December 3, 1990

How communism came to exist

In the beginning there was God's love. God's love was expressed by God in many ways. God's nature is to give out His love. God's nature is to give happiness to all.
Later, there came Satan's love. Satan expressed his love in many ways. Satan's nature is to spread his love. Satan's nature is to destroy the happiness of all.

To be God, that is not easy. Always you must sacrifice for the happiness of all people who are not loving God. To be God, you must always challenge yourself to sacrifice more of yourself, to give out more. You think it is so easy to love everyone when everyone is against you? When it is not easy for you to love the few people around you, how difficult is it for God to love everyone in the world!

To be love-giving, you need to be strict with yourself. You need to challenge yourself. You need to expand yourself. You always need to grow. Growth always involves a certain pain, also in the original world. What a joy, when you see how love and happiness results from your growth in pain!

For God, to make you, His child or servant-angel, to be like Him, He must treat you like God treats Himself. You think God makes life easy for Himself? Forget it. God puts you always in challenging situations, like He does it for Himself. When you accept the challenge, when you confront the difficulty, when you grow through the pain, then you have become a richer person. You are able to give out more love, to spread more happiness, to be more creative. God's nature is blossoming in you. Your unity with God becomes deeper and stronger.

And if you complain about the challenge? If you accuse God that He gives you difficulties? If you don't believe that the pain God gives you to digest is an expression of God's love? Then your nature becomes like that of Satan. Instead of God-centered, you become self-centered. Instead of love-giving, you become love-asking. Instead of creative, you become destructive, because you turn against God, and steal things instead of making things.

So you become a communist. All communists descend from parents like Satan.
There lies the choice for you. There is no in-between. Choose for God, growing in pain and spreading love and joy; -- or choose for Satan, for evil, resting in ease and spreading misery and hatred.

There is no in-between.


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