August 22, 2006

Lonely seekers in a frenzied world

While i prepare this blog i watch the news on BBC and CNN and i see the turmoil of a world gone mad. The wars that go on or threaten to come demonstrate the defeat of the moral institutions that have been set up during the past 2,000 years or more. Most people seem to walk in line with the mainstream, simply believe what is told to them on the news, take up their arms when they are sent to war.

To hear a bit clearer about the mood of less slave-like people i must look out for other media. The internet provides me with stories of people who are not heard on the regular radio and TV channels. Blogs and messages and e-mails bring me reports of broken hearts. Desperate people we have become. Lonely seekers are everywhere and it seems that their paths of searching have not yet been long enough, their pains have not yet been sufficient to end their ordeals.

Real or self-proclaimed gurus try to fill the gaps. There are many of them but somehow they don't seem to manage anymore to reach the level of the masters of the past. Will there stand up new messiahs, new religious leaders who show us the way out in the new age?

To try to answer this question a bit, i must go back in the past. We people are presented as two models. There is the male model and the female one. Most people have understood the meaning and man and woman come together to live together and to create new offspring. The relation of a marriage, be it confirmed by state or church or not, does appear to many as an ideal. An ideal it is, but how difficult to live it ideally.

A funny thing has happened throughout history. When someone gets more frustrated with life as it it, begins to search for deeper meaning, the first step on a new path is often to choose for a path of being alone, as a monk or a nun or however you want to call it. Why would people do that?

I believe they do it because they figured out that the institute of matrimony is a little too much for them to handle. Ideal it is and could be, but we have to take one step at the time and not be too hurried.

People who choose for such a path actually go back one stage in their development. Children don't marry. We people are born as individuals and only when we are mature enough we look out for a mate. At first these new partners find themselves in heaven, but this heaven of marriage or partnership more than often turns into a hell. Many people searching for spirituality in their lives realize they have gone a step too far and go back to the life of a single.

Now there usually happens something strange. Having become a single or a nun or a monk and having joined an organization that should provide them with spiritual food and guidance, they find themselves in the position of a servant or even a slave to the leaders of that organization. There may be more than one reason for this, but i will mention what i believe to be the major cause. All religions of the past have been founded or at least dominated by angels. When we study the books and the origins of religions, we see that in all religions of the world angels have played a major role. Even when this was not always so apparent, like in the religions of Judaism and Christianity, we can detect the angelic influence from the form that these religions have taken.

Angels do not pair. All angels of the past are known to be only male. Angels don't get baby angels. Angels know nothing from their own experience about raising kids. They don't know what kind of knots people make in their relations when they are married.

Religion of the future will not anymore be modeled after the angels' world. In the angels' world there is a clear hierarchy. For angels it is always clear who is their leader. Angels should obey the commands of angels higher in the hierarchy (which is not the same as saying that all angels are always so obedient). This model of the world of angels has crept into the structure of the religions we know today.

So how will it be in the ages to come? I believe that the coming of the new age means that we will leave behind us these old models. The problem was not only that the model of angels' organization wasn't fit for man, angels also had the habit to war among each other. Many of the wars of human history are actually wars that angels fought out over the heads of people.

What does this mean for you and me? Essentially it means that each of us has to find his or her individual relation to our deepest core, to the God who lives in us. We have to find our path out from that relation to the Creator. Who is going to help you with that? When you are lucky you find someone else who goes the same path. We can learn from each other. But we cannot put ourselves above others. We can't say to be master over another. You may get help from someone who made a few more steps on that path. Still, we have to find our own value, our own identity, which is first of all determined by our relation to the Creator.

When these individuals get further on the road, they may come to the point that they can find a partner and they will get children. There will come families and tribes who live in union with the Creator. What kind of society will they build? It's difficult to answer that question at this point in time. We are now in a transitory period. Many of us are separating from the rusted structures that constituted the societies we are now familiar with. There will come very much change over the world. Until that transitory period is over, many of us will be lonely seekers in a frenzied world.

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