March 10, 2011

Diving deeper into the self

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The way to our deepest self is the same as the way to God. We cannot describe the Creator by giving names. When we say ‘the Creator’ we refer to a function of God. When we call God ‘The Great Spirit’ we speak about the invisible aspect of God which reveals through spirit.

When you give a name to someone or something, it means you can somewhere locate that person or thing and then say, this is this person or thing. With God this is impossible. God is always bigger than what we can comprehend and to give God a name is to make God small. It means to put ourselves above God as if God would be a theological concept that we studied.

There is no other way than to find God deep in ourselves. Here we cannot discover the ‘entire God,’ because all we can do is to meet God, and meeting doesn’t yet mean to fully comprehend.

When we search God deep inside of us, we must penetrate deeply, all the way to where we have put off our clothing, our habits, our studied knowledge. On the way to the Creator in ourselves, we also must pass by and overcome the energies of self-centeredness. Self-centeredness means that we make ourselves to the center. But we are not the center of the cosmos. God is the center of the cosmos and I understand God to be the always-giving one and giving to all and everything. We can also be like that, at least for certain moments. We need to give up all attachments, because each attachment also causes a restriction in our giving. We need to give up all desires that are centered on the self.

When someone prays to God for blessings, this can hardly be called unselfish. When we pray to God like that we cannot meet the real God. The real God will not make you the center of the cosmos when you have ego-centered desires. The cosmos would soon crumble.

Still we can be the center of the cosmos in a certain way. When we meet God we can receive from God the love to be unselfish and in that unity with God we unite with the center of the cosmos. This is not to be the center in the sense of being able to create or control like God, it is a unity in love. Being in that state of love, we can feel God in us and we can feel ourselves to be in the centre of the cosmos, not centred on the ego, but centred on the Creator and on loving all that is.

We cannot be unselfish unless we find God. Love that is not self-centred has a source. That source is God. When you try to be giving but you are disconnected from the Source, your giving will have a double layer. On the surface this may look like giving, but deeper under the surface you find again ego-centeredness.

Words are just words and are limited. The truth is in the spirit behind the words.

Love to you my friends.

February 12, 2008

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