January 28, 2011

The Truth is one

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The more that we go from internal to external, the more all is split and diversified. The world on the level of things, human beings and animals and plants and all that is made from minerals, is very heterogeneous.

On the next, more internal level of existence, that of the mind, the world of ideas and feelings, there still exist many different ideas.

When we look still more internal and we come on the level of the original heart of love which is connected to God, we find much more unity. In God, in the Source, all is One.

This diversification going from inner to outer reflects the process of creation. All what is created comes from one Source. From the Source out, God, who is most internal and who cannot be adequately described with words that are more external, the process of creation must have been one of expression into ever more different bodies and things.

Each human being is in essence a full and direct expression of God. We are created in the image of God means we can feel to be children of God. Children are like the parents, they have no lesser value than the parents and can be fully united in love. I believe that our relation to God can be so close, our love can be so deep, that we can say we feel God as our parents. With these words we describe the depth of our relationship to God which can only be comprehended on the level of love.

There is no creation without diversification. The essence of creativity is that something new is made. In the process of creation something new is added to the existing world. There was a time that the music of Bach did not yet exist. We can hardly imagine that now. Each painting, each music composition, each creation that we make adds a new entity to the world, changes the world in which we live and this world will never be the same again.

All creations that God made have their origin in God and are in their essence united with God. When we see the animals created by God we can feel God’s love, spirit and beauty in each of them.

Many creations in the world of humans are not anymore rooted in God’s love. Such creations were not made from deepest love, they were made only on a more external level and the value of such creations is diminished in comparison to original creations.

We people can also make original creations, when we are in a process of creativity that sprouts from the deepest love in us. Such human creations become part of God’s world of creativity and have an eternal value.

If all knowledge of the world had been developed in love for and union with God, there would only be one truth. All the knowledge of the world would be in a field of united love and there would not be contradictions in such knowledge.

Because all people are unique and look at the world from different perspectives, such knowledge would also still be diverse and reveal personal viewpoints and yet these points of view would not contradict one another. They would complement and harmonize instead of be in competition.

That there exists ‘knowledge’ that is in disagreement with other ‘knowledge’ is only because such knowledge came from a source that wasn’t the original One.

Do we come in touch with this kind of knowledge from more shallow sources then these always bring conflicts in our mind. Whenever there are conflicts in our mind it is because some of what we learned or believed is not rooted in the eternal, absolute truth, which is also diverse but in a unifying, harmonizing and expanding way.

To get out from this level of conflicts in the mind there is only one path to go, which is to deepen our search and connect to more internal levels of our own being where we do find God in ourselves.

March 13, 2008

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