May 14, 2007

Protection by three archangels

Imagine yourself as a point in space with around you a sphere of energy. We are all related to people around us and as a spiritual being we are also related to other spiritual beings. Angels were the most important spiritual beings before man existed. The energy sphere around you in the spiritual existence is influenced by the energy spheres of other beings to whom we relate.

There was a time that angels existed but man not yet. The first man or woman who lived had an energy sphere around him and this energy sphere was first of all influenced by the angels who were connected to the first man or woman. The first angels who had this task were leading angels or archangels, therefore we shall call them archangels.

How many archangels are needed to protect the energy sphere around an individual person? Imagine yourself again as a point in space and the archangel as an other point in space. The protection coming from this one archangel is in the direction of the line that can be drawn between the two points, the point in space that you are and the point in space that the archangel is.

When a person has two archangels protecting, there are three points and they form a plane. Only when three archangels protect a person, there is created a three-dimensional sphere of protection around the person. The energy spheres around you are influenced by the energy spheres of the three archangels. When they are united with you, your energy sphere will be untouched by possible harmful influences.

When the protection of man by angels had always been good, then nothing bad would ever have entered into human life. We can conclude that the protection of man by archangels is not ideal and this protection must be restored.

Human beings have been influenced by angels who went against God. When you want to go a course in life to restore an ideal situation, one of the most important things is that you restore the protection of three archangels around you. Because people have inherited the nature of archangels who failed, we have to restore the protection of three archangels around us. This we can do by serving and loving and teaching three people.

These three people do also each need again the protection of three archangels, or three people supporting the mission of the central person. When you are the first person trying to restore your position as man, you must acquire the protection of three people around you. These people will take a similar position to you as archangels did in the spiritual world. To secure the protection of your energy sphere, your first three archangels do also need their protection of 3 x 3 archangels. Together with your first three archangels, this amounts to 12 archangels.

This is the reason why people with a central mission always attempted to get 12 loyal disciples, or archangels.

In Home Church we try to restore ourselves as original people and the most essential task to be accomplished is to secure the protection of your energy field by making friends to three people in archangel position to you. In a further stage, you must expand to having 12 friends in the position of archangel.

All people have an energy sphere around them and always this energy sphere is influenced in either positive or negative ways by three people who stand closest to you. In Home Church we try to make ourselves aware of who these three first archangels are and we make effort to establish a good relation to these three people by serving them, loving them and teaching them.

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