February 8, 2011

Another view on Judaism and Christianity

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JERUSALEM - A Christian custodian of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre

This text was received as a revelation from an angel who has worked in the religions of Judaism and Christianity. The views given here are those of the angel, not necessarily mine - JE

Here i want to present some similarities between these two religions and some fundamental differences.

First of all, it has to be noted that these two religions have failed their missions.

What was the essence of their mission? Their mission essentially was to develop people, a family, a tribe, a nation, which would reach a level to not anymore be dominated by bad influences from angels. Both religions therefore were supposed to have reached a level of development for individual believers to have grown above the level of angels.

We, the white angels, had to work with these two religions. Other angels, gray or black, were not supposed to have worked in these religions.

Both religions can be seen as white-angel religions. What was our position in these religions? Just as with the birth of The First Man and The First Woman, we had to educate human beings, to nurse them, to protect them until they would have reached their natural level of growth standing above angels.

What was the common problem of both these religions? It was that evil angels had invaded these religions. Evil angels got access in the houses of these religions. Evil angels managed to invade the schools and families in these religions.

What was the biggest difference between Judaism and Christianity? The main difference was that the Jews formed a race while Christians came from many races. The difference was not as big as it seems, because many Jews had married people of other tribes.

What was the significance of the fact that Christians were not anymore members of one race? To understand this we have to look more closely to what took place in Jesus' lifetime.

The Jewish people had been chosen as tribes for white angels to cooperate with because of certain accomplishments in the families of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Abraham came from a line of people with whom we, white angels, had always worked. The birth of the Jewish race was the result of our work with a certain family line of people over many generations.

Always there had been the problem of intermingling of this family line with evil people. This problem eventually caused the failure of the religion of Judaism. The problem was not only the mixing of the blood. Some mixing of the blood had anyway been necessary for a successful course of restoration. The main problem was that the Jewish race developed a liking for evil habits. The Jewish race had accepted evil angels and spirits as their idol-gods.

These two problems were the major ones that caused the failure of the religion of Judaism. The first problem was the mixing with evil blood; the second problem was the adoration of evil spirits. The first problem was a physical one, the second problem a spiritual one.

The religion of Christianity was specifically founded to solve the second problem, while the religion of Judaism continued as a religion, but with a different character, to solve the first problem.

The Jewish people were dispersed over the earth soon after Jesus' crucifixion. This, to a degree, was caused by their own liking for other races. Because they had not kept their identity pure, they were forced to go a course in history in which they lived in the midst of other races.

The white angels made clear to the dispersed Jewish people that their main task was the purification of their blood. We expected that several Jewish groups would mingle with other races and then would disappear. We hoped that other Jewish lines would become more serious after they had lost their homeland and when they saw the faithlessness of many other peoples.

But the Jewish refugees took our revelations in a much too external way. Instead of understanding the need for purification of their race as a demand for their own repentance, they continued to see themselves as chosen, elected people. They separated more or less from other peoples, but in arrogance, not in a mood of humility.

The course set out after Jesus' crucifixion was that the Jewish race would accomplish their own purification in a physical sense, while the Christian religion got the task to make a spiritual victory over evil angels. Initially there was not intended a strong separation between Jews and Christians. The first Christians were Jews, and if they had purified their faith, they could have united with other good Jews and there would not have come a new world religion. But some of the Christians of the first decades behaved as an arrogant sect while Jewish people were too proud on being the chosen race. There came a separation between the two religions.

Now the Christians had to solve the problem of being under evil spirits on a much wider scale. The Christians were confronted with the black angels and spirits dominating over the Roman Empire.

The Christians have managed to single themselves out by becoming an established religion in the Roman Empire. This was both a victory and a defeat. The victory was that they had become a world religion. The defeat was that they had lost their soul in the process. The Christian religion had become a formidable organization in the external sense. Deals had been made with black spirits.

Why were such deals made? From the viewpoint of the black angels it was an attempt to physically dominate the Christian believers. There were just too many people living on earth with desire for good religion and many of these people became Christians. So, the black angels saw they could not make a total victory, but they gradually invaded this new religion by tempting them and persecuting them. They tempted the Christians to build an organization that fitted into the structure of the Roman Empire. This became the Roman Catholic Church. They simultaneously persecuted Christians, but this was more against free Christian groups with faith.

In the end, Christianity became a religion in that black and gray angels had easy access.

In the 20th century, after 2,000 years of Christendom, there was gone a full circle. Now the Christians and Jews had to solve their problems or they would be judged as failures.

Therefore, the Jews got back their homeland and Christianity had become the world's most dominant religion, accepted in the most powerful nations of the earth.

The Jewish people are now confronted with tribes who partly are their own relatives. The problem is really one of two brothers hating each other.

Christianity became a world religion but has largely lost its inner values. Mainstream Christianity has become a tool for power-seeking leaders.

August 21, 2006

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