November 5, 2009

Before you believe that every angel is good...

Before you believe that every angel is good, consider that there are angels of darkness posing as angels of light and they may have applied one of the following tricks...

One of the schemes used by them is equivalent to a king secretly sending out a troop of crooks to kidnap a nice lady. When the lady is brought to a prison, the king comes to that prison and liberates the lady and wins her heart. Sometimes dark angels may put spiritual prison situations upon you only to later appear as your liberators.

What about this one? Give revelations about upcoming disasters and that few people are going to be saved. At the same time make sure that the predictions come true. Cause those disasters and tempt a few people on earth to believe in a secret and sacred way that is given to them. Cause other groups of people to become evil so the disasters brought upon mankind seem justified, and tempt the elect to believe they are better than the people who don't know about spirituality. Because the prophecies turn out to be true by the own making of these angels, the elect really believe that they are the saved and chosen ones and will accept their angel-heroes without questioning.

Here is another often used temptation. Make a central figure of faith believe that he is very great. Make him also believe that for some reason or another,he made you discover the truth about God's love and about how terrible it is to be evil and that you determined to repent and to stop being evil. Make this central figure believe that he is the only one capable of helping you. In that way he will accept you to come closer to him and you can invade his relatives and followers and make a lot of trouble.

Another often applied trick by evil angels is the following. Organize the spiritual world to give help in all possible ways to a certain person on earth. Make money and power come to him. Give visions and revelations to people that this person is the most special one and make him believe that all the blessings bestowed upon him are the work of God. Chances are that he never finds out that these blessings did not come from God, that the people sent to him are good-willing but misled at the same time. Once he accepts the blessings as if coming from God, he will see your efforts as being initiated by God. Even if this person on earth has much faith in God, he may lose it as he more and more trusts the angels who played this trick on him.

You want to hear another one? Cause an illness in the body of someone loved by a central person whom you wish to get under you. Let this be succeeded by a miraculous recovery and give revelations and visions to people on earth that this recovery came because of the outstanding faith of the central person. In this way, people on earth will gain faith that this group of angels is working for God and so these angels can dominate.

We need to be sharp in our relationship to spirit world and above all, we need to pray and ask God about each phenomenon taking place. Never assume that the most obvious is automatically true. Not all angels are evil and not all spiritual phenomena are meant to deceive, but in order to distinguish, we need a deep relationship to God and we need to grow in experience on our path of faith.


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