January 21, 2011

Your dreams and your spiritual life

If we want to get in control of our own spiritual life, our dreams take a major place. It is essential to learn to interpret dreams. To have a well-developing spiritual life it is necessary to interpret each dream that we have.

How do dreams come about? In essence, dreams are the result of energies that have come to you. These energies store in yourself and while being asleep and they translate themselves into images and feelings in dreams. How these energies translate into symbols is partly a personal matter. Some symbols that appear in dreams, like dragons or flowers or birds or storms have a rather universal character. But other symbols are more personal and have a specified meaning only for a certain individual.

How do energies store in yourself, during the day before the dream and also over longer time? Energies connect to you because of what you do, because of where you were and because of the people you met. All your experiences make you connect to certain energies. For example, when during the day you visit a hospital, energies from that hospital may attach to you and give you a dream during the night. Such a dream has no other meaning than that you picked up these energies in the hospital, maybe fear for dying or pain of being ill.

Sometimes dreams are very confusing. It means that the energies that you picked up are confusing and it is difficult to attach a clear meaning to a confused dream. Other dreams are very clear. When a dream is very clear, and even more so when such a dream repeats itself, that dream is significant and it is very worthwhile to interpret.

Your own fears may make you attract energies that cause dreams. When you are very afraid to get a car accident, you may often dream about that. Such a dream has not necessarily a predictive content, though your own fear may in time cause a car accident of course.

Other people send energies to you. People who love you, people who desire to have sex with you, people who hate you, they all send energies to you that you may not notice until they express in a kind of dream.

Some dreams are caused by the spiritual realm. Spirits may love you or hate you and cause you to have dreams. Sometimes spirits, for example your own ancestors, may want to meet you and then you could meet them in your dreams.

Some dreams are brought to you in a very direct manner from spirit world. Angels can make you to have special dreams. God the Creator can give you a dream. God is an independent being who can decide to give you a dream, even without mediation of angels.

Some of your dreams may predict your future. These dreams may have been given to you by God or by angels, or you unconsciously picked up the energies of plans of others.

There are also very special dreams. Sometimes you get into a trance while sleeping, or you come in a consciously elicited trance from that you remember something that feels like a dream. In such states of consciousness very meaningful things could occur to you. It happens that angels temporarily take your spirit out from your body and let you have experiences in the spiritual world. When you wake up, you remember this as a dream, but it was much more than a dream. It is very advisable to write down the content of such a dream immediately after you wake up and take time later to understand the meaning.

Finally, there is one more special dream that i want to mention. Not everyone will have such dreams, but some people do. Angels can establish a spiritual communication while you are asleep or they make you to fall asleep temporarily. Such kind of sleep feels almost as if you are unconscious. Your body is asleep, your spirit is awake. Angels can establish a connection between your spirit and that of someone else. This other spirit, who may be in spirit world but who can also be in a body on earth, speaks to you and you speak to this other person.

To advance our spiritual development it is advisable to write down each meaningful dream and to find the correct interpretation. Our dream life is part of our entire life and deserves to be taken seriously all the time. Sometimes messages in the form of dreams are given to you from the spiritual realm. When you take them seriously, you will probably attract more of such help. When you neglect them, your meaningful dream life will starve and your spiritual life will suffer.

June 10, 2006

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