December 13, 1999

Some thoughts about the unity of the cosmos

We try to imagine God, man, the cosmos, the earth and we try to understand relations between them.

What is the earth? It is right to say that the earth is alive.

What is alive? Alive means to grow. Does the earth grow? The earth is growing, yes. The waters are flowing through and over the earth and they move with the sun and moon making cycles. Trees and plants are growing in the earth. They take out and bring in fluids and gases. Inside of the earth there are rivers and oceans of molten stone. The earth develops, changes and grows all the time.

Our relation to the earth is so close. Our bodies are made from the cells that the earth provided. Gases from the air, water, energy and stone were brought together by plants to form new cells. Plants did this and provided the materials out of that our bodies are made. Once our bodies are created they are entirely dependent from the earth and what the earth gives. Our bodies would not exist long without the gravity of the earth.

Already we concluded that man is the heart of the cosmos, while the Living is the mind and the Earth is the body. God lives in man, who lives in the Living, who lives in the Earth.

The Earth is mankind’s body. A body gives you birth, and the earth gives birth to man. In that sense, the Earth can be seen as the mother’s womb in that we were conceived and in which we grew until birth. The Earth also is the instrument for man’s growth. By living on the earth and exploring ourselves in relation to the earth we learn and develop ourselves.

God is expressing Himself in all of mankind and all of mankind’s love is in the sun and all stars. This is a description of God’s Ideal in which mankind’s love has entered and immersed the entire universe.

We can say that the earth is animated by the sun and the stars. In the light of the sun and the stars that reaches the earth directly, or indirectly via planets and the moon, there is creative energy that inspires, moves and directs.

The sun and stars are mankind’s mind or must take that position. Be aware that sun and stars have a spiritual component. Presently man’s love is not much in the sun and stars. But God’s love is already in them and it is through the shining of sun and stars that God brings creative and shaping energy into the earth, into all things and beings on the earth, but also directly into man’s body that was created from the earth.

The earth can be seen as mankind’s body, but as long as man does not so realize this, we can at least say that the earth is God’s body. Man is in-between God and the earth and is shaped and created from God’s love directly and from the earth’s forces and living materials.

One difficulty in understanding all this correctly is because we tend to think in linear dimensions. But to understand the relations between all elements in the cosmos we must think in three-dimensional images that are contained in other three-dimensional images which are contained in yet other three-dimensional images. I don’t know how long this goes on, how many three-dimensional images are merging into each other.

One way to understand one relation between God, man, sun & stars and the earth is that God is breathing into the earth. The earth breathes into the sun & stars and they into man, and man breathes into God. At the same time, the earth keeps alive all things of creation on the earth and these make God to continue to exist. This is like the heart of man that pushes blood through the body and at the same time receives new breath by steering blood through the lungs.

What i try to make clear in this article is that God cannot be thought apart from man, that sun & stars cannot be thought apart from the earth, and that we, man are in desperate need of a harmonious relation to the earth, which, after all, is the body of mankind and which is our womb.

God is a pulsing heart that pushes into man, and through man into the Living (sun and stars and planets) and through the Living into the Earth. A heart of love lives in a mind. But a mind needs a body or else it would not have an instrument to express itself. What does a thought mean when you could not express it and pass it on? What were the meaning of God if God could not express Himself into man and all of creation?

When man does not learn to love the earth and himself and herself and the stars and the sun, man cannot love God and man is lost.

The heart of God is pulsing from inside to outside but as a heart does, what it gave out comes back to itself. So God is giving out His love into all of creation. It is by passing on and spreading God’s love that we ourselves can receive God’s love again and again.

August 7, 1999

Growth of a foundation and the element of time

How much time does it take to build a foundation in the world? What stages are there when you want to build a foundation?

Suppose you want to build up a business. How is this done in accordance with original principles and how much time does this take? Or you want to found a university. How should this be done and how much time does it take?

First, there have to be ideas and principles for how your foundation must be built up. These ideas and principles are centered on the purpose for which your foundation is built up. In the original world, those ideas and principles come from God Himself. Your foundation will be an expression of a certain desire which emerged in God and which you inherited from God. Therefore, the purpose of your foundation should lie in God. When your foundation serves a goal liked by God, then your foundation must be built entirely according to God’s principles and ideas. If your foundation is not serving a goal liked by God, you still need principles and ideas, but they won’t come from God directly.

The bigger that your foundation has to be, and the larger the purpose which must be fulfilled by it, the more time you will need for finding out principles and ideas for how to build the foundation.

Second, after your foundation has been thought out, your foundation must become realized in spiritual and physical form. Before you can build a physical foundation, you will have to make a spiritual foundation.

Again, if you didn’t center your foundation on God’s wishes, then you will probably be quickly finished with the spiritual part and you will right away try to make the physical foundation for it. But there does not exist a foundation in the world, an organization or a business or a structure, which doesn’t have a spiritual foundation.

