February 17, 2011

What is a border in the spirit world?

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Many different realms exist in the spirit world. Some of these grew naturally, other ones were made artificially.

A realm in the spirit world is a confined space that is only accessible to certain groups of human spirits and/or angels. Many people tend to think of realms of only being hierarchical in nature, but there also exist realms that are not really higher or lower than other realms, they are just different.

Natural realms in the spirit world grow very similar to how people on earth form communities. Families and clans live together and build a village. Sometimes an outsider is invited to live in such a village. Sometimes people born in such a village leave to explore life in the big world. Similar situations exist in the spirit world. These spiritual realms cannot always easily be defined in terms of 'higher' or 'lower' or 'good' or 'evil.' People live together because of many reasons. They may live together because of blood relationships, or because they have found a way to make their living there, or because of ancestral reasons. In such a community some people may be giving to others while also some criminals may be living among them.

Other communities are formed based on religious alliances. This, on earth, may be more the case in urban than in rural regions. People living in cities often have less relationship to their neighbors than is the case in rural areas. In cities, communities are frequently formed because people share the same beliefs, religious or political or otherwise. When these people come in spirit world they will often join such groups in the spirit world and they will not be connected anymore to the people of the neighborhood in which they lived on earth.

The spirit world is as big as the cosmos and the cosmos is big, very big.

It is also old, very old.

We can find many realms there that were built long ago and that, for example, are under angels' control. In many cases such realms are separated from other spaces by strong borders. Such borders can have very different characteristics. Some of these borders look like stone walls, other borders are more like water canals. There also exist borders that give a feeling that there is no border. This is done to protect the area enclosed by the border. When a spirit would approach such a realm, he or she would get the feeling that there is nothing behind.

Sometimes borders are made as strips of delusion. When you enter such a space you may get the feeling that you are crazy, or that you don't exist anymore, or you may fall unconscious as soon as you enter such a region. If you wish to penetrate such a realm, you must be victorious over such feelings or experiences. Many spirits who tried to enter such realms did for a long time not come out of a state of being that was induced by that border.

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