of frequencies and therefore we have different kind of senses to pick up those different waves. Eyes pick up light waves, ears pick up sound waves, and so forth.

We also have organs that express energy in all kind of ways. A radio can only pass on the waves that it picked up without changing them. But we are living and responsible beings who can determine ourselves what kind of output we give.

With our mouths we can speak and with our arms we can move things. On the way through our bodies, the energy is influenced by God in our Heart and Mind. I am giving you a very schematic and simple depiction of how energy goes through our bodies and what role the body plays in it.

What we should not forget is that each impulse of energy has a content. I can give you a slap on your shoulder with a feeling of love for you, or i can do it with the same force but i am angry at you. Externally there is no difference, but there is a large difference in content. Each energy expression has a content. The content is that of love or hatred, and certain thoughts and feelings that are conveyed through the energy.

What is also important is that each energy impulse has both spiritual and physical aspects. Always energy is both spiritual and physical. But there is a lot of spiritual energy of which the physical influences are not experienced or not right away visible. There also is a lot of physical energy of which almost nobody feels the spiritual content.

For example, God let angels work with spiritual energy and out from that there came physical creations. But sometimes such a process took millions of years and therefore nobody could witness a direct relation between the spiritual and physical aspects of that energy.

When we feel the sun beams we feel warmth and see light. There is also a very big spiritual content of the energy of the sun. Through the energy of the sun, God gives to us very much of His love. When we make effort, we can feel that there is such a content of love in the sun beams.


People are the only creations of God that have both an independent spirit body and a physical body. No other creations do have this. Angels can relate to the physical world but they have no independent physical body through which they stand in direct contact to the physical world. Animals do have spiritual aspects but those spiritual aspects do not automatically live on after the physical body of the animal dies.

Only man is able to relate to both the spiritual world and the physical world at the same time. This shows the special position of man in the cosmos.

How can we call the spiritual? The spiritual is energy that has a certain content expressing itself in a very fine frequency. When we say ‘energy’ just like that, then this corresponds mostly to the aspect of man that is called mind. When we say ‘content of energy’ we are referring to mainly the aspects of energy to which the heart of man does relate. And when we say ‘expression of energy’ we are talking about that aspect of energy with which bodies can deal.

For the physical aspects of energy we could say exactly the same. But the difference between spiritual and physical is that spiritual energy is less condensed and physical energy is more condensed. It is the same energy but appearing to us in a different state. You can compare energy to water. Water can be frozen and then you could use a chunk of ice to throw it to someone and hurt the person. That same water can also be damp and then we usually hardly notice it.

Spiritual and physical are expressions of energy, of the same energy. Why is it that energy appears in such different forms?

The physical life is connected to a stage of development for man. All of creation was made for the purpose that man would exist and grow. And the whole physical world was created by God so that man could use physical life for a stage in man’s own development.

Man, in his or her life, goes through three main stages. This brings us back to the topic of the beginning of this guidance. Before man is born, man is a fetus in the womb of the mother. In that stage of life, both physical body and spiritual body are in the process of being formed. Compare that to the process of making a car. Before you have the bodywork of the car, you cannot put the motor in it. And if you have no motor, the car would not drive. Bodywork and motor are constructed in separate processes and are put together once they both are functioning well. In the same way, spirit and physic of an unborn child are growing to a stage that they can be connected. The process of connecting happens at birth.

In the second stage of life, that is life in the physical world, spirit and physic are closely knit together. You can compare this to when someone has to learn to drive a car. You are compulsorily put into a car and you have to drive for one hour even though you might feel very awkward about it. But once you are able to drive cars, you can go in and out cars and use many cars to drive in. You have become free.

In a similar way, the spirit must learn to drive the physic during life on earth. Once the spirit self has learned to have complete control over the physical self and over life on earth, it is time for beginning the third stage of life in spirit world.

In that phase, the spirit self is free from the physical self, but the spirit self will still relate to the physical world. Like God can live in the bodies of Adam and Eve, God’s children, so parents in spirit world can make use of all the bodies of their children and grandchildren to come into their bodies and experience and guide life on earth.

We could say that God created spirit world for our experience and for our real life, while God created the physical world for our development, for our growth.

Death seen in the right way is actually the victory of a fulfilled second stage of life, that of life in the physical world, and it also is our birth into spirit world.