For example, if your purpose is to quickly build a business so that you, as individual, can get rich, you still need some kind of spiritual foundation. A few spirits who unite with your self-centered goal are enough for your spiritual foundation, and such spirits can be found quickly. Usually, people are not aware that they need and actually did build a spiritual foundation for their business or organization.

Third, your foundation can only blossom over time when there is harmony between positive and negative aspects, or between masculinity and femininity. In most cases, such a harmony is a matter of course resulting from a relationship between a husband and a wife who together build up a foundation.

Whoever wants to build a foundation must follow a certain path of growth. That growth starts with love or desire which is centered on a certain purpose, for which that foundation is being made. Ideally, such love is centered on God and on God’s ideals. The desire of love makes the foundation to be wished and such desires or ideals need to be worked out in the form of ideas and principles.

When there are ideas and principles there comes the stage of transforming such ideas and principles in expressions of energy. Such expressions first must be realized spiritually and then physically.

In order to guarantee expansion of the foundation, there has to be harmony between positive and negative or between masculine and feminine aspects of the foundation. That harmony makes out the forms of the foundation and expressed over time, this constitutes growth of the foundation.

Let me try to make all this clearer with examples. Suppose someone, Mr. C wants to build a business with the purpose of making much money for himself. First that person must get the ideas and principles for how to make that company. The ideal is a self-centered ideal. Suppose the person gets the idea to trade a certain product of the people living in his village. Let’s say the people of his village are fishermen and they catch fish at sea.

Mr. C wants to earn a lot of money and he gets the idea to buy the fish of his fellow villagers and to sell that fish in a nearby city. Mr. C has a self-centered motivation, so he wants to buy the fish very cheap and sell it expensive. The idea for his business has been born and the principle for it is simple: make sure that no one else buys fish in the village. Some more principles Mr. C must think out, for instance he must know how to transport the fish from the village to the city and how to keep it fresh.

The second stage of the business of Mr. C is that Mr. C has a big enough spiritual foundation for his trade. Mr. C has a self-centered motivation, and because there are mainly self-centered people in spirit world, Mr. C quickly can find enough spirits to support his business. Actually, Mr. C is unaware of the fact that he needs a spiritual foundation, but in this case that doesn’t matter, because the spiritual foundation is easily realized.

Then Mr. C must make a physical foundation. For example, he needs a car to transport the fish from village to city. He needs a place to sell the fish in the city.

When Mr. C wants to expand his foundation into the future, Mr. C needs children who inherit the business. For this purpose, Mr. C gets married. Mr. C is a man, and in order that his business attracts a diversity of customers, Mr. C employs girls to sell the fish on the market in the city.

This was, shortly described, the course someone must go in order to build up a self-centered business foundation.

Now, suppose that your task is given to you by God. God wants you to build up an individual-level business. How are you going to do that and what kind of difficulties will you encounter?

First, you must unite with God’s ideal and purpose for your business. If you cannot overcome your feelings against God, you will not ever find out what God wants you to do. In that case, you will not be able to build up your business under God. You will not be able to find principles and ideas how to do it.

Suppose that you did center yourself enough on God and you could sense God’s desires for your business and you even could find out from God principles and ideas how to build it. In that case, your next task is that you make a spiritual foundation for your business. As your business only needs to be on the individual level, you only need three good spirits to support your ideals and to work together with you. But how are you going to find such spirits? You must convince people in spirit world that they can trust you before they are going to work together with you for long time. And even when those spirits would like to help you, you probably often need to correct those spirits because they diverged from the ideals which God revealed for your business.

On the basis of having spirits supporting you in a God-centered way you can now start to make the actual physical foundation. For this you have to work day and night, and because many people in the world are against God you must win many battles against enemies in the physical world.

Finally, you must make that your business gets a good and harmonious form and that its existence is also guaranteed in the future. For this purpose you, if you are man, must harmonize your relation to female individuals, centering that relation on God. Then you will be able to bring such female elements into your business, and only that will secure a good future for your business.

Suppose that God didn’t ask you to make an individual or family foundation but that God asked you to make a cosmic foundation. That cosmic foundation does not only involve matters of economics but it includes all aspects of human life, such as politics, justice, science, agriculture, music, art, science, etc., etc.

In that case you also must first find God’s principles and ideas for how God’s cosmos must look like. This is only possible if you as individual became able to really deeply feel God’s desires for God’s ideal. And that is only possible if you went a very difficult and long course of restoring the failures which central figures of restoration history have made. Once you are united with God’s desires, God can begin to reveal you the great variety of ideas and principles for how God has purposed God’s ideal world.

After God revealed such ideas and principles to you, you will have to make a cosmic-level foundation in spirit world. You need the guaranty that once you started to build God’s ideal cosmic foundation, no evil spirit will invade or destroy it. For that purpose you must fight against and win over the spirits who have controlled spirit world ever since the fall of man. To win that fight you must go into a cosmic spiritual battle and be victorious.

