December 13, 1999

Some thoughts about the unity of the cosmos

We try to imagine God, man, the cosmos, the earth and we try to understand relations between them.

What is the earth? It is right to say that the earth is alive.

What is alive? Alive means to grow. Does the earth grow? The earth is growing, yes. The waters are flowing through and over the earth and they move with the sun and moon making cycles. Trees and plants are growing in the earth. They take out and bring in fluids and gases. Inside of the earth there are rivers and oceans of molten stone. The earth develops, changes and grows all the time.

Our relation to the earth is so close. Our bodies are made from the cells that the earth provided. Gases from the air, water, energy and stone were brought together by plants to form new cells. Plants did this and provided the materials out of that our bodies are made. Once our bodies are created they are entirely dependent from the earth and what the earth gives. Our bodies would not exist long without the gravity of the earth.

Already we concluded that man is the heart of the cosmos, while the Living is the mind and the Earth is the body. God lives in man, who lives in the Living, who lives in the Earth.

The Earth is mankind’s body. A body gives you birth, and the earth gives birth to man. In that sense, the Earth can be seen as the mother’s womb in that we were conceived and in which we grew until birth. The Earth also is the instrument for man’s growth. By living on the earth and exploring ourselves in relation to the earth we learn and develop ourselves.

God is expressing Himself in all of mankind and all of mankind’s love is in the sun and all stars. This is a description of God’s Ideal in which mankind’s love has entered and immersed the entire universe.

We can say that the earth is animated by the sun and the stars. In the light of the sun and the stars that reaches the earth directly, or indirectly via planets and the moon, there is creative energy that inspires, moves and directs.

The sun and stars are mankind’s mind or must take that position. Be aware that sun and stars have a spiritual component. Presently man’s love is not much in the sun and stars. But God’s love is already in them and it is through the shining of sun and stars that God brings creative and shaping energy into the earth, into all things and beings on the earth, but also directly into man’s body that was created from the earth.

The earth can be seen as mankind’s body, but as long as man does not so realize this, we can at least say that the earth is God’s body. Man is in-between God and the earth and is shaped and created from God’s love directly and from the earth’s forces and living materials.

One difficulty in understanding all this correctly is because we tend to think in linear dimensions. But to understand the relations between all elements in the cosmos we must think in three-dimensional images that are contained in other three-dimensional images which are contained in yet other three-dimensional images. I don’t know how long this goes on, how many three-dimensional images are merging into each other.

One way to understand one relation between God, man, sun & stars and the earth is that God is breathing into the earth. The earth breathes into the sun & stars and they into man, and man breathes into God. At the same time, the earth keeps alive all things of creation on the earth and these make God to continue to exist. This is like the heart of man that pushes blood through the body and at the same time receives new breath by steering blood through the lungs.

What i try to make clear in this article is that God cannot be thought apart from man, that sun & stars cannot be thought apart from the earth, and that we, man are in desperate need of a harmonious relation to the earth, which, after all, is the body of mankind and which is our womb.

God is a pulsing heart that pushes into man, and through man into the Living (sun and stars and planets) and through the Living into the Earth. A heart of love lives in a mind. But a mind needs a body or else it would not have an instrument to express itself. What does a thought mean when you could not express it and pass it on? What were the meaning of God if God could not express Himself into man and all of creation?

When man does not learn to love the earth and himself and herself and the stars and the sun, man cannot love God and man is lost.

The heart of God is pulsing from inside to outside but as a heart does, what it gave out comes back to itself. So God is giving out His love into all of creation. It is by passing on and spreading God’s love that we ourselves can receive God’s love again and again.

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