February 3, 2011

Contacting the spiritual

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Before i say anything about having contact with the spiritual world it should be clear that each one of us does already have contact with the spiritual. This is simply true because we essentially are spiritual beings and because the physical could not exist without the spiritual. The spiritual reality and the physical reality are not two separate realities, they are just two aspects of the same reality that is the only reality.

Some of us are more aware of the spiritual reality than others. Each of us can and should learn to become aware of the spiritual reality. This is self-evident as our life is already spiritual. Not being aware of it only means that we miss the most important aspect of life. Our spiritual existence is eternal. When we live with physical awareness only, it means that the meaning of our lives is extremely restricted. Instead of planning for an endless life, we only plan for the few years that we live in this physical body. Furthermore, instead of focusing on higher values that are embedded in the spiritual, we desire for physical satisfactions like money, superficial sex and power.

We are spiritual beings but we may be more or less aware of this fact. One main purpose of our lives should be to increase awareness of the spiritual. In that way our lives become more meaningful and valuable. To strive for perfection or enlightenment means to strive for a life with higher spiritual content.

When you begin to be aware of yourself as a spiritual being, you will begin to get consciousness of the existence of other spiritual beings. When you have contact to another physical person and you pass on information from that person to others, you are a medium in the physical world. When you have contact to spiritual beings and you pass on what they tell you, you are a medium for the spiritual. Usually the term 'medium' is reserved for those among us who have contact to the spiritual world. But all of us are mediums in that sense. Only, when your spiritual life is underdeveloped, you won't be able to do much as a medium.

One must learn to be a medium to the spiritual world. There are many traps in that you could get caught. Often the term 'channeling' is applied for the occupation of passing on information from the spiritual world. I don't like that word very much. Channeling refers to a rather mechanical process and doesn't do right to the feelings and identities of those who give the information. When you pass on information that you heard in the physical world you also don't use the word channeling. That would sound rather funny and awkward.

You can observe the spiritual world with all your spiritual senses. That means, you may sense the presence of spirits like you sense the presence of a person in the same room. You may also see them, hear them, smell them or feel them touching you. When you begin to develop your abilities to be a medium to the spiritual world, you often begin with seeing something that you cannot explain. It also could happen that you suddenly hear a voice that tells you things. When you write that down, there may come a flow and you can receive more information.

Mediums who are more developed can sometimes let spirits come in their bodies. It also happens involuntarily and then we call it possession.

It's a big issue to learn to relate to the spiritual world in such a way that you don't get damaged or fooled. For example, there are countless spirits who like to identify themselves with Mary, the mother of Jesus. Many of them do often go to people on earth and tell that they are Mary. It is rather easy for spirits to fool mediums, especially when the medium is inexperienced or greedy to have such 'interesting' experiences.

What guarantees that you can trust your spiritual experiences? There is no easy security measure here. When you like very much to earn a lot of money you may become an easy victim to fraudulent friends who promise you mountains of money in an easy way. Basically, it is a matter of being sincere and honest to yourself. When you can trust your own good motivation, you have a base to learn to judge the spirits. Your good motivation is your own responsibility. You must make sure for yourself that you want to live a good life and check yourself again and again and again. Your lifeline in this is your relation to God. That means, you must pray or meditate centered on the Highest.

Even then you may get fooled. You have to build up experience over the years to learn to distinguish between sincere and good-willing spirits and malevolent entities.

In a sense we have no choice. Because we are spiritual beings essentially, we must learn to deal with the spiritual world. Consider the process to learn this as a necessary element of your own course to become more perfected and enlightened. Don't sell your abilities for cheap money or for being honored as a spiritually high person. There are so many traps when you go your spiritual road to perfection or enlightenment. Take it as your challenge to struggle yourself through such experiences because that is the way to advance.

August 6, 2006

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