Only after you managed that, you can begin to make a foundation for God’s cosmos in the physical world.

Meanwhile, you also must have worked to secure the inheritance of God’s foundation into the future and also for the harmonious constitution of the cosmic foundation in the present. For this you, Adam, must have brought a woman under God and you must build a family under God.

July 2, 1999

Overcome disturbances in prayer and meditation

When you pray or meditate, you walk the path into your inner self. When you are on the road in prayer or meditation you will encounter all kinds of disturbances. What kind of disturbances you meet depends on a few factors:

1. Your own memories and your own past life.

2. The environment in that you meditate or pray.

3. The focus of your concentration and the spiritual forces that may try to stop you from reaching your goals.

All disturbances come to you in the form of energies that distract you from your focus. To overcome these disturbances you also need energy. Depending on how strong the distractions are, you need more energy. This may turn your prayer or meditation into an exhausting spiritual fight. When you get more experience with prayer or meditation you will gradually get stronger and learn to win these energy fights.

Exercise 1 – Pray and Meditate about an Episode of your Past Life (30 min)

What you want to reach with this meditation is that you receive a new view on this episode. Think of this period of your life and ask the question what is the meaning of it. When you do this for some time, you will notice that all kinds of memories come back. Together with these memories, thoughts and feelings will come up in you. In meditation and prayer you don’t just want to have thoughts and feelings, but you want to go beyond that to deeper levels of yourself.

At this stage of your prayer or meditation you may be tempted to dive into these thoughts and feelings. The result of doing that will be that you don’t really progress to a higher level. Therefore, don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by these thoughts and feelings, but just notice them as something passing by on your road of meditation.

Go back to the question you asked about the meaning of this episode of your life. Keep asking this question and answers will come. Depending on how complex and meaningful this life period is for you, it may take longer time before you receive meaningful answers. You may have to pray or meditate about this question for many hours or even days and weeks until you are finished.

When you receive answer to your question you will notice a clear difference between these answers and the thoughts and feelings which also came up. Such answers will strike you as a revelation or an inspiration and will give you new insight in yourself.

Exercise 2 – Pray about the Purpose of Life (30 min)

Pray or meditate about the purpose of life. Just like it happened in the former exercise, you will see that your mind will try to wander away from the subject of meditation. Do not go into these thoughts and feelings, but place them in a kind of mental notebook and turn back to the question of your meditation. It is not the purpose of prayer and meditation that you think or get overwhelmed by feelings. However, the thoughts and feelings you get are meaningful because they tell you something about yourself and about possible external disturbances of your meditation. Therefore, you objectify these thoughts and emotions by placing them in your mental notebook. In that way you don’t anymore forget them but they will also not disturb your prayer or meditation.

Repeat this meditation as often as needed until you have receive new insights in the purpose of life.

Meditation or prayer about the meaning of life is meaningful enough to repeat this throughout your life. In this way you will get deeper and deeper insights.

July 1, 1999

Concentration in prayer and meditation

What is meditation and what is prayer?

Both are practices of concentration. They are methods of disciplining the mind to be concentrated on your inner world. This state of being is in some contrast to the normal life of most people in which their mind and body are occupied by external activities.

The key ability that you have to acquire for both meditation and prayer is concentration. You can of course also be concentrated on something external, for example a task you do with your body.

Concentration in prayer and meditation differs from concentration on external activities mainly in the focus or direction. In meditation and prayer your concentration is directed inwardly and with external activities your concentration is directed outwardly.

Eventually we must learn more about the differences between prayer and meditation. For now it suffices to say that prayer is concentration on God and meditation is concentration on a great variety of aspects of your own inner being.

Exercise 1 – Meditation on Light (20 min)

Sit in a quiet and relaxed position. You may sit on the ground with your knees bent as in a lotus position, or you may sit on a chair. Imagine that your head is filled with a sphere of light. Try to keep this image of light in your head for 20 minutes. When you do this, your mind may attempt to wander away to all kind of thoughts. Imagine that the light in your head dissolves all these other thoughts until eventually there is only light in your head.

Exercise 2 – Concentrate on Your Breathing (20 min)

Sit in a relaxed position and observe your own breathing. Do not change your breathing in any way, but only study how you breathe. There are many meditation methods based on breathing, but the most important in all of them is to learn to concentrate on your breathing while letting your breath flow naturally.

Exercise 3 – Concentrate on God (20 min)

Try to concentrate on God without thinking anything in particular. When you do this, certain feelings or thoughts may come up in you. For example, questions may arise if God really exists or where God is. You may also get feelings frustration or anger. Let these thoughts and feelings pass by during this meditation as if they don’t belong to you. Do not pay attention to them until your meditation is finished. After you completed the meditation you can take time to think about the content of such thoughts and feelings.

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