August 29, 2006

Spirituality with or without love

There are many people who seek spirituality. Before i continue this i need to clarify what i mean with spirituality. I make a difference between religion and spirituality. Religion is practiced in many institutions that call themselves religious. Religion in the original sense is a personal matter. It means the efforts that a person makes to reconnect to the origin, to God the Creator. Some people don't like it to call God 'God.' For them, there is a universal spirit, or an energy of love, or a primeval principle that explains all. I have no objections against seeing God in that way. I think it is personal how we experience God. For me, God fits all these descriptions.

Spirituality means the world of spirit. God is spirit, but God as Creator also created the physical universe. To only see God as spirit would diminish God. That's why i think that spirituality and religion are not the same. Both religion and spirituality can be practiced in a good way or a wrong way.

If religion means that certain religious leaders tell us that salvation can only be gained by following those leaders, i seriously doubt the sincerity of such practice of religion. We are all divine beings originally and therefore each of us has God in the deepest core of the heart. Though we can learn much from religious leaders, we don't discover our real selves when we put our trust in a human person without having a relation to God. How are we supposed to know which religious leaders we can trust and whom not? To know that we can eventually only rely on our own good intuition. I decide in whom i believe. When someone else decides that for me, then i still have made my own choice to do that. I myself am responsible for my choices and to know if my choice is right, i must be able to trust myself. I can only trust myself when i make that choice in all sincerity, from the deepest of my heart, which is where i can find God in myself.

The spiritual is an aspect of reality, just like the physical is another aspect. Many people believe that the spiritual world is only there for people who died, but the spiritual world is already there before we lose our physical bodies. Our lives have a spiritual aspect and have a physical aspect. Our bodies too have a spiritual aspect and a physical aspect. When the physical body dies, we are not gone. Our spiritual aspect lives on in the spiritual world. The spiritual aspect does not suddenly get into existence at the moment of death. The spiritual aspect is already there before we lose the physical body.

The question is then how we can get access to the spiritual aspects of life in such a way that we don't lose our relation to God. The answer is that this is only possible in love. I don't mean the kind of love that is self-centered, the kind of love that some people are asking for. I mean love that is to give for the well-being of others. This kind of love comes from God.

When you really love someone, you want the best for that other person. You don't only want that person to live a good life now, but also in the future. When that future extends to even life after physical life, we can speak about spiritual love. When we strive for that kind of love, the spiritual world opens for us in the right way.

Some people strive for spiritual knowledge and experiences. When you know how to deal with the spiritual, it is possible to get some kind of spiritual control over people. Other people just want to know a lot about spiritual stuff. This does not need to be bad, but it can be harmful for yourself if you don't practice that knowledge by giving out love.

Spiritual is not inherently good. Also in spirit world there exist beings who are out to control others. To open yourself spiritually and then to come under the influence of such self-centered beings does not do much good.

August 28, 2006

Back to a life of learning and internal development

Love is the most essential aspect of life. Love is naturally in us, but it is also something that must be learned and developed. When we don't make effort for that, we may lose the love in our hearts and even fall into the habit of hating.

Of course, the story about love is much more complicated than sketched here. What i want to stress is the importance of living a life of learning and inner development. When people are still in the beginning of their life and are still children, they tend to learn rather automatically. Children play and learn all the time. Their entire life is a life of learning and development. Nobody needs to tell a child to learn to speak its mother tongue. You don't need to tell a child to learn to walk. The child does it all by itself in joyful activities of playing.

Once we get older, the picture changes. We have to go to schools where we learn a lot of good things, but where we also miss to learn about many valuable aspects of life. Schools of today mainly prepare people to become good citizens of the society in that they live. Schools prepare to have a career in that same society. Almost all that we learn is so that we will be able to help building up a society that already is in place. Most people stop learning when they are around 20 years old. Some people continue to learn by having a more challenging career, but also this kind of learning is mostly external and not meant to develop inner qualities such as love and creativity.

In many tribes that lived in ancient history, there was a lot more emphasis on learning. The Celts had an education for some of their members that lasted until they were about 40 years old. Most of this education was given in nature, in an open field in a forest. On such a place everything could be found for a thorough training. Today we can hardly imagine how such an education took place. There are so many secrets to be discovered in our universe that is so much more than just a place of technology and standardized rules for how to live in society.

What is it that makes our life satisfying? I believe that the most essential aspect of human beings is that we are creative. There are different kinds of creativity. Some people are creative in trying to dominate others. That's not what i mean with original creativity. Original creativity is to expand yourself so you become more loving. You want to give something to a person whom you love and to express your love you create something for that person. To do that is always again exciting and there are no boundaries to expanding yourself in such creativity.

