January 26, 2011

Each soul is a mirror

Reportedly haunted mirror within Myrtles Plant...Image via Wikipedia

Each soul is a mirror.

Some mirrors are cleaner and shine more brightly. When you meet a soul like that, you can see yourself as you are. You hardly see the other soul, you only see your own reflection.

When you meet someone like that, you are very lucky because you have the chance to solve many problems inside of you. But when you don’t want to look inside of yourself in that situation, you will suddenly be confronted with all these bad feelings and thoughts. You never knew you had them and unless you become very honest with yourself then, you will tend to accuse the mirror.

“He, mirror, I see so many bad things in you. You are a bad mirror. I put you away and go back to my old, dirty mirror. In that blurry mirror I look beautiful. I can make my own image of myself.”

Sometimes the cosmetics fall away from our faces and we see who we really are. How many times does this happen in a lifetime? You are lucky if it happens to you one time. It is your chance to start changing, your one-time opportunity to enter the much needed path of deepest self-investigation.

And if you miss that chance? Then you can never forget how you looked in that shining mirror. You will feel dark inside and you desperately try to make life again as it was before you looked in that mirror. But you cannot manage. Whatever you try. You have to find back the way to that mirror again.

Each soul is like a mirror. Some mirrors are difficult to look in, especially when you are afraid to look into yourself. In such a mirror you see the same as when you look deep in you.

All souls function like mirrors to a certain degree, but there also are mirrors that try to show you a false image. These are the mirrors of flattering souls.

The psychological mechanism of projecting your own inferior qualities into someone else come from the fact that all souls are mirrors and projection is done when someone doesn’t want to recognize that clean mirrors don’t show themselves, but show you in a reflection.

Dare to look in that polished mirror!

February 10, 2008

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