December 18, 2009

Some methods to test spirits and angels

Most of us come into contact with expressions from the spiritual world, either directly because spirits or angels come to us, or indirectly because we get information from other people who are mediums to spirit world. The spirit world is always around us and always influences us even we may not notice it.

The methods described here are not to be seen as complete or entirely reliable if practiced. These are only some tips that I want to give based on my own experiences with spirit world.

The most important always is that we can only judge the spirits based on our own connection to God. If someone is greedy for fame or money, if somebody has too much curiosity for the expressions from spirit world, chances are near 100 % that he or she is going to be deceived. There are many badly inspired spirits and angels out to jump upon such people and when someone's motivation isn't pure and intentions aren't right, such spirits will find this person and start to work through him or her.

The main method that always and again and again must be applied to judge the spiritual entities is prayer. Of course, when a person has wrong motivation, he or she might still pray but such prayers are no good. The main search always must be if you or somebody else really desires to God's will, not just God's will as expressed through other people, but God's will that you can know because of your serious desire to do God's will.

The second method that always must be applied is to judge the results of a spirit or angel coming to you or helping you. This method alone is not reliable, but it nevertheless is essential to be very critical of each spiritual phenomenon. Sometimes evil spirits betray themselves because of the bad feelings they give to you. Be self-critical and alert for how spiritual experiences affect you and others. Do they grow in understanding of God's principles? Do they remain humble? Do they try to get honor for themselves? Do they try to make money from their work? Do they put themselves above others and begin to think to be some kind of new messiah? Does there come confusion from the revelations that are given?

All such questions must be asked again and again and if you have any doubt, pray about this, meditate and think until you understand what's going on. The latter is very important. Do never let doubts rest unresolved. Whenever there is a doubt, pray and struggle until you know the reason for your doubt. The doubt can be founded in case evil spirits invaded. The doubt could also be in your own lack of faith, or in your being influenced by negative people who don't understand about spirit world.

The third method that also always must be applied is logical examination of all facts that are given. When spirits or angels give you information, it should be true and in accordance with facts that you know to be true. If there is any contradiction, don't let this rest but find out the cause of the contradiction. Specifially, what is being said should be in accordance with the principles you know to be true. If this isn't the case, you need to find out whether your understanding of these principles need correction or whether the spirit has given wrong information.

If information is given about spirit world, it may be difficult to check it. But even so, that information should be logical in itself. Spirit world is not a world of magic and mystery and miracles. Spirit world is an entirely logical world just like the physical world. Each phenomenon can be explained with logical principles.

There are many more methods of testing the spirits but I want to conclude with this one: Always be very attentive for the details. When spirits come to you, ask them many questions that they should be able to answer. If for example Jesus would come to you, he should be able to tell you many details about his own life. Dare to ask the spirits such questions. Do not submit yourself in so-called humble obedience and respect while possibly the spirit coming to you is entirely fake. Any good spirit or angel will understand that you have to ask such questions.

This is just a short note about a topic that deserves volumes of books. I still wish to add some methods of testing spirits that are not reliable:

- You cannot test spirits with formulas such as asking them something in the name of True Parents or Jesus. If a spirit is really faking he laughs about that.

- You cannot secure that good spirits come to you only by making conditions of fasting or bowing or otherwise. None of these conditions guarantee anything. You cannot chase evil spirits away with Holy Salt or Holy Water or whatever. You cannot prevent evil spirits to come by using incense or carrying a cross or putting a picture of True Parents near to you.

Summaring, I described four main ways to test spirits and angels:
1. Sincere and continued prayer
2. Judge the result of their influences
3. Logically examine all facts and revelations given
4. Be alert for any detail and keep asking questions

Finally, beware of the illusion that spirits or angels would be higher or better or more interesting than people in the physical world. All human spirits are just normal people like you and me. And all the angels together, whether they call themselves evil, fallen or sinless, have never managed to make an ideal world.


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