December 3, 2009

Angels above or below us

It's a common phenomenon in the present time to hear about people who draw attention by their extraordinary knowledge of what they call spirituality and by their perceived working for a future of light and peace for all mankind.

When the lives of these people are studied further, they often testify of meaningful spiritual events at the beginning of their missions. Sometimes such people tell of how a medium to spirit world told them about their special missions, or they had experiences in which angels took them out of their bodies and showed them the spiritual world. Furthermore, they often feel to be guided or even commanded by angels of light.

What's happening in our time of New Age? Are all these people workers of light and do they all cooperate to bring about a new age supposedly to start in the 12th month of 2012?

When we look around in today's world we can see countless organizations and individuals who are all working hard for an upcoming world of peace and light and many of them tell us how they are guided by the spiritual world, by angels or aliens or otherwise.

Let me put a little perspective on this all. Whether angels are white or black, allegedly good or evil, it is the position of man to be centered on God, united with God and then to have loving control over the spiritual world, which includes angels and 'aliens' of all sorts.

Fallen history of mankind began with something that is called 'spiritual fall,' meaning a sinful relationship between Eve and then Adam with an evil angel. The correct order in God's world of the Ideal is that man learns to have loving dominion over the angels. The history of Israel began with Jacob making a victory over an angel, based on the training he had acquired during the 20-year period that he served his uncle Laban, who in Jacob's course represented the archangel.

Nothing ideal will ever come from people who are controlled by angels, not even when these angels are calling themselves angels of light or divine angels or whatever. It can't be ideal when people are controlled by angels because it isn't the correct order when angels dominate man. The order needs to be reversed. People with good heart and good love need to go a course in which they learn to have control over the spiritual world including all angels.

Good angels are supposed to serve man. Good angels can give us reports that are useful, they can give us teaching from that we can learn, but no good angel would ever take the position to tell man what to do and what to think.

So what about the idea that in 2012 a New Age will come? Think about it... If it is God's plan to start a new world, wouldn't all those in spirit world who separated from God know about it? And wouldn't they try to build a false ideal copying God's Ideal? This is what the evil side has always attempted to do.

We need to make good distinction between what really comes from God and what is intended to deceive us. Copies of God's ideal do very much resemble the original ideal, yet there are some differences. One of the main differences is that in God's world man is supposed to have loving dominion over angels. It should never be the other way around.

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