March 9, 2011

Testing the spirits

Adam and Eve fell because they did not know how to judge an angel who deceived them. Since that time the spirit world has become a veiled place for almost everyone. Even for those with their spiritual senses more open, temporarily or always, the spirit world is a mysterious and hidden reality.

When spirits contact us, be they angels, ancestors or any other spirit, we want to be sure that we can trust them. It is for that reason that we may have to test the spirits. But there is a shadow side to this too. For example, imagine that you are in spirit world and you wish to visit your beloved grandchild, and that beloved grandchild is not open to you but suspicious and fearing that you may be a fraud. What feelings would you get?

Just like it is a good tradition to approach physical people in trust and good faith, we need to maintain this attitude towards our friends in the spirit world. But we should also not be stupid! Many people have been deceived by spirit world because they were too gullible and eager to hear something they like from the other world.

I think that a main principle for all our relations, spiritual or physical, is that we firstly should be able to trust ourselves. If a person is all the time desiring to become rich by winning the jackpot, he or she may easily be fooled with temptations of money. We need to be confident of our own good motivation and of our own good relation to God.

Even then, it is sometimes difficult to discern between good and evil spirits. Lucifer is also known as the angel of light and he or any evil spirit can appear to us as lightworkers. They could even heal us from diseases, may make us wealthy and influential, as long as they see benefit from it.

The spirit world influences the physical world. Confused spirits bring confusion. Hateful spirits make people around to hate us. Spirits who tend to blame others bring strife and conflict. Whenever troubles afflict us we do good to check if everything is alright with the spirits that are attending us.

Good spirits bring truth to us, but deceiving angels and spirits may also give us information that is new and sometimes amazing. We can feel deep emotions when we come closer to God, but certain angels who are not under God can also give us strong emotions to make us believe in them as agents of goodness.

Can we guarantee to be protected against evil spirits by making difficult conditions, such as cold showers, working hard, making many bows, even offering long prayers? All these conditions can help but they are no guarantee. Don't we also know of evil dictators who sleep little and work hard and invest everything to 'serve' their followers? Motivation, intention cannot be easily deducted from such external acts.

Can we test the spirits by asking them information that only they should have access to, like personal information? This kind of test can be helpful but again, it is not a guarantee for reliability. Sometimes i get information from a spirit who gives me a complex code, for example a url of a website to direct me to information that i need. That tells me only one thing, that this spirit knows the web address of that particular website. It tells me that there is a real entity in the spirit world who knows things, but it doesn't tell me yet who that spirit is. Even in the case of personal information, such information could have been stolen through spying in the spirit world. Some angels know even how to read the minds of other spirits.

Testing the spirits is no easy task. Although we can get many clues from testing spirits, the ultimate standard has to be in yourself, in your own good relation to God, in your own conviction that you want to go the right way. That won't provide you with easy answers concerning the reliability of spirits, but it guarantees that you want to know what is true and what is good. It brings you to checking again and again, praying again and again to know whether you are going the right road and whether you can accept help from certain beings in the spirit world.

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