August 28, 2006

Back to a life of learning and internal development

Love is the most essential aspect of life. Love is naturally in us, but it is also something that must be learned and developed. When we don't make effort for that, we may lose the love in our hearts and even fall into the habit of hating.

Of course, the story about love is much more complicated than sketched here. What i want to stress is the importance of living a life of learning and inner development. When people are still in the beginning of their life and are still children, they tend to learn rather automatically. Children play and learn all the time. Their entire life is a life of learning and development. Nobody needs to tell a child to learn to speak its mother tongue. You don't need to tell a child to learn to walk. The child does it all by itself in joyful activities of playing.

Once we get older, the picture changes. We have to go to schools where we learn a lot of good things, but where we also miss to learn about many valuable aspects of life. Schools of today mainly prepare people to become good citizens of the society in that they live. Schools prepare to have a career in that same society. Almost all that we learn is so that we will be able to help building up a society that already is in place. Most people stop learning when they are around 20 years old. Some people continue to learn by having a more challenging career, but also this kind of learning is mostly external and not meant to develop inner qualities such as love and creativity.

In many tribes that lived in ancient history, there was a lot more emphasis on learning. The Celts had an education for some of their members that lasted until they were about 40 years old. Most of this education was given in nature, in an open field in a forest. On such a place everything could be found for a thorough training. Today we can hardly imagine how such an education took place. There are so many secrets to be discovered in our universe that is so much more than just a place of technology and standardized rules for how to live in society.

What is it that makes our life satisfying? I believe that the most essential aspect of human beings is that we are creative. There are different kinds of creativity. Some people are creative in trying to dominate others. That's not what i mean with original creativity. Original creativity is to expand yourself so you become more loving. You want to give something to a person whom you love and to express your love you create something for that person. To do that is always again exciting and there are no boundaries to expanding yourself in such creativity.

Loving people and receiving back their love is never boring. Most importantly, when you die and lose your body, you are not going to lose what you have built up in such a way. When you die you lose your money, your houses, your position in society, but you don't lose your original love and your creativity. Love and creativity are the main assets that you can take with you into spiritual life after physical death.

The beautiful but also difficult thing about living a life of creativity is that you have to make this your own choice. Nobody or almost nobody is telling you to do that. Usually, people get drawn into the life of having a career in some way and then they stop investing into their own inner development. My view on life is that each hour of our existence should be filled with learning and developing. This learning should preferably entail all aspects of our being, especially the more internal ones.

We all are different and some people like making music while others prefer to be a farmer. But also a farmer has ear for music and a musician enjoys the smell of a healthy soil. When you get a sophisticated computer you could use it as a text writer only, as a kind of modern typewriter. You would agree with me that this is a pity because you miss the many possibilities that your computer could give you. When you get a modern car but don't know what it is you might use it as a chicken house. What a shame! Yet, this is rather much how we use our talents. People are potentially able to learn so much and to do so many exciting things in life. I am not only speaking about external aspects of life, but especially about the world of love and spirit. Not even the sky is the limit here.

In future blogs i will often return to this topic and go into detail about what aspects of ourselves can be developed and also how to do this in a harmonious way.

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