August 18, 2007

Self-control beyond limits

The puppet holds a key in his hand

The dummy feels a master on his land

That land stretches only as far as a table

Where the fool thinks he is so able

An artist holds the marionette on strings

For the doll it feels like having wings

The artist thinks he is in paradise

Applause makes feel him just so nice

But one day when he utters his real opinion

Censors of press and state peel him like an onion

A war goes on without his consent

The artist's view seems worth less than a cent

The leader assumes he is in power

Hey look at me! I control every hour

of the lives of you my subjects

My slaves and zombies, i am the architect

of your lives and the army i send

And you have to give me all your consent

The leader throws us around like a sod

But when he speaks his one foot does so odd

Scratches his heel and he just doesn't know

That he is merely a figure in his own peepshow

Even the most powerful man

Is just a cookie packed in a can

By wings above us who kept us from removal

And did never ask us for approval

The wings use the space of the unknown

And consider our world to be their own

You may adore one as your god

Ruling over you with an iron rod

But also the angels have their master

In those who travel still much faster

They are galaxies far away

You cannot breathe air where they stay

We only see as far as we look

The life we know is only a book in a book

in a book in a book

How far and deep do you dare to look?

Each time in life when we cross a border

We find ourselves in confusion and disorder

It takes strong courage to learn to behave

In worlds far outside our homely cave

It is in the realm of heavenly spirit

Where we keep up with Holy Spur and Whit

That we learn what we really are

And begin to live our real calendar

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