March 7, 2011

Death and the shroud

When you are born, to you is given your first clothing. Clothing always means that what you wear to perform certain functions or tasks. People with special positions in society do also wear special clothing. Sometimes you wear working clothing and sometimes clothing for going out.

When Jesus was born, there was no clothing prepared for him. This shows that there was nothing prepared for his mission on earth. Only some towels were put over him. The same happened with his birth into spirit world. After his crucifixion, Jesus was wrapped in towels. Jesus had not completed his mission on earth. Therefore, in spirit world he got the same mission that he had left uncompleted on earth.

But Christians made betrayal with the meaning of Jesus’ death. They made it look as if it had been the highest fulfillment. Also with the clothing that Jesus wore when he died was made betrayal. For long time, the shroud of Turin that shows an image of the face of a person who was said to be Jesus, was told to be the shroud of Jesus. Not long ago the cloth was investigated and modern time-measuring methods proved that the shroud is not even 1000 years old and therefore is a fraud.


Many people are afraid for death because they don’t know what spirit world really means. The normal way of looking is that one dies and disappears or that a new life in spirit world begins. But even this latter way of looking is not entirely correct. We do not really begin a new life in spirit world because we are now already living in spirit world.

Often the spirit body is depicted as next to the physical body, in the following way:

But this way of depicting it is not so right. This way of showing is more like one sees when a person is dying but the spirit has not left the body yet. In such moments the spirit body of the person hangs above the physical body and is only connected to it through the life cord.

A more correct picture of the spirit body connected to the physical body shows the next figure:

The black inner form is the physical body. The red outer form is the spirit body, that shines out (yellow stripes). The spirit body is not in the physical body but is actually larger than the physical body and, for a healthy person, is dominating the physical body.

Both the spirit and the physic of a person are expressions of energy, like are all elements of creation.

How should we see the function of the body in relation to everything outside of us and in relation to the deeper part of ourselves?

Energy comes to us from outside. There comes energy in spiritual form, there comes energy in physical form. Our body acts like an organism full with senses equipped to receive impressions from this energy.

Compare it to a radio. A radio receives energy in the form of radio waves. There is equipment in the radio that enables it to receive such radio waves. There are all kind of other waves floating around in the air, but the radio can only receive those waves for which it was made fit. The radio also has equipment that transforms those radio waves into audible sound.

Like a radio transmitter our body has senses that pick up energies in all kind of forms. The physical body has senses that pick up physical energies, the spirit body has senses that pick up spiritual energies. Those energies are in all kind of frequencies and therefore we have different kind of senses to pick up those different waves. Eyes pick up light waves, ears pick up sound waves, and so forth.

We also have organs that express energy in all kind of ways. A radio can only pass on the waves that it picked up without changing them. But we are living and responsible beings who can determine ourselves what kind of output we give.

With our mouths we can speak and with our arms we can move things. On the way through our bodies, the energy is influenced by God in our Heart and Mind. I am giving you a very schematic and simple depiction of how energy goes through our bodies and what role the body plays in it.

What we should not forget is that each impulse of energy has a content. I can give you a slap on your shoulder with a feeling of love for you, or i can do it with the same force but i am angry at you. Externally there is no difference, but there is a large difference in content. Each energy expression has a content. The content is that of love or hatred, and certain thoughts and feelings that are conveyed through the energy.

What is also important is that each energy impulse has both spiritual and physical aspects. Always energy is both spiritual and physical. But there is a lot of spiritual energy of which the physical influences are not experienced or not right away visible. There also is a lot of physical energy of which almost nobody feels the spiritual content.

For example, God let angels work with spiritual energy and out from that there came physical creations. But sometimes such a process took millions of years and therefore nobody could witness a direct relation between the spiritual and physical aspects of that energy.

When we feel the sun beams we feel warmth and see light. There is also a very big spiritual content of the energy of the sun. Through the energy of the sun, God gives to us very much of His love. When we make effort, we can feel that there is such a content of love in the sun beams.


People are the only creations of God that have both an independent spirit body and a physical body. No other creations do have this. Angels can relate to the physical world but they have no independent physical body through which they stand in direct contact to the physical world. Animals do have spiritual aspects but those spiritual aspects do not automatically live on after the physical body of the animal dies.

Only man is able to relate to both the spiritual world and the physical world at the same time. This shows the special position of man in the cosmos.

How can we call the spiritual? The spiritual is energy that has a certain content expressing itself in a very fine frequency. When we say ‘energy’ just like that, then this corresponds mostly to the aspect of man that is called mind. When we say ‘content of energy’ we are referring to mainly the aspects of energy to which the heart of man does relate. And when we say ‘expression of energy’ we are talking about that aspect of energy with which bodies can deal.

For the physical aspects of energy we could say exactly the same. But the difference between spiritual and physical is that spiritual energy is less condensed and physical energy is more condensed. It is the same energy but appearing to us in a different state. You can compare energy to water. Water can be frozen and then you could use a chunk of ice to throw it to someone and hurt the person. That same water can also be damp and then we usually hardly notice it.

Spiritual and physical are expressions of energy, of the same energy. Why is it that energy appears in such different forms?

The physical life is connected to a stage of development for man. All of creation was made for the purpose that man would exist and grow. And the whole physical world was created by God so that man could use physical life for a stage in man’s own development.

Man, in his or her life, goes through three main stages. This brings us back to the topic of the beginning of this guidance. Before man is born, man is a fetus in the womb of the mother. In that stage of life, both physical body and spiritual body are in the process of being formed. Compare that to the process of making a car. Before you have the bodywork of the car, you cannot put the motor in it. And if you have no motor, the car would not drive. Bodywork and motor are constructed in separate processes and are put together once they both are functioning well. In the same way, spirit and physic of an unborn child are growing to a stage that they can be connected. The process of connecting happens at birth.

In the second stage of life, that is life in the physical world, spirit and physic are closely knit together. You can compare this to when someone has to learn to drive a car. You are compulsorily put into a car and you have to drive for one hour even though you might feel very awkward about it. But once you are able to drive cars, you can go in and out cars and use many cars to drive in. You have become free.

In a similar way, the spirit must learn to drive the physic during life on earth. Once the spirit self has learned to have complete control over the physical self and over life on earth, it is time for beginning the third stage of life in spirit world.

In that phase, the spirit self is free from the physical self, but the spirit self will still relate to the physical world. Like God can live in the bodies of Adam and Eve, God’s children, so parents in spirit world can make use of all the bodies of their children and grandchildren to come into their bodies and experience and guide life on earth.

We could say that God created spirit world for our experience and for our real life, while God created the physical world for our development, for our growth.

Death seen in the right way is actually the victory of a fulfilled second stage of life, that of life in the physical world, and it also is our birth into spirit world.

Transcript from a speech given on December 27, 2001

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