Loving people and receiving back their love is never boring. Most importantly, when you die and lose your body, you are not going to lose what you have built up in such a way. When you die you lose your money, your houses, your position in society, but you don't lose your original love and your creativity. Love and creativity are the main assets that you can take with you into spiritual life after physical death.

The beautiful but also difficult thing about living a life of creativity is that you have to make this your own choice. Nobody or almost nobody is telling you to do that. Usually, people get drawn into the life of having a career in some way and then they stop investing into their own inner development. My view on life is that each hour of our existence should be filled with learning and developing. This learning should preferably entail all aspects of our being, especially the more internal ones.

We all are different and some people like making music while others prefer to be a farmer. But also a farmer has ear for music and a musician enjoys the smell of a healthy soil. When you get a sophisticated computer you could use it as a text writer only, as a kind of modern typewriter. You would agree with me that this is a pity because you miss the many possibilities that your computer could give you. When you get a modern car but don't know what it is you might use it as a chicken house. What a shame! Yet, this is rather much how we use our talents. People are potentially able to learn so much and to do so many exciting things in life. I am not only speaking about external aspects of life, but especially about the world of love and spirit. Not even the sky is the limit here.

In future blogs i will often return to this topic and go into detail about what aspects of ourselves can be developed and also how to do this in a harmonious way.

August 27, 2006

Family lines of heavenly restoration

Three angels visiting AbrahamImage via Wikipedia

Three angels visiting Abraham

The following is a revelation from an angel Mibil. 'Mibil' is a pseudonym, not the angel's real name. Cursive text is mine - JE

The principle of restoration that must be applied to restore God's ideal is based on attempts to unify two brothers in a family. For all kind of reasons, in a family, certain children are more claimed by black angels and spirits, others by gray angels, again others by white angels, and very seldom children can be claimed by God.

There are always battles going on in spirit world for the right and possibility to work with certain children on earth. When a person on earth is claimed by evil angels, but the person on earth lives in a good way, the black angels cannot work well anymore with such a person. Such an event is extremely, extremely rare in history.

It very often happened that a heavenly child was claimed by good angels to work with, but then there came some kind of invasion of evil spirits. The person on earth might make a mistake, or there is lack of protection, or the white angels make a mistake. In all these cases, black spirits will quickly jump into the hole and will try to bring the heavenly child further down.

Mibil uses the word 'heavenly' as opposed to 'worldly.' The basic meaning of these words is that spirits centered on God are attracted to heavenly people while worldly people tend to attract spirits who are against God. The words do not mean a simple duality of good and evil, nor do they imply a judgment over these people. The words refer to tasks connected to these people. When an individual or a family takes a heavenly position, it means that this person is responsible to pass on to others the love and guidance received. When an individual or family takes a worldly position, the responsibility is to make a separation from influences that bring that individual or family away from God. The terms 'heavenly' and 'worldly' are often misunderstood as simply meaning 'good' and 'evil.'

Generally, many more people fail their missions than there are people who fulfill. It is even rarer that people who were under evil spirits managed to liberate themselves.

It is for this reason mainly that white angels have always been fully involved in working with very few family lines only. We have always been in a defensive position. We just had no time left to work too much with any people already claimed by evil spirits.

The families with that we worked were very few. Of course, these family lines did also expand. But usually many children born in such families became victims to evil temptations. Then they were lost for us and we worked on with other people in the same family line.

We did sometimes work to isolate certain family lines. There were two situations in general. There were family lines on the heavenly side that had been picked to make a complete victory. These family lines had to live in the midst of the evil world. In this world, they had to expand their foundation while keeping themselves pure at the same time. The family line of Abraham belonged to this category. For us, these family lines were really the central ones. Everything depended on their fulfillment.

The second category of family lines we worked with was of good people, but in some or another way they were lacking in ability to deal with evil. Usually this was caused by a very special problem that such a family had failed to solve. These families were brought to isolated regions. Because they only lived among themselves, their specific problem came out more visibly. It was their task to solve this special weakness. If such a family line had solved their problem, or at least one branch of such a line had solved it, they came again in the position of the first category of heavenly families chosen to battle it out with the evil world. Such family lines living in isolation can be seen as a kind of reserve of the heavenly side. For black angels, they were not so interesting as they lived in isolation and could not be used to get control over large regions of the world, which is what evil angels always had in mind.

