February 28, 2008

The magnificent human body

The human body is the most valuable and most beautiful creation in the physical world. There is nothing comparable in the universe. From an external viewpoint, it is a magnificent instrument, capable of highest intellectual, emotional, sensitive, motorial, energetic and artistic achievement.

More than that, the physical body is the vehicle for the spirit to have experiences and grow. The physical body is near endless in its potential to learn.

Many people keep their bodies in good shape and in good health. They beautify their bodies and do everything externally to look good.

Our body is also the dwelling place for the spirit. Every action we make in our physical life, every thought and feeling we have is imprinted into the spirit. By the end of our lives, our spirit leaves the body and takes with it all the good and bad that the body has done and thought during its life. When we lived a good life centred on higher spiritual purposes, our spirit will leave the body bright and full of energy and with many possibilities to enjoy life in the spiritual world.

There are also many people who never used their body for spiritual aims and it can be that the spirit in such a body is entirely unable to live a conscious life in the spiritual world. Such spirits look like grey clouds and you can hardly recognize that they are human beings.

The highest purpose for our bodies is that we make them dwelling places for the Creator to live in and to express through. The Creator has no body. We could see the Creator as Spirit or Source. Meant here is Spirit or Source of all what is created and of all love.

The Creator can dwell in our bodies, when we make our bodies available and fit for this.

Such bodies need to be entirely pure. Pure means that there is no dirt in such a body, that the person living in and using the body does not desire for wrong things, does not think selfish and untrue thoughts and does not act in a way that harms others.

When we understand the Creator as the Source of love and energy, it is most important that we keep our bodies pure and clean all the time. This is mostly a demand on the level of love and energy, but of course also external cleanliness and good health are important.

How can we keep our bodies pure on the levels of love and energy? We can only do this when we first have become conscious of what is pure love and good energy. We also need some understanding of the processes of how impure love and bad energies could enter us.

In principle each touch, each communication, each engaging in relationships exchanges love and energies. This is especially true for human relationships, but also relations to animals and things influence the energies inside of us.

The most powerful exchange of love and energies takes place when people love each other and especially when there is a sexual relationship of any kind.

Suppose that you have a sexual relationship with your partner who the day before was unfaithful to you and had a sexual relationship to a person with a very low moral and spiritual standard. Then without you realizing it the energies of this third person might come into you through your partner and defile your own body and give you mental and spiritual problems for a long time after that. Your body will get impure and you may find it very difficult to centre on higher values for a longer period.

When lower energies enter a human body, they can cause illnesses and make it look ugly and sometimes deformed. The beauty of a body is really in the pure love and bright energy that expresses through it. Energies pass from generation to generation. This is in addition to inheritance through DNA. But also DNA is influenced by energies.

When you keep your body pure it also becomes more and more a perfect instrument for the spirit to work through. Your spiritual senses will work better and you will get more and more sensitive for love and energies of people and the world around you and also of the spiritual realms.

February 24, 2008

Inside a harmonious galaxy of love

Love is the strongest force of the universe. Love is the source and core of all other energies and forces.

Compare this to stars and planets. From the outside they beam out many different energies but their real force comes from their heart in the center where all its force is generated in nuclear reactions.

Celestial bodies like the sun and all stars and even the planets do also have a pulling force and they pull into a certain direction. When some kind of mass comes too close to a huge body in space, it is pulled into that body.

Exactly the same is true for our meeting other people. Superficially we are influenced by what they do and say and think and feel, but the real pulling force comes from the love that is inside such a person. Just like any celestial body moves into a certain direction in space, so each individual does and the love inside the heart of each person determines that direction. Some people move temporarily away from the Source, others move toward the Source.

Just like it is true for how bodies in space react to each other, the bigger force and mass pulls the most. There is a critical point somewhere in the distance between two such bodies. Once the smaller body has moved beyond that critical mark, it will be forever caught by the larger body.

Sometimes such a relationship moves into a stable and harmonious pattern. We see this in space in the circular or elliptic orbits that planets make around stars and moons around planets.

In human relationships people may be moved back and forth being pulled by the force of love of different people. When this happens there always is trouble. The trajectory of such a person becomes irregular and unpredictable. This is not the case when the relationships established are clear. For example a man loves his wife in a husband-wife relationship and loves his children too. Such a relationship is like that between twin stars and planets, the children orbiting around the twin stars. The relations are harmonious and to each ones benefit.

The problem comes when two stars have opposing directions and a third body comes into the pulling force of both of these stars. In human relationships this very often happens and always the person being pulled back and forth will feel confused and without clear direction.

Love always has a pulling force and a direction. Once we accept the love of someone, we also are influenced by that pulling force and we are pulled into another direction.

What is the solution for this? The only way to solve it is to make yourself clear about the direction you want to go in life and depending on this choice make consequences for your life and your relations to other people.

Does this mean to give up loving some people? No, it doesn’t mean that. The first choice anyone needs to make is for the Creator and for the Creator’s love. Once we have done that, we become a pulling force ourselves and we can give love to others without having to lose our good direction. Instead of being pulled ourselves, we become pulling centers of love. When we have made this choice to be or become united with the Source of all that is, our human relationships will be like those in a harmonious system of stars, planets and moons and other celestial bodies inside a galaxy.

February 3, 2008

The sleeper must awaken...

There is no reason to lose your faith. Things may look dark and gloomy but you always have the possibility to do something positive today. Do something good, develop yourself, and tomorrow you will be better than the person you were today.

When you live like that, also your outlook tomorrow will be better than today. This kind of growth is exponential. With added faith and foundation built each new day, you create better chances all the time. What doesn’t seem possible now is possible tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow. It’s a bit like building interest over interest. The beautiful thing is that in spiritual life you determine your own interest rate.

There is one thing you should never do: to give up. You can learn from making mistakes, but not from giving up. When you gave up, there rests only one thing to do and that is to get on your feet and restart where you succumbed. The only lesson you can learn from giving up is that you shouldn’t have done that.

However difficult life may get, don’t give up your good goals. Better to die while on course than living while off-track.

What do we know about the endless cosmos? What do we know about the infinite possibilities in store for us? How small may be our own vision compared to the Creator’s spectrum!

Now is the time to stand up, pack your bag and walk and make reality of your dreams.
The sleeper must awaken.

We sleepers must awaken and make good what was wrong, make beautiful what was ugly.
The Sun, the Earth, the Moon, the stars, our ancestors are telling us: we sleepers must awaken.