January 23, 2011

Escaping the prison of our matrix

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All things that are alive or non-alive are formed from energy. All energies are formed from love.

We live in a world of invisible roads and tunnels, a restricted matrix really. We go where we think we want to go, but what we perceive of the world is only what we see. Outside of the world that we observe is a wider world, a higher level of existence. We think we are free when we move through the variables of the matrix in that we are stuck, but in really we may be extremely restricted by what is imposed on us.

How do we get awareness of in what tunnels we are imprisoned? What is making the world to that we are confined?

What we see is the visible reality. The visible reality may be that we have to pay our monthly mortgage bill and because of that we need a job and because of that we wake up early in the morning to go to work. Together with almost the entire rest of mankind we walk our path in the matrix of world society and someone may consider it to be a victory when he controls a few corners of that matrix. It's almost hilarious to realize that the controller may be a major puppet in the hands of stronger, invisible forces and actually is restricted more than the subjects who apparently are under his dominion.

How can we escape from the matrix in that we are stuck? It is only by realizing of what material the walls of the matrix have been built. These walls seem to be built of matter and of traditions in the material world, but in reality these walls are energy, and energy is in deepest essence love.

We are love in deepest essence too. But what kind of love are we? Are you in deepest essence love for money or love for power? Is your love in deepest essence love for the family and society in that you reside? What if your family and friend are part of the walls of the matrix in that you got stuck?

Your love determines everything. When your love extends the level of your daily world, you will be able to fly out from your matrix and enter a world of a higher level. Your flight may come with a high price though.

Stronger than any other force are the chains of love that bind you to the objects of your love. With words you may enter the higher realms, even some of your deeds may show your elevation, but when you haven't cut the chains to the daily world on that you are dependant, your hands and feet will remain in the shackles in that they always were.

Don't get me wrong. I don't mean you are not allowed to love the people around you. What i mean to say is that your love should not stay on the level of the matrix in that you are, but should rise high above such daily dependencies. What matters is the quality of your love. Love comes in many qualities. Love to want to be pitied is of the lowest quality, really cheap to get. Love for a life of honor is superior, but the highest love is for the benefit of all and can only be acquired for a price that may well cost you your life.

The world in that we live is only what we see. What we see is only a symptom of what really goes on. When you see only what is observed easily, you cannot even be sure of who you really are. Your identity is not in the realm of visible things. It is in the realm of invisible energies that are controlled by a hand of love. What is the hand of love that initiated the energies that formed you? Is it a good hand, an original and oldest hand in the universe? Or is it a deceiving hand, a hand that tried to mold the cosmos into matrixes in that people crawl around like mice in a labyrinth?

Dec 27, 2006

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