July 9, 2007

The goodness of a soul divine

Now it is true that all mistakes we make in life have a purpose and we can learn from them... But it is also true that certain mistakes made by people have caused very much suffering to others.

Now it is true that when suffering comes upon us, there is a deeper reason for it hidden in the karma that we carry... But it is also true that we have free choice and we can choose to make life better for the present and the future.

Now it is true that after you made a mistake, you must take time to learn from it for the future... But it is also true that you can prevent to make certain mistakes. It is better to think twice before doing something than to just do what we feel impelled to do at the moment.

In the life of each person there come these moments that we have vision and faith and hope. That image of hope can easily disappear again in the shadows and distractions of daily life. But we can also take that image of hope as a a beacon that was given to us as a guide and a promise. That beacon of hope is far ahead of us. It may sometimes seem impossible to reach it, but we have gotten the gift of faith for a better future.

Then there is the road to go towards that beacon. While we are on the road, we may often not see the beacon anymore. We feel to sail blindly into a future of which we have a recollection of an image, but not much more than that. What is going to lead us on the way to find that beacon and then to realize our vision?

We each have our own path to go. The course toward the beacon of hope can be in a straighter line, shorter but often more difficult. The way to reach the beacon may also become one with many detours and will almost certainly be much less rewarding.

How to shorten our way into a better spiritual future? The vision given to us is like a promise, a hand reaching out to us. By reaching our hand out toward that promise, we shorten the way. Reaching out our own hand implies that we also must give a promise, a pledge to ourselves first of all, that we are going to take that road and fulfill whatever is necessary to advance on it.

Two promises meet one another. First there is the promise of the Creator for a life of harmony and happiness, a promise that each of us will get at one point in our lives. The other promise must come from ourselves. It is the pledge and determination to do what is necessary to reach our highest goal in life.


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