August 7, 2007

Gates to the world of spirit - poem

Some call it the path of the shaman
What is the road for every woman or man
We all have the spiritual sense
A spiritual life and eternal license
The spiritual realm opens as one of confusion
Of deceit and dreams and illusion
The delusions are the veil
The curtains on the stage of the wheel
The play that leads to insight deep and divine
And that keeps our reality in line

To enter the world of reality
There is a path to go of vitality
A path that demands your entire strength
And faith and endurance on length
The gates to insight are called initiation
Taking place in a gift of ordination
At each threshold the price to be paid
Could be death but don't be afraid
Death only comes when you are without desire
And faith and love for the highest attire

The task to accomplish is to discern
Truth from lies and deceit from concern
When you are missing deepest intention
You will get stuck in the deception
When you desire fame on the globe
You can expect probe after probe
You will attract to yourself what you wish
Some secret desires are just devilish
But you may fail to realize it until
You are asked to pay the bill
At the gate that leads to eternity
And where you join your final fraternity
Of people created by God
Who are protected by the iron rod
Of the truth which opened on the path
On which you overcame the tester's wrath


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