February 3, 2008

The sleeper must awaken...

There is no reason to lose your faith. Things may look dark and gloomy but you always have the possibility to do something positive today. Do something good, develop yourself, and tomorrow you will be better than the person you were today.

When you live like that, also your outlook tomorrow will be better than today. This kind of growth is exponential. With added faith and foundation built each new day, you create better chances all the time. What doesn’t seem possible now is possible tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow. It’s a bit like building interest over interest. The beautiful thing is that in spiritual life you determine your own interest rate.

There is one thing you should never do: to give up. You can learn from making mistakes, but not from giving up. When you gave up, there rests only one thing to do and that is to get on your feet and restart where you succumbed. The only lesson you can learn from giving up is that you shouldn’t have done that.

However difficult life may get, don’t give up your good goals. Better to die while on course than living while off-track.

What do we know about the endless cosmos? What do we know about the infinite possibilities in store for us? How small may be our own vision compared to the Creator’s spectrum!

Now is the time to stand up, pack your bag and walk and make reality of your dreams.
The sleeper must awaken.

We sleepers must awaken and make good what was wrong, make beautiful what was ugly.
The Sun, the Earth, the Moon, the stars, our ancestors are telling us: we sleepers must awaken.

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