January 2, 2010

Introductory meditation method for unity with good creations of God

I as a human being have been created as a microcosm. Knowing this deeply, it forms the basis of a wonderful method of meditation. Everything that was created by God is in me. Because of this I can have an immediate relationship to all of God's good creations.

All meditations begin and end with concentration of the mind. Deeper concentration is done by the heart. Concentration of the mind means to let no other thoughts and emotions enter than connected to what we are concentrating on. Concentration of the heart means to feel God's love for what we are meditating on.

One form of meditation is to have heart and mind be united with the Creator. This is a form of prayer. It is not the only way to pray, there are many other methods of prayer. Unite your heart of love with God's heart and think of nothing else than the goodness of God.

We can also use meditation to directly connect to all that God created. For example, we can meditate thinking of the top of a mountain, or a beautiful and strong tree, or a certain animal, or the sun, the moon, the stars. When the meditation is deep enough, we make a direct link to the energies that are in that other reality. We can receive these energies through our meditation and in that way we can be elevated and acquire many new skills, good health and happiness.

Let me give a few examples of how such a meditation could be done.

Sit quietly and relaxed having your mind active and first pray to God until you are focused and concentrated. Now you can think of the top of a mountain and imagine yourself to be there. Inhale the air of the mountain top and let fill your entire being with the good energy of that place. Whenever something distractive enters your mind, do not try to push it away but just ignore it and go back to the object of your meditation.

Another meditation can be done focusing on animals. For example, to improve your balance when you are a ballet dancer or a martial artist, think of a mountain goat and unite yourself with that animal. When you have learned to do this well you can draw the energies of the animal into yourself and as long as this energy is active, your balancing abilities will be largely improved. Do this exercise each day until you have reached the goals you wanted to reach.

You can do the same with other animals, for example being a martial artist you can walk like a tiger or roar like a lion. The possibilities are near endless. Always, after each meditation, practice and express the movements that you inherited. Keep your mind united with the object of your meditation as long as you practice the movements after your meditation. Find the way to store these abilities in yourself so that you can also use these again later.

When you have practiced such kinds of meditations for years, you will advance in your meditation skills.

Do never try to steal the good energies of other beings. Even when you want to inherit the energy of only a strong tree, do not just take the energies, but have an attitude of asking the tree to share its energies with you.

This is only an introductory meditation method. Once you advanced, you can learn about many other objects of meditation that are more difficult to connect to, such as certain spheres in spirit world. Also, you can learn how to better store the acquired energies and skills in yourself.

It's all about concentration of your heart and mind, controlling your heart and mind to make your body do what it should do. When you start this meditation method, you may often be distracted and depending on what you focus on in your meditation, specific problems may have to be solved. Be confident that by determined practice you can overcome all difficulties over time. There is great benefit in overcoming such problems.


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