March 1, 2011

Differences between true and false realities in the spirit world

Here is a way of thinking that leads to many misunderstandings: 'The physical world is the world of illusion, of 'Maya' (a concept from Hinduism meaning the limited, purely physical and mental reality in which our everyday consciousness has become entangled.)' In one breath there is then added the notion that the spiritual reality, the 'above,' is what really determines the physical reality, the 'below', and this spiritual reality is described as a world that is caused by the workings of your mind only.

When we think this through, reflect on what it really means, we must conclude that in this way of thinking the physical world would entirely be an instrument in the hands of the spirit world, and the spiritual reality is made entirely by the working of your mind.

But, the spirit world is a substantial world and a creation of God. So is the physical world. Although we may have a hard time understanding the physical world in relation to the spiritual reality, the physical world is not just illusion. Everything in the physical world of God's creation has a purpose given by God.

Many angels in the spirit world have made illusionary realities there. They created their own worlds; and indeed, to make things in the spirit world, the workings by the mind are essential. But also the spiritual world originally is a substantial world, be it of another dimension than the physical world. The spirit world does really exist and isn't only a product of the minds of those residing there.

People in the physical world can make a movie, or a computer game, or a virtual reality on the internet. Some people get entangled in the nets of such fantasy realities. They lose connection to the real world. For example, i read about a couple that was so addicted to going online and playing internet games that they neglected their own baby who starved to death.

Similar problems exist in the spirit world. Some groups of angels and human spirits who have learned to create their own realities there have managed to convince themselves and many others that this would be the real reality. They also inspire philosophies that anyone is free to do what they wish, can master to do such things and that the real spirit world is just a product of whatever they wish to think or believe.

It isn't like that. God created the worlds of spiritual and physical reality in such a way that we are free to make these worlds good. We can only do this when we adhere to God's principles, learn to apply them and grow in such a way that we mature in our ability to do this in the right way.

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