February 17, 2011

Towards a culture of originally developing people

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Almost all of the existing societies and cultures were initiated by angels in spirit world. Let us compare a society founded by angels with a society as i believe God would like it.

In societies under angels, on top are one or more angels. These angels choose certain people to become their main instruments on earth. These angels also revealed all kind of knowledge to people. Most people were not aware of having gotten such a revelation. Because most people did not have a conscious relation to spirit world, they didn’t realize that their insights were actually angels’ revelations. People got ideas about how to build a political system, how to set up an economy and so forth. Angels gave revelations to some central people who lived in the society that was controlled by those angels.

Angels related more directly to leading figures of their culture. Those leading figures could be kings, or high priests, or generals in the army, or influential scientists. Those leading figures were instrumental to set up a hierarchical society that needed people to fulfill all kind of functions. Each society needs experts to do all kind of things. There are needed people who make bread, farmers, workers in all kind of fields.

The people belonging to a culture, a society or a nation had to perform all kind of functions. They were educated until they were able to perform that function.

People serve the state and the state is under angels. In that way, human beings don’t serve God or their own original development, but they helped angels to build up a world in which those angels were the spiritual subjects.

Compare this to God’s ideal society. In God’s world, no single person is leading by him- or herself. Each individual is not simply steered by someone above him, but directly by God Himself. Each individual is free to do what God wants. This is not a hierarchical system, but more a system like in a family, in which each person can develop him- or herself entirely, living in freedom, under God yes, -- but God is the one who wants you to be happy, to feel good.

Such free individuals are developing themselves all the time. They are free and out of their own choice they want to make creations and also organizations in society. Because organizations and larger creations could not be made by single individuals, those people do work together. In a free situation and out of the urge to be creative, people will form groups and organizations, learning how to do this by getting revelations from God.

In God’s ideal world it is impossible that people would only develop to learn to do one simple profession. People don’t develop to just take their place in society, but original people do never stop to advance in all aspects of their lives.

In the human world controlled by angels, each person was educated to perform a certain task in society. In our modern world this means that people work for 8 hours a day and for five days a week to do what they have to do.

A cabinetmaker is needed to make chairs for other people. The cabinetmaker is hardly interested in the personal situation of the people, but he just makes furniture and tries to sell that. He works 8 hours a day and then he is happy that he can go home.

In God’s ideal world, adults will be like we see it still in children. Could you command children to play only a certain number of hours daily?

Children play the whole day, until they are tired and need sleep.

In this way, adults should learn to work, experiencing it as playful and creative development, never tired of doing it unless they really are tired and need sleep.

In such a world, productivity would surely not be smaller than in the world controlled by angels.


Let us become clearer about the internal disposition of humans who are actually slaves in the angels’ world, and the motivation of original people living under God’s dominion.

In the societies as we have known them until now, people worked hard for money, or for a higher position with accompanying benefits, or sometimes also for physical survival. The essence of life did become one of working to get something.

While in the angels’ world of humans people are working to get something, in God’s ideal world people live to give something. They want to give to God and to the people around them. This motivates them to be creative.

In the world of angels people count how many hours they still have to make. Some very ambitious people don’t care how many hours they have to put in, because they want to come higher up.

In God’s world, nobody wants to come higher up. People just want to give out love to others. If you cook each day the same meal, people who eat it get bored. So, creativity includes that you always want to invent new things. And to invent new things, you need to learn and develop more.

Your love for people is the motor to be more creative. And to be creative, you have to develop yourself all the time; otherwise you can’t make something new.


In the human world as it always has been controlled by angels, there also has been education. In the old world, education was always instrumental in order to get something. Certain people needed a lot of education because angels wanted them to perform higher positions in society. Other people needed much less education, because their task was only rather simple.

Education in the old world was always meant to get something, money or position, or the means to get all kind of satisfactions. That world was controlled in spirit world by angels and in the physical world by pharaohs, kings, presidents or emperors. You worked to get position in that world. Eventually this meant that you always were under the angels. Your position was given to you by angels and your education was meant to get that position.

How different is education in God’s world! In God’s world, you are educated so you develop. You develop so you become greater and more love-giving and more able to do good things, to contribute to others. Position or money or sex are not the goal in God’s world. Your development will never end. There never comes an end to your school of education.


Now you should understand that this kind of original creativity cannot at all be compared to what in the old world is known as peoples’ hobbies. To do a hobby is to do what you like, usually in the time that is left ‘free’ after you did your duty in societies initiated by angels. To do a hobby means that you already have done your ‘duty’ and now you can do what you like.

To be creative in God’s world is not at all a hobby. To be creative in God’s world is to be super serious.


It is not right when you simply do what a leader may ask you, but it also is not right when you simply disobey what a person in a central position is asking you.

There has to be something extra in whatever you do. You should act while having a personal relation to God. You should act out from your own creativity. All this means that you should work to give to others, not just to get a better life or a higher position.


The old world cannot simply be banished to begin a new world.

To make the new world, God’s ideal world, restoration is necessary. The new world grows out from the old world through restoration.

When we speak about restoration of an individual, we speak about the Formula-Course of Restoration. I want to make a few remarks about our way of going the Formula-Course of Restoration.

Often the course of restoration is seen as a kind of stairs. The original way of growth, which is a development through stages of growth, could rather well be compared with a stairs. But the Formula-Course of Restoration is much more complicated than a staircase.

The essence of original growth is that we live for longer time on a certain level. Then, at a certain moment, we are ready to enter the next stage. Everything in our life changes. First we were on one level, now we come on a higher level. At first we find it very difficult in that new situation, but we get used to it, or we fall down again from the stairs, to a lower stage.

This is already rather complicated. But in restoration, everything gets still more confused.

A fallen person is characterized by a split nature: there is good and evil, white and black in them.

There are consequences from our split nature for our position in the Formula-Course of Restoration. Normally, in the original world, in our original way of growth, we are on one stage only. But fallen people don’t stand in one particular stage. Practically all fallen people do stand with one leg in heaven and with their other leg in hell.

They live in two worlds.

We could live on several stages in the Formula-Course of Restoration simultaneously. And there are still huge individual differences here.

Some people are just evil and are deep down, belong to the evil tribes.

But there also exist people who have touched high levels, who even have reached the level of the completion stage, and still, at the same time, they also do belong to the evil tribes. This can be very complex.

It is sometimes possible to determine which level people stand, but because of the contradicting, conflicting nature of fallen people, their level is very much fluctuating over time.

Fallen people might live in several stages at the same time and they need education and training on all of these levels.

God wants to give to each of us the right education for our good development. God wants us to be giving and creative. That is very difficult to do. We need training. The training we need will differ according to where we are.

In the original ideal we only would need training on one level, but in the complicated situation of human fall, we might need training on many levels at once.

We go up, and fall again.


The most important characteristic of the original culture is liberation, is making us free, such that each individual enters the track of continuous, original self-development.

Original development is not to get a position in society. Original development is to become similar to God.

August 14, 2003, transcript from a speech

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