November 7, 2009

Three Stages of Spiritual Abilities

As we grow in learning to have good dominion over the spiritual world, we go through three stages. These stages are not exactly the same as the stages of growth to individual maturity in God's love. They specifically refer to spiritual abilities, which we need to develop in some kind of way, but which by themselves are not a guarantee to be on the good side.

There are parallel paths to go for each of us for different facets of our development. For example, if we want to write truth, we go through stages of growth in our command over language, but not all those who write great literature are on God's side and not all those who advanced in growth under God have great language skills.

I am regularly writing about the dangers that can come to us when we explore the spiritual world and are learning to deal with it. Having said this, here are three stages of development of spiritual development. This also reads as a scanty listing of what is possible for us in terms of spiritual experiences. The overview is not complete and I also do not assume that each person will go through exactly these stages. There are individual differences. Some people develop specialist spiritual abilities to a high degree while others may learn to master all of these traits together.

In the stage of awakening of spiritual abilities, the first stage of growth in this field, we begin to develop a better intuition for the meaning of what takes place in the world around. That intuition is our guiding rod and will remain so for however far we advance. This intuition should be connected to God, it should be original and can then safeguard us against many dangers. In this stage people begin to dream dreams with meaningful content. People sometimes are conscious of being inspired by good spirit world and these inspirations enhance their creativity. People develop a beginning awareness of the existence of spirit world and will sometimes see, hear, smell or feel spirits. What also often develops in this stage is to have premonitions of future events and sensitivity to what other people feel and think. A good example is that people think of a person and then the telephone rings and this person is on the line.

In the second stage of spiritual development, people begin to receive revelations from spirit world. Sometimes this takes the form of automatic writing in which a spirit controls the content of what is written.These kinds of revelations can be given in different fields of life, such as religion, art. music or any creative undertaking. People can now develop the ability to consciously converse with spirits and some people learn to be a medium for spirits to a degree that their bodies or voices are used to express information from spirit world. Some people in this stage begin to have occasional visons and the number of meaningful dreams increases. As people develop conscious relations with spirits, there also is an enhanced danger to be fooled by angels. One has to make a victory over these angels and distinguish right from wrong in order to enter the third stage successfully. Some people enter the third stage of spiritual development in a false way, by cooperating with evil spirits.

In a third stage of development, people develop advanced intuition. They will propably have foresight and foreknowledge of more events. Some people in this stage learn to have spiritual communication with other physical people living on earth. This kind of communication can take the form of a conversation that is entirely spiritual but the physical people do not meet. See this as a kind of spiritual telephone communication. In this stage one can develop advanced meaningful dreams and visions and the own creativity becomes gradually more and more immersed with revelations received from spirit world. It is also possible for some people that their spirit leaves their physical body and enters the spiritual world and after this returns to the body.

The third stage of spiritual development is near-endless in its possiblities for further growth. Some people and also angels have abilities of which existence most people have no idea.

Note that the path of spiritual development doesn't automatically mean that people develop several other abilities, such as spiritual healing or the command over seeing energies of chakras and the ability to use spiritual energies in other ways. All this needs additional training based on having inherited more or less talent for this.

Please be again aware that being spiritually developed in the above ways does not automatically mean that this is done under God's dominion. Some people develop spiritual abilities because they are helped to do so by evil angels. There is therefore great danger in seeking spiritual development as a goal in itself. Spiritual abilities should always only serve God and be offered to God.


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