The religions of the white angels, such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam were founded mainly to provide a protective environment for these few central family lines. Also, through these religions, these family lines could get some kind of basic education. For us, these religions meant something different than what they meant for the believers on earth. From our viewpoint, these religions were mainly meant as protection for the central family lines. We were always busy with some of these family lines, which was a difficult process, as there were always many problems and failures in such families.

The main problem of these religions of white angels was that believers misunderstood the meaning and built large organizations rather than focusing on their own good personal development.

August 22, 2006

Lonely seekers in a frenzied world

While i prepare this blog i watch the news on BBC and CNN and i see the turmoil of a world gone mad. The wars that go on or threaten to come demonstrate the defeat of the moral institutions that have been set up during the past 2,000 years or more. Most people seem to walk in line with the mainstream, simply believe what is told to them on the news, take up their arms when they are sent to war.

To hear a bit clearer about the mood of less slave-like people i must look out for other media. The internet provides me with stories of people who are not heard on the regular radio and TV channels. Blogs and messages and e-mails bring me reports of broken hearts. Desperate people we have become. Lonely seekers are everywhere and it seems that their paths of searching have not yet been long enough, their pains have not yet been sufficient to end their ordeals.

Real or self-proclaimed gurus try to fill the gaps. There are many of them but somehow they don't seem to manage anymore to reach the level of the masters of the past. Will there stand up new messiahs, new religious leaders who show us the way out in the new age?

To try to answer this question a bit, i must go back in the past. We people are presented as two models. There is the male model and the female one. Most people have understood the meaning and man and woman come together to live together and to create new offspring. The relation of a marriage, be it confirmed by state or church or not, does appear to many as an ideal. An ideal it is, but how difficult to live it ideally.

A funny thing has happened throughout history. When someone gets more frustrated with life as it it, begins to search for deeper meaning, the first step on a new path is often to choose for a path of being alone, as a monk or a nun or however you want to call it. Why would people do that?

I believe they do it because they figured out that the institute of matrimony is a little too much for them to handle. Ideal it is and could be, but we have to take one step at the time and not be too hurried.

People who choose for such a path actually go back one stage in their development. Children don't marry. We people are born as individuals and only when we are mature enough we look out for a mate. At first these new partners find themselves in heaven, but this heaven of marriage or partnership more than often turns into a hell. Many people searching for spirituality in their lives realize they have gone a step too far and go back to the life of a single.

Now there usually happens something strange. Having become a single or a nun or a monk and having joined an organization that should provide them with spiritual food and guidance, they find themselves in the position of a servant or even a slave to the leaders of that organization. There may be more than one reason for this, but i will mention what i believe to be the major cause. All religions of the past have been founded or at least dominated by angels. When we study the books and the origins of religions, we see that in all religions of the world angels have played a major role. Even when this was not always so apparent, like in the religions of Judaism and Christianity, we can detect the angelic influence from the form that these religions have taken.

Angels do not pair. All angels of the past are known to be only male. Angels don't get baby angels. Angels know nothing from their own experience about raising kids. They don't know what kind of knots people make in their relations when they are married.

Religion of the future will not anymore be modeled after the angels' world. In the angels' world there is a clear hierarchy. For angels it is always clear who is their leader. Angels should obey the commands of angels higher in the hierarchy (which is not the same as saying that all angels are always so obedient). This model of the world of angels has crept into the structure of the religions we know today.

So how will it be in the ages to come? I believe that the coming of the new age means that we will leave behind us these old models. The problem was not only that the model of angels' organization wasn't fit for man, angels also had the habit to war among each other. Many of the wars of human history are actually wars that angels fought out over the heads of people.

What does this mean for you and me? Essentially it means that each of us has to find his or her individual relation to our deepest core, to the God who lives in us. We have to find our path out from that relation to the Creator. Who is going to help you with that? When you are lucky you find someone else who goes the same path. We can learn from each other. But we cannot put ourselves above others. We can't say to be master over another. You may get help from someone who made a few more steps on that path. Still, we have to find our own value, our own identity, which is first of all determined by our relation to the Creator.

When these individuals get further on the road, they may come to the point that they can find a partner and they will get children. There will come families and tribes who live in union with the Creator. What kind of society will they build? It's difficult to answer that question at this point in time. We are now in a transitory period. Many of us are separating from the rusted structures that constituted the societies we are now familiar with. There will come very much change over the world. Until that transitory period is over, many of us will be lonely seekers in a frenzied world.