July 29, 2006

The forces in the universe

Gravity at a macroscopic level.Image via Wikipedia

Mibil is a pseudonym, not the real name of the angel who gave this revelation. Cursive text is added by JE.

This message comes from Mibil and is about the forces in the universe. What i will tell you may not easily be translatable into the concepts used by scientists today.

To understand about forces of nature, such as gravity and electricity and forces working on the smallest level of atoms it is not enough to only look at the physical level.

The spiritual existence and the physical existence are closely linked and even dependent from each other. Scientists who try to describe the physical reality are blocked to have a good understanding when they don't account for the spiritual reality. Spiritual reality and physical reality should be seen as one reality. Think of a line that depicts the reality on this level, spiritual-physical. There are other realities as well that should be depicted on other lines. (For example the reality described as positive-negative (yang-yin) and the reality of internal character and external form (mind-body)).

The spiritual-physical reality is one of the several aspects of the entire created reality. Spiritual and physical appear to stand opposite each other, and this is also true, but only when you see the reality from the viewpoint of an observer who is on this line, in this aspect of reality. When an observer takes more distance, the spiritual-physical reality will be seen as one. The spiritual-physical reality is the aspect of reality described as energy.

There is a continuum on this line going from more spiritual reality to more physical reality. Though this is a continuum, there is seen a kind of bridge at the same time. This bridge connects the physical aspect to the spiritual aspect.

The same energies that operate on a spiritual level also operate on the physical level. For example, when you take a force of gravity, then you could say that this is a force that binds objects in the physical world. Because of gravity, things can relate to each other. Gravity also exists in the spiritual world. Here too it is a force that makes things relate to each other. However, you could not measure spiritual gravity with physical instruments.

The essence of the force of gravity is that it binds objects. It is because of gravity that there is existence at all, that things get meaning at all. Gravity must be seen as the most basic force that gives meaning to existence. Without gravity nothing would relate to one another. Before there can be any meaning in existence, there has to be the binding force. It is because of gravity that it makes sense to speak about the dimensions of space and time.

With the force of gravity, space and time come into existence. This is very logical because without the binding force of gravity it would not make sense to speak about space and time.

When you look at a higher force, that of electricity, this force must be seen as a conducting force. When two things do relate to each other in the dimension of time and space because of the force of gravity, they would still only exist as dead things. There would be just these two things only relating to each other in time and space, both spiritually and physically, but not having any relevant communication. Communication is established by the force of electricity. It is the medium of electricity that energies can flow from one place to another. Electricity itself is a medium and it was meant to conduct higher energies. While electricity exists as a force that enables communication, the meaning of course is in the content of the communication. You can have a telephone conversation that can be understood on the level of electricity, but the meaning of the telephone conversation is in the content. Electricity was created as the medium for communication. Again, this force exists both on the level of the physical world and of the spiritual world.

What about magnetism? Magnetism must be seen as the groundwork for electricity. Magnetism and electricity are two words for the same force. It is like you look at it from different viewpoints. While electricity is the viewpoint of energy flowing from one point to another, magnetism is the viewpoint of the relation between these two points. Nothing can be communicated if there is not a relation between the two things that are communicating. Magnetism describes the relation between two things and electricity describes the message.

Now there are two more fundamental forces that describe the reality on still smaller levels. When you go into an atom, you find there gigantic forces until you come at the level of just energy. Also these forces can only be understood when realizing that these also exist on the level of the spiritual reality. Scientists of today's world do not yet know enough about the nature of these forces.

When you look at creation you can understand it in two directions. You can study the direction of big objects and how they relate to each other. Gravity and electricity describe fundamental relations of energy on this level, seen from the viewpoint of creations becoming larger. You can also view the things of creation looking into another direction. That is the viewpoint of things getting smaller, the viewpoint of looking to the elements out of that everything was made.

As large objects must have their place in time and space and must relate to each other by ways of communication, the same principle is true for the smallest levels of existence.

The forces existing on this level must be seen as having a similar meaning as gravity and electricity. There is a force there that makes things exist in time and space and there is a force there that allows the smallest particles to communicate with each other. Because bigger objects exist in their own dimensions of time and space, smallest objects, particles, elements, need their own dimensions of time and space. These dimensions of time and space do also exist, but they only exist for these very small elements to build the framework in which these smallest things can exist and relate and communicate.

All the levels of creation, going into the largest and going into the smallest are actually one and the same thing. The energies are connected. You can get access to these energies on the macro level of big objects such as stars, but you can also get access to it on the micro level of forces between particles. All the energy comes from one source. Experiments with getting out huge amounts of energy on such micro levels, like people have done with using nuclear energy, are very dangerous. This energy is not limitless. All energy taken out here is drawn from somewhere else. Such nuclear experiments directly influence the balance of energy on macro levels and bring these energies into a state of imbalance.

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