February 10, 2011

How to get knowledge in the right way

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The following text was given as a revelation by an angel. The content is entirely his. Cursive texts are mine, JE.

People do get knowledge in many ways. There is the way to get knowledge through experience; there is the advancing of knowledge through reasoning. Both experience and reasoning can be systematized, as is done in science. But science has a very big problem and a big part of reality is closed for scientists. Scientists have the standard that all their truth should be testable. When certain principle can be tested, they get value. Even then, scientists are not yet really sure if their knowledge is real. They keep having a systematic doubt about their own knowledge. At the same time, they tend to be very arrogant and think they know more than common people. Their arrogance and doubting are actually the same. If scientists were sure about their knowledge, they would not be proud of it at the same time.

Note: I don't think that the angel argues here against the value of testing of truth. But certain truth can only be tested by individuals and is not automatically replicable for others. Also, there are realms of truth that exist in a spiritual realm. To test this, one needs instruments with spiritual sensitivity. Such instruments do exist in the spiritual senses of people. They don't exist in the world of physical things.

The important question to ask is: what do present-day scientists miss? In what way is their method insufficient?

The big problem with scientists is that they have a deep doubt in the truth. One can only be sure that there is truth when one has a connection to God, to the origin of your existence. When you know that God exists, you also know that there are true principles. Then, having the right attitude, you know that you own understanding of the truth will always be limited in certain ways. You can have understanding of real truth and at the same time awareness of your own lack of understanding. This gives one a real humble attitude while you at the same time have some real knowledge of the truth.

Scientists struggle with their own faithlessness in God and so they cannot really believe there is truth. They want to make their own truth, but then they must admit that this truth can only be true until someone falsifies it.

You get real funny discussions in that way. I have often followed such discussions among scientists and it always was really funny, and at the same time very tragic.

The question we must answer is how to get real knowledge. If you have a personal experience, then there is real knowledge in such an experience. You think about it and come to certain conclusions about life. If you do this with a pure heart, without self-centered motives, you acquire some real knowledge. If you are not pure, you will try to justify certain wrong deeds of yourself and then you are blinded for the truth.

But how can it be that you can acquire real knowledge from thinking about your own experiences? What happens there is your touch, your contact with reality. You get a connection to the real world and of course, you get real knowledge in that way.

How to make sure that your knowledge is good knowledge? This can only be guaranteed when you life is an entirely good life. People who sin usually know very little truth. Original and good people can learn very much. You can check your experiences only in prayer. It is in your personal relation to God only that you can have a standard for the truth.

There is a way to acquire truth that is only available to those who have further advanced their spiritual abilities. Everything that has happened and everything that was created is laid down in energy patterns. Even when the person who writes down this text is able to do it, passing on this information is only possible if at this moment the 'medium' makes a connection to the content of this revelation. This is an energetic process. It is not a process of experience and not a process of reasoning. It is a direct coming into touch with energetic realities. All knowledge is captured in energy patterns. This is true not only for true knowledge, but also for false knowledge. You can have a very direct access to knowledge if you are able to unit yourself with the energy patterns of this knowledge. In that way you can inherit knowledge from others. You get knowledge that already existed for someone else.

Like you must do with experience and reasoning, you must also check this intuitive receiving of knowledge in your relation to God.

One of the main conditions to be able to succeed in this way of getting knowledge in this way is your total investment into this process. Half-hearted people will never get knowledge in this way.

The traditional name for this method of getting knowledge is 'intuition.' Intuition is much more than just a feeling. Many people believe that they have intuition, but for them it is often confused with emotions and feelings, or it is only a rudimentary intuition in that they might get some but little understanding of truth. Intuition can only be developed until the level that one can acquire very extensive knowledge about many fields of life.

Note: I want to add a few lines about the intuitive method of acquiring knowledge. There are many varieties of this intuitive method. One is to receive a revelation from God, a sudden divine insight that people may acquire when they are pure and have deep desire to receive such a truth. Another one is to connect yourself with truth that has been acquired by others. The method of passing on this kind of truth is not through words, but through an immediate uniting with energy patterns that exist in that other being. Such a way of getting knowledge can also be applied by uniting energetically with an object of truth, for example a book. Some people experienced to have sudden access to the entire content of a book that was written long ago by someone else. The content of such a book has been kept in the spiritual realm and is accessible to certain individuals who made the right conditions for receiving the content of such a book.

The intuitive way of receiving knowledge does not automatically guarantee that what you receive is the truth. It depends on who is the source of that information and also on your own level of living. A person who is self-centered will be inclined to misuse information, and even though the information originally may have been truth, when it is misused it doesn't anymore deserve the qualification of truth.

September 23, 2004


  1. Very nice blog,

    I only have one question, this intuition.. I think I have it. But the main thing here is that I don't know what i am suppose to do with it?

    I am an Afghan, now I live in the netherlands. I have seen many things and many different people and problems. I want to know why I can feel this 'intuition' and what will god want me to do with it. Because I believe you can't really teach people to get it. You got to do it by yourself. It's an process only you can make happening.

    Sorry for my bad englisch,


  2. By following our good intuition and bringing it into practice we nurture it and learn to trust it more. Intuition is a gift from God that we all have, similar like instinct in animals but on a higher level.

  3. i have so many thing i want to learn so many thing but i have a little bit of english knowledge that,s why i am not able to under so many thing so what should i do improve my self

  4. This blog is such a huge blessing, very detailed and I never know we had that many senses but probably experienced them without having identified each. I feel like I've been perceptive of many of the spiritual senses even when much younger. I'm going to be taking a lot of notes from this... Thanks so much and God bless you!