February 7, 2011

The life line from mother to child

Mother and Child watching each otherImage via Wikipedia

For everything is an explanation and there is nothing that cannot be understood. Our own creation and development is the result of billions of years of learning and setting stones upon stones in a past long gone and a cosmos filled with beings who preceded us. Angels have extensive knowledge about how our bodies were formed and how our spirit functions.

There are angels who support the original creativity of God. There also are fallen angels trying to build their own world, pushing God aside and building a copy of the good world, centred on themselves in idol-god position.

Those fallen angels have much knowledge and you can imagine they are misusing their knowledge not only to impress innocent people, but also to build up a new world as they envision it.

In my work last night I came across such fallen angels’ attempts to build their own false copy of the ideal of the Creator.

Did you realize that there is an invisible thread going through the lines of mothers to children, but not from fathers to children? It is the life line that goes from the mother’s womb to the belly button of each child, and then on from the next mother to all her children. This life line exists between mothers and children and not between fathers and children. Of course, this is an energetic reality and, of course, beings with much knowledge but wrong intentions make misuse of this.

Mothers, you are very precious indeed, but be on your guard to protect the children and energies that are yours!

February 1, 2008


  1. some more explanation? I really don't understand.

  2. Angels tend to work much on the energy level. This is because they are living in the spirit world and it is mainly through energy that they can influence the physical world.

    We can understand the world on the level of energy and energy connections. This of course doesn't give us the whole picture but from a certain viewpoint and on a certain level the world can be seen that way.

    It is on the level of energy connections that there exists this special relationship between mother and child, simply because the child grew in the womb of the mother and was connected to the mother through the umbilical cord.

    Fallen angels have made misuse of this reality by setting up goddesses who could rather directly influence people when people accepted such a woman as their mother. Because a mother has such a special energy connection to the children, it can be used or misused in powerful ways.

    In restoration there is such a phenomenon as 'rebirth.' It is a very real experience and it cannot be fulfilled without a mother being there. Again, seen on the energy level, among other, it means that an energy connection is established between mother and child similar as the one that exists through the umbilical cord. Although after birth the umbilical cord is physically cut, it remains in existence after that on the level of energy.