January 17, 2011

Do you dislike the word 'sin'?

The medieval Christian view of God creating th...Image via WikipediaThe medieval Christian view of God creating the universe, "by number, weight and measure."

Some people don’t like the word ‘sin’. I also don’t like it, because I don’t like sins and their results. Please read on when you tend to back off as soon as you read the word sin. I am just trying to understand what ‘sin’ really means.

Some people don’t like the word sin because they don’t want to look at their own mistakes after they made them. Like when you know that your spouse or friend doesn’t love you anymore, but you try to maintain the image of a happy relation. Or when you know you are ill but don’t do something against it because you fear the truth.

The truth about ourselves can be frightening. Sins are being made all the time and their results are always bad. You sin when you act against the original principles of the universe. You also sin when you unite with those who made it their custom to live against the principles of the universe. Whenever you do this, you fill yourself with deathly and contagious energies.

The laws of the universe come from God. They exist regardless what we understand or try to make from them. They are also independent from what religious organizations or state authorities tell us. When we align with the laws of the universe, we find ourselves spiritually healthy and prosperous. When we go against the laws of the universe, we attract trouble from everywhere.

I know that many people reject the concept of sin because it was used against them to make them feel guilty. But feeling guilty is a sin in itself. When you make a mistake you must make it in order again. People who feel guilty are just busy with accusing themselves and never come to the point to restore what they did wrong.

Everything works based on principles. We are healthy when we understand and live according to good principles. This is true for our physical life and it is true for spiritual life. Maybe we need another word for ‘sin,’ or we need to understand better what is really meant with it.

Can our sins be forgiven? I am sure they can. But what about the mess we left behind? Is that mess cleaned up after we have been forgiven? Who is going to wipe out the trash from our world?

Jan 20, 2007

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