September 11, 2007

The original gem

In the core of our heart is a precious gem

The promise of a new Jerusalem

From the origin is the heartfelt bond

Between God and man, strong as a diamond

A web was woven of ignorance and deceit

Around the core to make us forfeit

What is most central and dear

And gives us vision crystal-clear


Original knowledge and wisdom were obscured

By the woven web of blindness perjured

The diamond rooted deep in our core

Is the engine of healing evermore

Brings unity of body and mind

And greatest joy of every kind

When we lost access to the center of the self

We fail to fulfill the sacred number twelve


Two major illnesses of the heart can occur

The first is what makes the essential blur

God in the self cannot be found

And true existence finds no ground

The second is when a false seed was planted

A pearl that shines but is not warranted

You adore a god who is not divine

Carries a god's name but is just one in line

of those who commit fraud upon fraud

and who are all tolling to harvest laud


The first illness is called materialism

The oldest and most confusing mesmerism

The world of spirit is in matter concealed

Until from greed and covetousness one is healed

The second disease opens the world of spirit

But even when you make visit after visit

You only get more tightly entangled

In the web of idols which holds you strangled


Take the path that leads you behind

The web of reflections of many a kind

The road that leads you back to the gem

Of the original heavenly stem


1 comment:

  1. that is very good explanation of fall, fallen nature and overcoming of fallen nature. After reading this I could find myself in fallen angel position. I'm too intellectual type knowing so much about principles and I have really difficulties to follow somebody in position of childish Adam of Eve. They know only so little from principles, their faith is so blind, ...
    But I know very clearly that their love to God and people is much higher than mine. Many times in my life I could really understand archangel feelings and motivations. It is really so difficult to leave this position and feelings...