August 27, 2006

Family lines of heavenly restoration

Three angels visiting AbrahamImage via Wikipedia

Three angels visiting Abraham

The following is a revelation from an angel Mibil. 'Mibil' is a pseudonym, not the angel's real name. Cursive text is mine - JE

The principle of restoration that must be applied to restore God's ideal is based on attempts to unify two brothers in a family. For all kind of reasons, in a family, certain children are more claimed by black angels and spirits, others by gray angels, again others by white angels, and very seldom children can be claimed by God.

There are always battles going on in spirit world for the right and possibility to work with certain children on earth. When a person on earth is claimed by evil angels, but the person on earth lives in a good way, the black angels cannot work well anymore with such a person. Such an event is extremely, extremely rare in history.

It very often happened that a heavenly child was claimed by good angels to work with, but then there came some kind of invasion of evil spirits. The person on earth might make a mistake, or there is lack of protection, or the white angels make a mistake. In all these cases, black spirits will quickly jump into the hole and will try to bring the heavenly child further down.

Mibil uses the word 'heavenly' as opposed to 'worldly.' The basic meaning of these words is that spirits centered on God are attracted to heavenly people while worldly people tend to attract spirits who are against God. The words do not mean a simple duality of good and evil, nor do they imply a judgment over these people. The words refer to tasks connected to these people. When an individual or a family takes a heavenly position, it means that this person is responsible to pass on to others the love and guidance received. When an individual or family takes a worldly position, the responsibility is to make a separation from influences that bring that individual or family away from God. The terms 'heavenly' and 'worldly' are often misunderstood as simply meaning 'good' and 'evil.'

Generally, many more people fail their missions than there are people who fulfill. It is even rarer that people who were under evil spirits managed to liberate themselves.

It is for this reason mainly that white angels have always been fully involved in working with very few family lines only. We have always been in a defensive position. We just had no time left to work too much with any people already claimed by evil spirits.

The families with that we worked were very few. Of course, these family lines did also expand. But usually many children born in such families became victims to evil temptations. Then they were lost for us and we worked on with other people in the same family line.

We did sometimes work to isolate certain family lines. There were two situations in general. There were family lines on the heavenly side that had been picked to make a complete victory. These family lines had to live in the midst of the evil world. In this world, they had to expand their foundation while keeping themselves pure at the same time. The family line of Abraham belonged to this category. For us, these family lines were really the central ones. Everything depended on their fulfillment.

The second category of family lines we worked with was of good people, but in some or another way they were lacking in ability to deal with evil. Usually this was caused by a very special problem that such a family had failed to solve. These families were brought to isolated regions. Because they only lived among themselves, their specific problem came out more visibly. It was their task to solve this special weakness. If such a family line had solved their problem, or at least one branch of such a line had solved it, they came again in the position of the first category of heavenly families chosen to battle it out with the evil world. Such family lines living in isolation can be seen as a kind of reserve of the heavenly side. For black angels, they were not so interesting as they lived in isolation and could not be used to get control over large regions of the world, which is what evil angels always had in mind.

The religions of the white angels, such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam were founded mainly to provide a protective environment for these few central family lines. Also, through these religions, these family lines could get some kind of basic education. For us, these religions meant something different than what they meant for the believers on earth. From our viewpoint, these religions were mainly meant as protection for the central family lines. We were always busy with some of these family lines, which was a difficult process, as there were always many problems and failures in such families.

The main problem of these religions of white angels was that believers misunderstood the meaning and built large organizations rather than focusing on their own good personal development.

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