August 19, 2007

There is no end to growth - poem

There is no end to growth
In responsibility and freedom both
Heaven is made by creative minds
And they can be of many kinds
But not the creativity that kills
Or that brings us many ills

I have looked in the other dimensions
Where people built the nicest mansions
They were not the houses of power
Or where people worked to build a high tower
They were not the houses of the faiths
Of religions that built one-way straits
They were not the buildings of hierarchs
Of secret societies and patriarchs
Heaven is found in simple cottages
Of harmony and love between all ages
Where we find creativity of the simple kind
That leaves all ugly striving behind

To develop and grow is to become independent
In thought and heart and being diligent
There is no easy way to go this road
You cannot take a scheduled boat
You have to set your goal and become an outsider
As you move on and the horizon becomes wider
The world is full with illusions
As people engage in many fake fusions
In such unions they get excited
But forget those who are extradited

The worst of all is to get stalled
In a heaven that is walled
That is no heaven but a prison
Of our mind sucked with poison
Heaven does not have the limitation
Of being forced into adaptation
Further leads the path, it goes on
Far beyond the scare of Armageddon


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