Transcript from a speech given on December 27, 2001

March 5, 2011

The purpose of life or a house full of chairs

ChairsImage via Wikipedia

All of us want to become happy and there is nothing wrong about that. What we need to understand is that nobody can be happy by being alone, by just taking care of yourself. You cannot make yourself happy. You are happy when you are being loved. Other people also feel happy when they are being loved. Therefore, my happiness depends on whether others are loving me.

To understand how we can become happy, we must take the viewpoint of God who created us. God created us to have objects to whom God could give His love. God wants us to become happy. That is also the reason that all of us carry this desire in us to want to become happy.

We are creations in the likeness of God and because God’s only desire is to make us happy, we should also only have the desire to make God happy and to make others happy. You cannot force someone else to love you. The more you try to do this, the more that this other person will dislike you.

All what we can do in life is to begin giving love. Even then, we cannot be sure that our love is returned to us right away. But if we continue to give out love, then bit by bit there will come people who will return this love to us.

Surely, when we give love to God and make God happy by doing God’s will, we will receive God’s love in return.

When you want to make someone else happy, then you have to be able to give something. A little baby can give its smile but it cannot yet make something. Children want to learn to make something so they can make the parents happy.

Suppose that a friend of mine is a cabinet maker who wants to give something to me and he gives me a chair for my birthday. He can only do this because he has learned to make chairs. Suppose i get a chair from him on my birthday, and because he did not develop himself in the year after it, i get another chair on my next birthday. At the end of my life i have a house full with chairs because he never developed himself any further and he can only give chairs.

The example shows us clearly that when the purpose of life is to become happy by giving joy to others, we have to develop ourselves. By developing ourselves we also develop our ability to give love. And in order to develop ourselves we need to receive training.

The purpose of life is that we give out love and make others happy. Our own joy comes from that. To learn to give out more love, we need daily training and development. In that way, there comes about the build-up of a good world.

We should be careful that we are not going to wait for love to come to us. Love does never come in that way. Each of us has to start giving out love. It is only then that love will come back to us.

Don’t become like a machine that just does what it is being asked. When people do that, they begin to count how much food and energy and money were required to get enough profit. This is not the way to live. In that way we never will get happy.

When we go out selling a product, like for example in fundraising, the purpose is that we learn to give love in each of those short relations that we have with people. Some people are used to get love only by asking for it. Now we must learn to give out love, first only in a rather simple way by giving love to the people while selling a product on the street or from door to door. That is the central meaning of the training of going out to sell a product.

From notes of my speech on December 12, 2001

March 1, 2011

Differences between true and false realities in the spirit world

Here is a way of thinking that leads to many misunderstandings: 'The physical world is the world of illusion, of 'Maya' (a concept from Hinduism meaning the limited, purely physical and mental reality in which our everyday consciousness has become entangled.)' In one breath there is then added the notion that the spiritual reality, the 'above,' is what really determines the physical reality, the 'below', and this spiritual reality is described as a world that is caused by the workings of your mind only.

When we think this through, reflect on what it really means, we must conclude that in this way of thinking the physical world would entirely be an instrument in the hands of the spirit world, and the spiritual reality is made entirely by the working of your mind.

But, the spirit world is a substantial world and a creation of God. So is the physical world. Although we may have a hard time understanding the physical world in relation to the spiritual reality, the physical world is not just illusion. Everything in the physical world of God's creation has a purpose given by God.

Many angels in the spirit world have made illusionary realities there. They created their own worlds; and indeed, to make things in the spirit world, the workings by the mind are essential. But also the spiritual world originally is a substantial world, be it of another dimension than the physical world. The spirit world does really exist and isn't only a product of the minds of those residing there.

People in the physical world can make a movie, or a computer game, or a virtual reality on the internet. Some people get entangled in the nets of such fantasy realities. They lose connection to the real world. For example, i read about a couple that was so addicted to going online and playing internet games that they neglected their own baby who starved to death.

Similar problems exist in the spirit world. Some groups of angels and human spirits who have learned to create their own realities there have managed to convince themselves and many others that this would be the real reality. They also inspire philosophies that anyone is free to do what they wish, can master to do such things and that the real spirit world is just a product of whatever they wish to think or believe.

It isn't like that. God created the worlds of spiritual and physical reality in such a way that we are free to make these worlds good. We can only do this when we adhere to God's principles, learn to apply them and grow in such a way that we mature in our ability to do this in the right way.