February 24, 2008

Inside a harmonious galaxy of love

Love is the strongest force of the universe. Love is the source and core of all other energies and forces.

Compare this to stars and planets. From the outside they beam out many different energies but their real force comes from their heart in the center where all its force is generated in nuclear reactions.

Celestial bodies like the sun and all stars and even the planets do also have a pulling force and they pull into a certain direction. When some kind of mass comes too close to a huge body in space, it is pulled into that body.

Exactly the same is true for our meeting other people. Superficially we are influenced by what they do and say and think and feel, but the real pulling force comes from the love that is inside such a person. Just like any celestial body moves into a certain direction in space, so each individual does and the love inside the heart of each person determines that direction. Some people move temporarily away from the Source, others move toward the Source.

Just like it is true for how bodies in space react to each other, the bigger force and mass pulls the most. There is a critical point somewhere in the distance between two such bodies. Once the smaller body has moved beyond that critical mark, it will be forever caught by the larger body.

Sometimes such a relationship moves into a stable and harmonious pattern. We see this in space in the circular or elliptic orbits that planets make around stars and moons around planets.

In human relationships people may be moved back and forth being pulled by the force of love of different people. When this happens there always is trouble. The trajectory of such a person becomes irregular and unpredictable. This is not the case when the relationships established are clear. For example a man loves his wife in a husband-wife relationship and loves his children too. Such a relationship is like that between twin stars and planets, the children orbiting around the twin stars. The relations are harmonious and to each ones benefit.

The problem comes when two stars have opposing directions and a third body comes into the pulling force of both of these stars. In human relationships this very often happens and always the person being pulled back and forth will feel confused and without clear direction.

Love always has a pulling force and a direction. Once we accept the love of someone, we also are influenced by that pulling force and we are pulled into another direction.

What is the solution for this? The only way to solve it is to make yourself clear about the direction you want to go in life and depending on this choice make consequences for your life and your relations to other people.

Does this mean to give up loving some people? No, it doesn’t mean that. The first choice anyone needs to make is for the Creator and for the Creator’s love. Once we have done that, we become a pulling force ourselves and we can give love to others without having to lose our good direction. Instead of being pulled ourselves, we become pulling centers of love. When we have made this choice to be or become united with the Source of all that is, our human relationships will be like those in a harmonious system of stars, planets and moons and other celestial bodies inside a galaxy.

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