December 28, 2009

Israel and the task to make victory over angels

Adam and Eve could not reach perfection because instead of taking dominion over the world of angels, they were influenced by angels and began to look up to them as if they were God.

It is the task of Adam and Eve to restore themselves to the positions of restored Adam and restored Eve. This can only be accomplished in a process of restoration in which Adam and Eve must win a battle over angels. Adam and Eve through their love for God and their spiritual strength must prove themselves to be stronger than angels. Only after Adam and Eve have done that, they can reach the level that Adam and Eve could not reach.

Because Adam and Eve fell at the top of the second stage of three stages of individual growth to perfection, the restoration of Adam and Eve by being victorious over angels comes also at the top of the growth stage. The completion stage, the third of three stages to individual perfection, only opens after Adam and Eve made this victory. We could call an Adam and Eve who made this victory and who are living in the completion stage: restored Adam and restored Eve.

In the history of God's Providence the name Israel was given to Jacob after he fought with an angel, when Jacob returned to Canaan from his two-decades long exile living with his uncle Laban in Haran. Jacob showed how Canaan should and can be entered in a good way, by first making a victory over the angel.

The nation of Israel grew out of the sons of Jacob or Israel. It was the task of Israel to make a foundation for the Messiah to come. The task to receive the Messiah can only be accomplished by people of Israel, which means people who separated from Satan and who grew to the level of restored Adams and restored Eves and who in their growth to individual perfection surpassed the top of the growth stage.

Jacob who was Israel isn't called Israel anymore. This is because after he lost his position of Israel and had regained it one more time, he lost it again. Still, the 12 tribes of the sons of Jacob grew to a nation over time. In the time of Jesus, most of the tribes had been lost in exile and never returned to Canaan. There were only two remaining tribes, those of Judah and Benjamin in Jesus' time. In addition to that there had remained some factions of the priests, the Levites, who however never had taken the position of one of the 12 original tribes.

We see that people of Israel can lose their qualification to be Israel. The victory of Israel, which is the victory over the world of angels, is one that must be made by each individual, but it can also be inherited from parents. A child who is born from parents who made their victory of Israel, the victory over angels, will be born in a protected environment. Yet, once the child grows up and begins to live a life by him- or herself, that inherited victory must be transformed into a personal one. Each of us, however much we have inherited from our parents, must eventually make such a victory over angels in order to be qualified as a member of Israel. This is important to realize as the first mission of Israel is to make a foundation to receive the Messiah.

When the Messiah comes, he must be received by a people of Israel. This will be a group of people of whom each has been victorious over angels. To be victorious over angels, we must win what is called a spiritual fight. There are many, many types of spiritual fights. This is because angels apply many means and tricks to dominate human beings.

Although the victory of being Israel can be inherited to a certain degree, eventually each individual must qualify by being successful in winning any spiritual fight that is imposed by the angelic world. The first Israel lost their qualification of being Israel because they let evil angels invade their culture. This was the deeper cause of the crucifixion of Jesus. The second Israel, Christianity, has never been a physical Israel. But there is little meaning in the qualification of Israel when there isn't made a victory of Israel in the physical existence. The Messiah must come to bring about an ideal world, not only in the spiritual world but also in the physical world. The foundation to receive the Messiah can only be made by people in the physical world who made their personal victory of Israel.

As long as children are living in the love and under the protection of parents who succeeded to be Israel, these children inherit the same qualification. Still, to inherit a qualification while needing the protection of parents also means that the children are still children. They are not really mature and as soon as they would go out into the world where many evil temptations and attacks will come to them, they might lose in shortest time their qualification of being Israel.


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